Palm Sunday, Nuestra Señora de la Naval / Our Lady of Naval, Manila (1646) and Memorials of the Saints – 10 April

Palm Sunday +2022

Nuestra Señora de la Naval / Our Lady of Naval, Manila (1646) – 10 April:

Blessed Antony Neyrot OP (1425-1460) Martyr, Priest of the Order of Preachers, Priest, an Apostate who reconverted, Penitent.

Bl Antonio Vallesio
St Apollonius of Alexandria
Bl Archangelus Piacentini
St Bademus
St Bede the Younger
St Beocca of Chertsey
Bl Boniface Zukowski
Bl Eberwin of Helfenstein
St Ethor of Chertsey
St Ezekiel the Prophet

St Fulbert of Chartres (c 960-1029) Bishop, Writer, Poet, Reformer, Marian devotee, Preacher, Teacher, Advisor.
About St Fulbert:

St Gajan
St Hedda of Peterborough

St Macarius of Ghent (Died 1012) Archbishop of Constantinople, Pilgrim and Hermit (without a cell), Apostle of the sick and the needy, Miracle-worker.

St Magdalena of Canossa (1774-1835) Virgin, Foundress of the Canossian Family of Daughters and Sons of Charity.
Her Story:

St Malchus of Waterford
Bl Marco Mattia
Blessed Marcus Fantuzzi OFM (c 1405-1479) Priest

St Miguel de Sanctis O.SS.T (1591-1625) Priest of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives also known as the Trinitarian Order or the Trinitarians, Mystic, Penitent, Ecstatic, Apostle of prayer, mortification, of the poor and the sick, he had a special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and would fall into ecstatic prayer during the Consecration at Holy Mass, so much so, that he became known as “El Extático”, “The Ecstatic.” Pope Pius IX Canonised Miguel on 8 June 1862.
About St Miguel:

St Palladius of Auxerre
St Paternus the Scot

Martyrs of Carthage – 50 Saints: A group of 50 Christians who were imprisoned in a pen of snakes and scorpions and then Martyred, all during the persecutions of Decius. Only six of their names have come down to us – Africanus, Alessandro, Massimo, Pompeius, Terence and Teodoro. Beheaded in 250 at Carthage.

Martyrs of Georgia: Approximately 6,000 Christian Monks and lay people Martyred in Georgia in 1616 for their faith by a Muslim army led by Shah Abbas I of Persia.

Martyrs of Ostia: A group of criminals who were brought to the faith by Pope Saint Alexander I while he was in prison with them. Drowned by being taken off shore from Ostia, Italy, in a boat which was then scuttled, c 115.


Thought for the Day – 28 March – The Lamb of God

Thought for the Day – 28 March – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Lamb of God

“Jesus had only one consolation in the midst of His terrible sufferings.
His mother, Mary was beside the Cross along with His beloved Apostle and the holy women who had always followed Him.
Mary loved her Son with a love greater than that of any mother, which is the greatest love possible on earth.
She loved Jesus with the heart of a Mother and of a Virgin – He was her only treasure.
Moreover, she loved Him, not only as her Son but, also as her God.
Precisely because she loved Him as her God, her love was in perfect harmony with the divine will.

She understood the mystery which led Jesus to accept death on the Cross – the mystery of the Redemption.
“He was offered because it was his own will” (Isa 53:7).
He was offered on our behalf, as a voluntary victim to His heavenly Father.”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci


Lenten Journey Day Thirty-eight – You are my Lord and my God and my King

Lenten Journey Day Thirty-eight – Palm Sunday

Imitating Christ with Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471)

In You is the source of life
and in Your Light Lord, we see light

Psalm 35(36)

“See, your King shall come to you” – Zechariah 0:9

NOW again I will speak, Lord and will not be silent. I will speak to the hearing of my God, my Lord and my King, Who is in heaven.
How great, O Lord, is the multitude of Your mercies which You have stored up for those who love You.
But what are You to those who love You? What are You to those who serve You, with their whole heart?

Truly beyond the power of words is the sweetness of contemplation. You give to those who love You.
To me You have shown the sweetness of Your charity, especially in having made me, when I did not exist, in having brought me back to serve You, when I had gone far astray from You, in having commanded me to love You.

O Fountain of unceasing love, what shall I say of You?
How can I forget You, Who have been pleased to remember me, even after I had wasted away and perished?
You have shown mercy to Your servant beyond all hope and have exhibited grace and friendship, beyond his deserving!
… You are my Lord and my God and my King and I am Your poorest servant, bound to serve You with al my strength and never to grow weary of praising You.
This is my desire, this I implore You – that I may always praise You and that You will supply whatever is wanting in me.

