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Open House….Conversations with …. 30 August

Open House….Conversations with …. 30 August

Little weekly reflections from those ‘minds alive’, our friends and intercessors waiting on our arrival.

Mother, how do we live by example?

Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge was a British journalist and media celebrity who did not care much about God and religion.   But…he saw compassion actualised before his very eyes through the person of Mother Teresa and that made him do something he had sworn he would never do – he became a Catholic!
Muggeridge had an assignment to write about Mother Teresa.   Travelling to India, he thought the trip was just the usual work but the amazing thing was, in the course of his talks and days of observation of the little nun, he experienced a complete conversion of his heart, his mind, his soul, his very being.
He confessed:  “Words cannot express how much I owe her, she showed me Christianity in action.   She showed me the power of love.   She showed me how one loving person can start a tidal wave of love that can spread to the entire world!”

“You must first learn to forget yourself

so that you can dedicate yourself to God and to neighbour alike!”

St Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

you must first learn to forget yourself - st mother terea - 30 aug 2018 - conversations with 2

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Open House….Conversations with ….

Open House….Conversations with ….24 August

Little weekly reflections from those ‘minds alive’, our friends and intercessors waiting on our arrival.

Blessed John Henry, does created beauty reflect Divine Beauty?

“Leave, then, the prison of your own reasonings, leave the town, the work of man, the haunt of sin – go forth, my Brethren, far from the tents of Cedar and the slime of Babylon, with the patriarch, go forth to meditate in the field and from the splendours of the work, imagine the unimaginable glory of the Architect.

Mount some bold eminence and look back, when the sun is high and full upon the earth, when mountains, cliffs and sea rise up before you like a brilliant pageant, with outlines noble and graceful and tints and shows soft, clear and harmonious, giving depth and unity to the whole and then go through the forest, or fruitful field, or along meadow and stream and listen to the distant country sounds and drink in the fragrant air which is poured around you in spring or summer;  or go among the gardens and delight your senses with the grace and splendour and the various sweetness of the flowers you find there – then think of the almost mysterious influence upon the mind of particular scents, or the emotion which some gentle, peaceful strain excites in us, or how soul and body are rapt and carried away captive by the concord of musical sounds, when the ear is open to their power – and then, when you have ranged through sights and sounds and odours and your heart kindles and your voice is full of praise and worship, reflect – not that they tell you nothing of their Maker – but that they are the poorest and dimmest glimmerings of His glory and the very refuse of His exuberant riches and but the dusky smoke which precedes the flame, compared to Him Who made them!

Such is the Creator, in His Eternal Uncreated Beauty, that, were it given to us to behold it, we should die of very rapture at the sight!”

“The Mystery of Divine Condescension” Discourses addressed to mixed congregations – Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman Cong. Orat. (1801-1890)

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