Vigil of St Andrew, Notre Dame au Coeur d’Or / Our Lady of the Golden Heart of Beauraing, Belgium (1932) and Memorials of the Saints – 29 November

Vigil of the Feast of St Andrew

Notre Dame au Coeur d’Or / Our Lady of the Golden Heart of Beauraing, Belgium (1932) – 29 November:

On the evening of 29 November 1932, five children, fun-loving, mischievous playmates, ranging from the fifteen to nine years of age, were walking toward the railway viaduct in the Vallon part of Belgium, in the simple and quiet village of Beauraing. Suddenly one of them exclaimed that there was a bright light moving at the viaduct. First they thought these the lights of a moving car. Very soon, however, they discovered the figure of a lady and they instantly recognised that this could be nothing less than the Blessed Virgin.

Nobody wished to believe what the children related. But the next evening they came home with the same story. The village laughed at them and their parents were angry. The next time the children related with more details that they had seen a lady who was more beautiful than her Statues, dressed in pure white, with a crown of golden rays on her head.

On 2 December the children asked the lady some questions; she, smiling, confirmed that she was the Immaculate Virgin and demanded they “always be good.” As the visions continued, more people came to Beauraing, including police officials, doctors and psychologists.
There were thirty-three apparitions in all. On 29 December the children related, the Blessed Virgin revealed, on her breast, a heart of gold. The next evening she asked for more prayers. On 1 January 1933, Our Lady of Beauraing reiterated this request and told Fernande, the fifteen year old girl:

If you love my Son and love me, then sacrifice yourself for me.

The Belgian Bishops forbade any processions or cults and started an investigation that was to last for ten years, during which serious objections were brought against the children. Finally, in 1943, a Decree was issued by the Bishop of Namur authorising the cult of Our Lady of Beauraing.
On 18 July 1947, Msngr. Charue personally received the Papal blessings for the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Beauraing – the Virgin of the Golden Heart. This devotion has since taken on new and ever increasing proportions.
The final approbation was given on 2 July1949. The cures of Miss Van Laer and Mrs. Acar were declared miraculous by a Decree given by Msgr. Charue. Many conversions and graces have been obtained through the intercession of Our Lady of Beauraing. The editor of the Belgian Communist paper, “Le Drapeau Rouge” (the Red Flag), was one of the first to become Catholic at the Shrine of Our Lady of Beauraing.

All Saints of the Seraphic Order (Franciscan): the Church celebrates the many Franciscan saints who followed in the footsteps of St Francis. It is a special day for all Franciscans to celebrate the feast of ‘All the Saints of the Seraphic Order.’
Also on this day in 1223, the final Rule of life for Franciscan Friars was approved. To commemorate this and all the saintly examples produced in the Franciscan Order, on this day all the saints of the Seraphic order are remembered at Franciscan Churches.

Bl Alfredo Simón Colomina

Blessed Bernardo Francisco de Hoyos Seña SJ (1711-1735) Priest of the Society of Jesus, Mystic, Apostle of the Sacred Heart.

St Blaise of Veroli
St Brendan of Birr (Died c573) Abbot
St Demetrius of Veroli
Blessed Denis of the Nativity OCD (1600-1638) Priest Martyr
Bl Edward Burden

St Francesco Antonio Fasani OFM Conv (1681 – 1742) Priest and Friar of the Order of Conventual Friars Minor, Teacher, Confessor, Preacher, Mystic.
His story:

Bl Frederick of Ratisbon
Bl George Errington
St Hardoin of Brittany
St Illuminata of Todi
St James of Saroug
Bl Jutta of Heiligenthal
St Paphnutius of Heracleopolis
St Paramon
St Philomenus of Ancyra
St Radbod of Utrecht
Bl Redemptorus of the Cross
St Sadwen of Wales
St Saturninus of Rome
St Saturninus of Toulouse
St Sisinius of Rome
St Walderic of Murrhardt
Bl William Gibson
Bl William Knight