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One Minute Reflection – 16 December

One Minute Reflection – 16 December

Seek after integrity, piety, faith, love, steadfastness and a gentle spirit…………1 Tm 6:12

REFLECTION – Virtue is a very wonderful thing for us.  It is the good of life, the fruit of a clear conscience and the peace of the innocent………St Ambrose

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, help me to build up virtue in my life.  Let me realise that by cultivating all the virtues, I will attain happiness not only in heaven but also here on earth. Father, You gave us St Adelaide, as an example, who though an Empress, sought the virtues of piety, faith, charity and love.  May we imitate her.  St Adelaide of Burgundy Pray for us! Amen



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One Minute Reflection – 30 November

“As he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men'” ……………Mt 4:18-19; Mk 1:16-17

REFLECTION – …………..”O blessed Cross, clothed in the majesty and beauty of the Lord’s limbs!… Take me, carry me far from men, and restore me to my Teacher, so that, through you, the one who redeemed me by you, may receive me. Hail, O Cross; yes, hail indeed!”…………St Andrew (This is what the Apostle is claimed to have said on that occasion, according to an ancient story (which dates back to the beginning of the sixth century), entitled The Passion of Andrew.)………………Pope Benedict XVI

PRAYER – Lord Jesus, It is by the Cross of alone that our sufferings too are ennobled and acquire their true meaning. You have called me personally by name, just as You called your first disciples, Simon, Andrew, and James. Fill me with the joy of Your gospel and help me to be a good and faithful witness of Your kingdom to all I meet. St Andrew Apostle Pray for me and for us all! Amen


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One Minute Reflection – 29 November

The message of the cross is foolishness to those
who are perishing but to us who are being saved
it is the power of God……1 Cor 1:18

REFLECTION – I never tire repeating, whenever I speak and I talk about patience, even for a minute, I tell the people in case they even have forgotten or never heard, that patience comes from patior, which is the Latin verb for ‘to suffer’. So if you’re going cultivate the virtue of patience, you’ve got to find somebody who’s causing you some suffering. But, God will always provide, He always comes through but He uses human beings and I dare say that our worst pain comes from persons. And often from those we most love. Here, loving the Church and this Church tells you, you may no longer do the work of God for which you took solemn vow until death. Patience, indeed and THIS was the Cross and the power of St Joseph Pignatelli!………….Venerable John A Hardon SJ

PRAYER – Lord my God, let me rely always on the Power of the Cross of Your Son. Grant that I may attain the salvation which He won for us by His Passion and Resurrection. Teach me patience, trust, loyality and obedience to You my God by the example of Your Saint Joseph Pignatelli, from whom we request his prayer of intercession. Amen


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One Minute Reflection – 28 November

Those who love me, I also love and those who seek me find me……….Prv 8:17

REFLECTION – Blessed are those who abandon themselves into Our Lady’s hands.Their names are written in the Book of Life…………….St Bonaventure

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, make me a devoted client of Your Beloved Mary, the Mother of our Lord the Christ. Let me entrust myself always into her hands so that she may protect me as she took care of Your Son. Let me place complete trust in her, as St Catherine did, knowing that she will lead me to You. St Catherine Labouré Pray for us! Amen




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One Minute Reflection – August 24

One Minute Reflection – August 24

(God) chose to reveal His Son to me that I might spread among the Gentiles the good tidings concerning Him…………Gal; 1:16

REFLECTION – No matter where you may be or where you may be working, make sure the world will be renewed upon contact with you.
Make the Lord more present to humqan beings and the Gospel more known and loved by them………… Bl Pope Paul VI

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, teach me to imitate Your divine Son in my life. Grant that by my presence as well as by my deeds, I may bring Christ and His message to everyone I meet. Let me follow Your Apostles and manifest the love and zeal of St Bartholomew. May all the Apostles Pray for us. Amen