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Our Morning Offering – 15 February – Nunc, Sancte, nobis Spiritus

Our Morning Offering – 15 February – The Commermoration of Sts Faustinus and Jovinus (Died c 120) Martyrs – 1 Cor. 9:24-27; 10:1-5, Matthew 20:1-16

Nunc, Sancte, nobis Spiritus
Come, Holy Ghost, Who ever One
By St Ambrose (340-397)

Trans John Henry Newman (1801-1890)
Trans 1836

Come, Holy Ghost, Who ever One
Art with the Father and the Son.
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls possess
With Thy full flood of holiness.

In will and deed, by heart and tongue,
With all our powers, Thy praise be sung.
And love light up our mortal frame,
Till others catch the living flame.

Almighty Father, hear our cry
Through Jesus Christ our Lord most high,
Who with the Holy Ghost and Thee
Doth live and reign eternally.