12 March – Day Two – Novena to St Joseph

Novena to St Joseph
By Fr Michael Gaitley, MIC

Day Two

St Joseph, Loving Spouse of Mary

Dear St Joseph,

I’m thinking about the angel’s words to you, “Do not be afraid to take Mary for your wife” (Mt 1:20).   Saint Joseph, you weren’t afraid.   You trusted God.   And now you truly are the husband of Mary.   After Jesus, you are the dearest person to her heart!   Well, St Joseph, as my spiritual father, I now ask you to speak to Mary about me, about my life.  If you kindly adopt me as your spiritual child, then I know all the more, that Mary will take me to her heart as well.   Both of you truly are my spiritual parents.   And just as any good father wants to see his children love their mother, I know that you will help me to know and love my spiritual mother more.

By your powerful prayers, I ask you to help me realise what a gift I have in Mary.   Pray for me that I will better appreciate her motherly role in my life.   Saint Joseph, I know that you love her.   I know it makes you happy to see her children love her with all their hearts.

Therefore, as I prepare to consecrate myself totally to your fatherly care, I give you permission — in fact, I’m pleading with you, Help me to appreciate my Mother Mary even more.

Saint Joseph, Loving Spouse of Mary, please help me to love my spiritual mother even more. Amenday two - novena to st joseph loving spouse of mary - 12 march 2019.jpg