One Minute Reflection – 9 February – ‘For the heart is then illumined by Jesus.’

One Minute Reflection – 9 February – Fifth Sunday of the Year in Ordinary Time, Year A, Readings: Isaiah 58:7-10, Psalm 112:4-9, 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, Matthew 5:13-16

“You are the salt of the earth …you are the light of the world…” …Matthew 5:13,16

REFLECTION – “Just as salt seasons our bread and other food and keeps certain meats from spoiling for quite a time, so the spiritual sweetness and marvellous working which result from the guarding of the intellect effect something similar.   For in a divine manner they season and sweeten both the inner and the outer self, driving away the stench of evil thoughts and keeping us continually in communion with good thoughts. Many of our thoughts come from demonic provocation and from these derive our evil outward actions.   If, with the help of Jesus, we instantly quell the thought, we will avoid its corresponding outward action.   We will enrich ourselves with the sweetness of divine knowledge and so will find God, who is everywhere.

Holding the mirror of the intellect firmly towards God, we will be illumined constantly as pure glass is by the sun.   Then the intellect, having reached the term of its desires, will, in Him, cease from all other contemplation. (…) Just as he who looks at the sun cannot but fill his eyes with light, so he who always gazes intently into his heart, cannot fail to be illumined. (…)   When clouds are scattered, the air is clear and when the fantasies of passion are scattered by Jesus Christ, the Sun of righteousness, bright and star-like thoughts are born in the heart.   For the heart is then illumined by Jesus.” … St Hesychios the Sinaite (c 5th century), Monk of the monastery at Vatos on Mount Sinai -sometimes identified with Hesychios of Jerusalem, Priest – Chapters “On watchfulness and holiness”, nos. 87, 88, 108 – St Hesychios the Sinaite’s Liturgical Memorial is on 3 October).matthew5 13 16 you are salt ofthe earth you are the light of the world st hesychios 9 feb 2020

PRAYER – All-powerful, eternal God, splendour of true light and never-ending day, let our striving for Your kingdom not fall short through selfishness or fear, may the universe be alive with the Spirit and our homes be the pledge of the world redeemed.   May our eyes see and our hearts have compassion, to all those who need us.   May the intercession of our Holy Mother and all the saints, be a strength and a comfort.   Through Jesus, our compassionate and loving Redeemer, with the Holy Spirit, one God with You forever, amen.mother mary pray for us - 5 oct 2018