The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ , Dedication of the Church of Jumieges, Normandy, France (1067) and Memorials of the Saints – 1 July

July Devotion – The Most Precious Blood of Jesus

The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ – 1 July: The feast was removed from the General Roman Calendar in 1969, “because the Most Precious Blood of Christ the Redeemer is already venerated in the solemnities of the Passion, of Corpus Christi, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.” However, as this is the Month of the Most Precious Blood, this day, is most worthy of celebrating this Feast Day everyday. There is a wonderful Sermon here:

Dedication of the Church of Jumieges, Normandy, France (1067) 1 July:

The Benedictine Abbey of Jumieges in Normandy has an ancient and remarkable history. Founded in the year 654 by Saint Philibert, it was once one of the magnificent Benedictine Monasteries in France and the home of some 700 Monks with over twice that number of lay brothers. Sadly, it is now nothing more than a tourist attraction and the vestiges of the surviving structures, though vacant, scarred and exposed to the elements, are celebrated as a magnificent example of Romanesque art.
All that remains standing today are the Church of Notre Dame with its impressive twin towers soaring to a height of 150 feet, the western façade, and sections of which, were once the cloisters and library. The rest is but a pile of rubble, though it is proudly proclaimed the largest medieval ruin in France. Victor Hugo notably Baptised there “the most beautiful ruin in France” but one is left to wonder how it once appeared when the Catholic Faith was still vibrant and alive in France.
Located a little west of Rouen along a bend in the Lower Seine, it was vulnerable to the attacks of the Vikings in the ninth and tenth centuries. During one invasion it was set on fire and pillaged of its wealth. It was soon lovingly rebuilt, however, by the Duke of Normandy. The Church of Jumieges was consecrated by Maurice, the Archbishop of Rouen, in the year 1067. William the Conqueror attended the dedication of the Church of Jumieges and the subsequent celebrations.
Larger and more beautiful than ever before, the Abbey once again became wealthy and influential. A centre of learning, it was famed for its Scriptorium where Monks worked diligently copying and illustrating manuscripts by hand.
The errors of Martin Luther came to France, as they did to all of Christendom, followed by the usual looting of Churches. The destruction was widespread and the Abbey of Jumieges was not spared. When the French Revolution came along, the Monastery was finished, and only the imposing ruins of what had once been a thriving community was left in its wake. In 1793 the whole was sold at auction and mined as a stone quarry. The Chancel, with its marble Altar and the lantern tower were intentionally imploded and the rest was subject to the deprivations of vandals.
What remained was rescued in the year 1852 by the Lepel-Cointet family. A lodge was built and the rest landscaped and made into a park before being sold to the State in the year 1946. The Church is not open but one can walk about the ruins and imagine the glory that once was.

St Junipero Serra (1713-1784) (Optional Memorial, USA) “Apostle of California,” Spanish Priest, Religious Friar, Missionary, Theologian, Philospher, Teacher, Evangelist.

St Aaron of Caerleon
St Aaron the Patriarch

Blessed Antonio Rosmini-Serbati (1797-1855) Priest, Founder of the Institute of Charity.
His Life:

St Arnulf of Mainz
Bl Assunta Marchetti
St Atilano Cruz Alvarado
St Calais of Anisole
St Carilephus
St Castus of Sinuessa
St Cewydd
St Concordius of Toledo
St Cuimmein of Nendrum
St Domitian of Lerins
Bl Elisabeth de Vans
St Eparchius of Perigord
St Eutychius of Umbria
St Esther the Queen
St Gall of Clermont
Bl George Beesley
St Golvinus of Leon
St Gwenyth of Cornwall
St Huailu Zhang
Bl Jan Nepomucen Chrzan
Bl Jean-Baptiste Duverneuil
St Julius of Caerleon
St Justino Orona Madrigal
St Juthware
St Leonorious of Brittany
St Leontius of Autun
Bl Luis Obdulio Navarro
St Martin of Vienne
Bl Montford Scott

Blessed Ignatius “Nazju” Falzon OFS (1813-1865) Catechist, Confessor, Evangelist, Apostle of seamen, the poor and the marginalised, Apostle of the Passion of Our Lord and of the Blessed Virgi Mary, Doctor of Civil and Canon Law, Writer. He spread devotion to both the Stations of the Cross and the Holy Rosary in all his works
His Life:

St Nicasius of Jerusalem

St Oliver Plunkett (1629-1681) Martyr, Archbishop and Primate of All Ireland

Bl Pierre-Yrieix Labrouhe de Laborderie
St Secundinus of Sinuessa
St Servan of Culross
St Theobald of Vicenza
St Theodoric of Mont d’Or
Bl Thomas Maxfield
Bl Tullio Maruzzo
St Veep

Martyrs of Rome – 6 saints: Six Christians who were martyred together. No details have survived except their names – Esicius, Antonius, Processus, Marina, Serenus and Victor. They were martyred in Rome, Italy, date unknown.

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July Devotion – The Most Precious Blood

July Devotion – The Most Precious Blood

July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus.   Among devotions to the humanity of Christ (e.g., Divine Infancy, Sacred Heart) the Precious Blood of Jesus has the most biblical precedent since it is mentioned so frequently in the New Testament (over 75 times).   Saint Peter, our first Pope, specifically refers to the blood of Christ as “the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb unspotted and undefiled” (1 Peter 1:19, D-R). In fact, it might even be said that the entire Old Testament is a lesson in “blood sacrifice” as an anticipation of Christ’s obedient and merciful sacrifice on the wood of the life-giving cross.
St. Paul could rightfully be called the “Theologian of the Precious Blood.” The Apostle even tell us to place our “faith in His blood”:
“Whom God hath proposed to be a propitiation, through faith in his blood, to the shewing of his justice, for the remission of former sins” (Romans 3:25 D-R).
This reveals that the Precious Blood of Jesus is not an abstraction, but a true devotion to the Divine Person of Christ.
In Ephesians, the Apostle teaches us that our redemption was purchased “through His blood” (Eph 1:7), and in Hebrews, he teaches that the entire New Covenant is rooted in the Precious Blood of Jesus.
Saint John the Apostle stresses the love of God and the Precious Blood when he writes: “he hath loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood” (Rev 1:5, D-R). Elsewhere, Saint John explains that the Blood of Jesus continues to be applied to us: “But if we walk in the light, as he also is in the light, we have fellowship one with another:   And the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 Jn 1:7).

In recent times the devotion has been encouraged by Blessed Gaspar Buffalo, founder of the Congregation of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. When Pope Pius IX was in exile from Rome in 1849, he had as his companion Don Giovanni Merlini, the third general of that Congregation. This saintly priest suggested to the pope that he make a vow to give the feast of the Precious Blood to the entire church, if he should regain the papal territory. Without binding himself by the vow, the pope immediately extended the feast to the whole Church to be celebrated on 1 July each year.

july devotion - the mos pecrous blood