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Saint of the Day – 29 October – Saint Achahildis (Died c 970)

Saint of the Day – 29 October – Saint Achahildis (Died c 970) Married Laywoman, Apostle of the poor, Miracle-worker, she built the Church in Wendelstein, Germany. Born in Luxembourg and died in c 970 of natural causes in Wendelstein. Also known as – Achatia, Lady Atzin, Atzia, Atza, Reinilda of Luxembourg.

Born into a noble family, she was the sister of Saint Cunégundes. She married Thietmar and the couple were blessed with 5 children.

Achahildis was known for her charity towards the poor. She founded the Wendelstein Church south of Nuremberg in Germany where she is still venerated.

The legend says that having discovered that a servant had stolen and killed geese, she forgave her and brought the geese back to life, including the one that had been cooked. During one of pregnancies, Achahildis developed an appetite for cherries in winter and a cherry tree in her garden bore ripe fruit to her great delight. The cherry tree was considered a tree of paradise . Based on these miracles that have been passed down, Achahildis is depicted with either three geese or a goose leg and a cherry tree with ripe red fruit.

Achahildis died in c 970 and was interred at the Church in Wendelstein, Germany that she had founded. Her tomb re-discovered in 1447 and many miracles, especially of children, were reported at her tomb. Today there is a Chapel dedicated to her in Wendelstein.


Nostra Signora di Oropa / Our Lady of Oropa, Italy (3rd Century) and Memorials of the Saints – 29 October

Nostra Signora di Oropa / Our Lady of Oropa, Piedmont, Italy (3rd Century) – 29 October:

St Abraham Kidunaia (c 296-c 366) Priest, Hermit. The Vita of St Abraham was written by his friend, St Ephrem (306-373) Father and Doctor of the Church.

St Colman of Kilmacduagh
St Dodone of Wallers-en-Fagne
St Donatus of Corfu
St Ermelinda of Meldaert
St Eusebia of Bergamo
St Felician of Carthage
St Abraham of Rostov
St Achahildis of Wendelstein (Died c 970) Married Laywoman. and mother.
St Anne of Mount Olympus
St Honoratus of Vercelli
St John of Autun
St Kennera
St Mary of Edessa
St Narcissus of Gerona

St Narcissus of Jerusalem (c 99-c 215) Bishop of Jerusalem, Miracle-worker.
His Life:

St Sigolinus of Stavelot
St Stephen of Cajazzo
St Terence of Metz
St Theodore of Vienne
St Zenobius of Sidon

Martyrs of Douai – (160 Saints and Beati): 160 Priests, Laymen and Religious who studied at the English College in Douai, France, then returned to minister to covert Catholics in England during a period of government persecution of the Church and were murdered for their work.

Martyrs of Lucania – (4 Saints): A group of Christians executed together for their faith. Only their names have survived – Felician, Hyacinth, Lucius and Quintus. Their Martyrdom occurred in Lucania, southern Italy.