(Book 3 Ch 10:1-2,4b)

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Quote/s of the Day – 28 March – Palm Sunday

Quote/s of the Day – 28 March – Palm Sunday

“See, your king shall come to you,
meek and riding on an ass,
on a colt, the foal of an ass.”

Zechariah 9:9

“Yesterday, Christ raised Lazarus from the dead;
today, He is going to His own death.
Yesterday, He tore off the strips of cloth that bound Lazarus;
today, He is stretching out His Hand,
to those who want to bind Him.
Yesterday, He tore that man away from darkness;
today, for humankind,
He is going down into darkness
and the shadow of death.
And the Church is celebrating.
She is beginning the feast of feasts,
for she is receiving her King as a spouse,
for her King is in her midst.”

St Ephrem (306-373) (Attri)
Father ad Doctor of the Church

“Hosanna!”—which means : “Save!”
“Hosanna to You Who are in the highest.
O Almighty, save those who are humbled.
Have mercy on us,
in consideration of our palms,
may the palms we wave move Your Heart,
You who come to call Adam”…

St Romanus the Melodist (c 490-c 556)
Composer of Hymns

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One Minute Reflection – 28 March – “ Blessed are You, the One who comes to call Adam”…

One Minute Reflection – 28 March – Palm Sunday, Readings: Procession: Mark 11: 1-10 or John 12: 12-16, First: Isaiah 50: 4-7, Psalm: Psalms 22: 8-9, 17-18, 19-20,23-24, Second: Philippians 2: 6-11, Gospel: Mark 14: 1 – 15: 47

“And they brought the colt to Jesus and they lay their garments on him and he sat upon him.” – Mark 11:7

REFLECTION – “Seated on Your throne in Heaven and on a colt on earth, O Christ, You who are God, You welcomed the praise of the angels and the anthem of the children, who called out to You : “ Blessed are You, the One who comes to recall Adam”…
The King comes to us, humble, sitting on the foal of a donkey. He comes with haste to suffer His Passion and take sins away. Seated on a dumb animal, the Word, the Wisdom of God, wants to save all beings endowed with reason. And all humankind can contemplate, mounted on a colt, the One who rides on the cherubim (Ps 17:10) and who once bore up Elijah on a chariot of fire. “Though he was rich,” of his own will, “he became poor” (2Co 8:9) ; in choosing weakness, He gives strength to all who cry to Him: ”Blessed are You, the One who comes to call You demonstrate Your strength by choosing poverty… The clothes of the disciples were a sign of this poverty but Your power was measured by the anthem of the children and the great crowd which cried : “Hosanna!”—which means : “Save!””Hosanna to You who are in the highest. O Almighty, save those who are humbled. Have mercy on us, in consideration of our palms, may the palms we wave move Your Heart, You who come to call Adam”…
“You who are the work of My hands,” the Creator answered … “I came to you Myself. It was not the Law that was to save you since it had not created you, nor the prophets who, like you, I created. I alone can free you from your debt . I am sold for you and I free you. I am crucified for you and you are rescued from death. I die and I teach you to cry.” Blessed are You, the One who comes to call Adam”.
“Did I love the angels as much? No, it is you, the poor, whom I have cherished. I have hidden My glory and, out of My great love for you, have freely made My richness poor. For you I suffered hunger, thirst, fatigue. I roamed the mountains, ravines and valleys looking for you, my lost sheep. I took the name of Lamb, to bring you back, calling you with my shepherd’s voice. And I want to give My life for you, to tear you away from claws of the wolf. I bear everything, so that you may cry out : “Blessed are You, the One who comes to call Adam.” – St Romanus the Melodist (c 490-c 556) – Composer of Hymns – Hymn 32

PRAYER – Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of Hosts,
Heaven and earth are full of Your glory!
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord!
Hosanna in the highest!


Our Morning Offering – 28 March – To You, O Jesus, Hosanna! By St Bonaventure

Our Morning Offering – 28 March – Palm Sunday

To You, O Jesus, Hosanna!
By St Bonaventure (1217-1274)
Seraphic Doctor of the Church

To You, O Jesus,
do I turn as my true and last end.
You are the River of Life
which alone can satisfy my thirst.
Without You, all else is barren and void.
Without all else, You alone are enough for me.
You are the Redeemer of those that are lost,
the sweet Consoler of the sorrowful,
the Crown of Glory of the victors,
the recompense of the Blessed.
One day I hope to receive of Your fullness
and to sing the song of praise, in my true home.
Give me only on earth, some few drops of consolation
and I will patiently await Your coming,
when I hope to enter into the joy of my Lord.