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Quote of the Day – 12 February

Quote of the Day – 12 February

De Verazze (author of the Golden Legend) writes of St Julian : “The enemy conspired again to ruin Julian—disguised as a weak pilgrim, he was let in by Julian with the others. At midnight he woke up and made a mess of the house.”   The following morning Julian saw the damage and swore never to let in anyone else in his home. He was so furious he had everyone leave. “And Jesus went to him, again as a pilgrim, seeking rest.   He asked humbly, in the name of God, for shelter. But Julian answered with contempt: ‘I shall not let you in. Go away, for the other night I had my home so vandalized that I shall never let you in.’   And Christ told him ‘Hold my walking-stick, please’.   Julian, embarrassed, went to take the stick and it stuck to his hands.   And Julian recognized him at once and said:

 ‘He tricked me, the enemy who does not want me to be Your faithful servant.   But I shall embrace You, I do not care about him and for Your love I shall give shelter to whoever needs.’

He knelt and Jesus forgave him and Julian asked, full of repentance, forgiveness for his wife and parents.