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Quote/s of the Day – 17 August

Quote/s of the Day – 17 August

As it is the Memorial of St Hyacinth O.P. of the great Marian Miracle,
I am posting Quotations on Mary from some of our great Dominican Saints.

“Mary is the Divine Page
on which the Father wrote
the Word of God, His Son.”

St Albert the Great O.P. (1200-1280) Doctor of the Church

mary is the divine page - st albert the great

“As mariners are guided into port
by the shining of a star,
so Christians are guided to heaven
by Mary.”

St Thomas Aquinas O.P. (1225-1274) Doctor of the Church

as mariners are guided into port - st thomas aquinas

“Mary is the most sweet bait,
and ordained by God,
to catch the hearts of men.”

St Catherine of Siena T.O.S.D. (1347-1380) Doctor of the Churchmary is the most sweet bait - st catherine of siena

“To ask favours
without interposing Mary,
is to attempt to fly without wings.”

St Antoninus O.P. Bishop of Florence (1389-1459)

to ask favours without interposing mary - st antoninus of florence