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Saint of the Day – 20 May – St Austregisilus of Bourges (c 551-624) Bishop and Patron of Bourges

Saint of the Day – 20 May – St Austregisilus of Bourges (c 551-624) Bishop of Bourges from 612 to 624. Priest, Monk, Abbot Born in c 551 in Bourges, France and died in 624 of natural causes. Patronage – Bourges, France. Also known as – Aoustrille, Austregesilio, Outril, Outrille.

Austregisilus was born of noble but not very wealthy parentsin Bourges and when he was about 24, he was sent to live at the Court of King Saint Guntram (died c 592).

There, according to his Vita, he was falsely accused of forging an authorisation for one of the Courtiers and was ordered to fight a duel to prove his innocence.

By Divine intervention, it is reported, his slanderer was kicked to death by his own horse on the morning the ordeal.

Austregisilus then left the Court, became a Monk and a Priest and was appointed Abbot of St Nicetius Monastery in Lyon.

He was Consecrated Bishop of Bourges on 13 February 612. In October 614 he attended a Synod which met at Paris and his name appears eighth in the list of 79 Bishops who signed the Decrees.

He is reported to have granted a hermitage at Bourges to St Amandus, who became his disciple and later became the zealous and effective missionary to Flanders, known as the “Apostle of Belgium.” He Ordained St Sulpitius the Pious as cleric of his Church, then Deacon and Priest and appointed him Director of his Episcopal school and finally his successor as Bishop of Bourges.

The French villages of Saint-Outrille and Saint-Aoustrille are named after him.


Santa Maria delle Grazie / Holy Mary of the Graces in Stia, Arezzo, Italy (1428) and Memorials of the Saints – 20 May

Santa Maria delle Grazie / Holy Mary of the Graces in Stia, Arezzo, Italy (1428) – 20 May:

St Bernadine of Siena OFM (1380-1444) “Apostle of the Most Holy Name of Jesus,” Confessor, Priest of the Order of Friars Minor, Missionary, Preacher, known as the “Apostle of Italy,” the “Star of Tuscany” and the “Second Paul.”

St Abercius
Bl Albert of Bologna
St Alexander of Edessa
St Althryda
St Anastasius of Brescia
St Aquila of Egypt
Bl Arnaldo Serra and Companions
St Asterius of Edessa
St Austregisilus of Bourges (c 551-624) Bishop
St Basilla of Rome
St Baudelius of Nîmes
St Codrato

Blessed Columba of Rieti OP (1467- 1501) Sister of the Third Order of St Dominic, Mystic, Apostle of the poor, renowned for her spiritual counsel, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and fantastic miracles.
About Bl Columba:

St Ethelbert of East Anglia (Died 794) Martyr King of East Anglia
His Life:

Bl Guy de Gherardesca
St Helena
St Hilary of Toulouse
St José Pérez Fernández
St Lucifer of Caglieri
St Marcello

Blessed Maria Crescencia / Angelica Perez FMH (1897-1932) Virgin, Religious Sister of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden, Nursing Sister
About Blessed Maria Crescencia:

St Plautilla of Rome
St Protasius Chong Kuk-bo
St Rafaél García Torres
St Talaleo of Egea
St Thalalaeus of Edessa
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