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Dear friends, I will be back next week, regardless of how well my eyes work. The Doctor said 2 weeks for the right eye to settle and recover. Those 2 weeks end on Wednesday coming.

At the present moment I cannot focus and type via touch and a prayer. However, I miss you and our friends in Heaven too much and will just struggle on.

Bless you all for your wonderful notes of encouragement and for your prayers. A special note of heartfelt gratitude to those who have continued to support the Site, even though there have been no posts for 10 days, your kindness and charity are humbling and holy. Please keep those prayers rising in supplication and may the good Lord grant us all patience in the trials of this life. Amen πŸ™πŸ’–

β€œIn His mercy, God has chosen us,
unworthy as we are,
out of the world,
to serve Him and thus, to advance in goodness
and to bear the greatest possible
fruit of love in patience.”

St Anthony Mary Zaccaria (1502-1539)