Our Lady of Coromoto – Patron of Venezuela and Memorials of the Saints – 11 September

Our Lady of Coromoto/Venezuela: Apparition – 8 September 1652 at Guanare, Portuguesa, Venezuela.
Approval – 1950 by Pope Pius XII.
Commemorates the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Coromoto, leader of the indigenous people in the forests near Guanare, Venezuela. Our Lady told the chief and his wife to go to the Catholic missionaries in the city, learn the faith, and receive Baptism; Coromoto shot an arrow at her, she vanished and left behind a piece of paper with her portrait. The entire tribe, except for Coromoto himself, converted to Christianity; he was afraid of losing his standing in the tribe. Tradition says that he fled from the Baptism ceremony into the forest where he was bitten by a poisonous snake; this could be allegorical.
Patronage: Venezuela (chosen by the bishops of Venezuela on 1 May 1942; approved by Pope Pius XII on 7 October 1944)

Our Lady of Coromoto

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