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My dearest friends

For the past week our Electricity supplier has cut our power for up to 10 hours per day. This made it very difficult to do the posts but I managed. Then, on Sunday morning, at 08.00, without prior warning, our electricity went off and is still off. We managed to get our phones charged elsewhere and so I am able to let you know. So sorry! We need to save up to buy a generator.

I 🙏 I will be back soon.

💘 Ana

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Apologies – No posts today

So Sorry – No electricity!

Again this country is facing darkness (in many ways) but we are facing a melt-down in regard to electricity – the power is being cut at various times throughout each day to conserve the national grid.

Unfortunately, the times allocated to my area, meant I was unable to prepare any posts in the time I had available.

Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.

May God Bless you, I miss you all!

May the Blessed Virgin, model of docility to the Spirit, help us, to abandon ourselves to Divine Providence.


P.S.  The Novena to St Joseph was pre-scheduled so will arrive in your inbox.power cut - so sorry 18 march 2019.jpg