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Memorials of the Saints – 14 October

St Pope Callistus I (c 218 – c 223) Martyr (Optional Memorial)
Biography here:

Bl Ana María Aranda Riera
St Angadrisma of Beauvais
St Bernard of Arce
St Celeste of Metz
St Dominic Loricatus
St Donatian of Rheims (Died 390)
St Fortunatus of Todi
St Franciszek Roslaniec
St Gaudentius of Rimini
St Gundisalvus of Lagos
Bl Jacques Laigneau de Langellerie
St Lupulo of Capua
St Lupus of Caesarea
St Manacca
St Manehildis
St Modesto of Capua
Bl Richard Creagh
Bl Roman Lysko (1914–1949) Martyr
St Rusticus of Trier
St Saturninus of Caesarea
St Stanislaw Mysakowski
St Venanzio of Luni

Martyrs of Caesarea – (4 saints): Three brothers and a sister martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian – Carponius, Evaristus, Fortunata and Priscian. In 303 in Caesarea, Cappadocia (in modern Turkey) – their relics enshrined in Naples, Italy.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Ana María Aranda Riera
• Blessed Jacques Laigneau de Langellerie

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Saint of the Day – 14 October – St Donatian of Rheims (Died 390)

Saint of the Day – 14 October – St Donatian of Rheims (Died 390) Bishop – born in the 4th century in Rome, Italy and died in 390 of natural causes.   Patronages – Bruges, Belgium, city of,  Bruges, Belgium, diocese of, Rheims, France, West Flanders, Belgium.   St Donatian was the Seventh bishop of Rheims, France from 360 to 390.   His Memorial is beautifully celebrated in Bruges with a procession of his relics.Reliekschrijn_Sint_Donatius;_Brugge

St Donatian’s relics were translated to Bruges in 842 and became the prized possessions of the city’s church, which was then rededicated to him as the Sint Donaaskerk.

As the patron saint of the city, he was honoured with two high-ranking feast days –  first and foremost, his natal celebration on 14 October and his translation feast on 20 August.
Donatian is always shown wearing his bishop’s mitre and holding the bishop’s crosier and is identified by his attribute, a wheel with five tapers.   The reference is to the principal miracle of his life – he was swept away by the floodwaters of the Tiber but the pope threw a carriage wheel into the river, which miraculously found the drowning saint who clung to it for three days before reaching safety.

841px-Jan_van_Eyck_060- Saint Donatian of RheimsJan_Gossaert_St._Donatian_of_Rheims

Jan van Eyck’s Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele (1436), Saint Donatian is standing in blue vestments on the left.