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One Minute Reflection – 20 January – The first sign of Mercy: Cana – John 2:1–11

One Minute Reflection – 20 January – Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C – The first sign of Mercy: Cana – John 2:1–11

This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee and manifested his glory; and his disciples believed in him....John 2:11

REFLECTION – “The miracle by which our Lord Jesus Christ changed water into wine is not at all astonishing to those who know that God is its author.   Indeed, it is exactly the same thing which produced wine in those six jars on that wedding day … and which renews this transformation in the vines each year.   That which the servants poured into the jars was changed into wine by the action of the Lord; in the same way the rain that falls from the clouds is changed into wine through the same action of the Lord.   And yet we do not wonder at it because it is repeated every year; custom has caused astonishment to disappear.   Yet it is far more worthy of our attention than what took place in the jars filled with water.
Indeed, who is there who dreams of considering the work of God who directs and governs the whole world?   Isn’t that person then seized with astonishment and as it were crushed beneath the weight of these miracles?   If they consider the power enclosed within a single seed of the first species to come, they will discover a great reality there that astounds the observer.   But people, otherwise occupied, have become insensible to the works of God, which would daily provide motives for praising the Creator.   This is why God reserves to Himself the work of certain unusual wonders, so as to awaken them from their sleepiness and lead them to praise Him.”…St Augustine (354-430)john 2 11 this the first of his signs -that which the servants - st augustine - 20 jan 2019

PRAYER – Almighty God, ruler and creator of all things in heaven and on earth, listen favourably to the prayer of Your people.   Open our eyes that we may see, open our ears that we may hear, open our hearts that we may love Your glory, manifest around us in all the great deeds of Your Word.   Grant us love and peace in our day and may the prayers of Your Saints and Martyrs, lead us home to You.   St Pope Fabian and St Sebastian pray for us!   We make our prayer through Your Son Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, pope fabian pray for us no 2 - 20 jan 2019