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The Present Moment is the Only Real Moment

The Present Moment is the Only Real Moment

“The spiritual life always concerns itself with the present.
Retreatants are very inclined to worry about the future and be guilty about the past.
It is important to set goals for the future and to implement ways to achieve those goals.
It is also important to review the past, claim the history of grace and sin and more grace.
But the PRESENT MOMENT is the only real moment…………….live in the NOW moment because the present is the ONLY moment of grace.”…….Fr Bill Creed SJ

Say goodbye
to golden yesterdays
……….or your heart
will never learn
to love
the present.

Fr Anthony de Mello SJ “Wellsprings”

Pause in your activities today – perhaps when you are in the car, or between meetings, or busy doing ‘mother’ things that leave you mindless – and be STILL in the present moment of grace.   This is the beginnings of contemplative prayer.

say goodbye - fr anthony de mello