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Trials and Tribulations

We have been subjected to Blackouts for months (actually years) now usually staggered in 2 1/2 cuts and according to a schedule for each town, thus allowing for a stressful re-organisation of each day.

BUT sometimes … things go horribly wrong, whether intentionally or accidentally. Like yesterday, when they switched off at the expected time but failed to switch on again. One sits and waits and waits and waits and then goes to bed hungry.

I pray all will go well today and there will be posts tomorrow. I only managed to schedule the List of Feasts and Saints and dear Cardinal Bacci, ahead of the powercut yesterday.

I know this is not confined to South Africa alone, I have heard of a 7 day powerless period recently in Nigeria and know too of similar cuts in the USA, Middle East, England, France and various European countries (yep). So for whoever suffers in the same way – or worse – “hou vas!” 🙏 Ana 💖

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Same Again … no electricity 🙄

Remember, a very important aspect of daily life is MAINTENANCE! This word applies to our temporal affairs and, of course, most importantly, to our spiritual lives.

South Africa’s problem is lack of this big word, “Maintenance” – for very many years – around 30 odd! – Now we stumble in the darkness, the only light being the light of fires – I doubt the analogy is lost on you all.

Please pray for us – let us pray constantly for each other.

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Apologies – No Power Again!

So sorry for the sparsity of posts today and even dearest Cardinal Bacci’s advice, on ‘The Order of the Day’ doesn’t help too much, when we suffer 3 periods per day of 2 1/2 hours each, of this thing called load-shedding!

His advice for me, means we have to adapt to suit load-shedding!   I will try harder but, sadly, we are only advised of the planned power cuts each morning – oftentimes too late to pre-plan.

God bless you all and please add South Africa to your planned daily prayers, I beg.


Cardinal Bacci’s advice here: cut - so sorry 18 march 2019

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There is nothing I can do – 8 December

There is nothing I can do – 8 December

South Africa is struggling under what is called “Load Shedding.”

This means our Electricity is switched off, up to 4 times per day, for 2 1/2 hours each time.

So when my posts are foreshortened, you will know why.

It is extremely frustrating, to put it mildly!

Please Pray for South Africa!

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Apologies – No posts today

So Sorry – No electricity!

Again this country is facing darkness (in many ways) but we are facing a melt-down in regard to electricity – the power is being cut at various times throughout each day to conserve the national grid.

Unfortunately, the times allocated to my area, meant I was unable to prepare any posts in the time I had available.

Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.

May God Bless you, I miss you all!

May the Blessed Virgin, model of docility to the Spirit, help us, to abandon ourselves to Divine Providence.


P.S.  The Novena to St Joseph was pre-scheduled so will arrive in your inbox.power cut - so sorry 18 march 2019.jpg