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Memorials of the Saints – 25 August

St Louis IX (1214-1270) King of France Confessor, King, Reformer, Apostle of Charity.
All about this wonderful Saint here:

St Alessandro Dordi
St Andreas Gim Gwang-Ok
St Aredius of Limoges
St Ebbe the Elder
St Eusbius of Rome
St Genesius of Arles
St Genesius of Brescello
St Genesius of Rome
St Gennadius of Constantinople
St Geruntius of Italica
St Ginés de la Jara
St Gregory of Utrecht
St Gurloes of Sainte Croix
St Hermes of Eretum
St Hunegund of Homblieres
St Julian of Syria
St Julius of Eretum
Bl Ludovicus Baba
Bl Ludovicus Sasada
Bl Luis Cabrera Sotelo
St Maginus
St Marcian of Saignon

St Maria Micaela of the Blessed Sacrament (1809-1865) “Mother Sacramento” was a Spanish professed Religious and the Founder of the Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament, Apostle and martyr of charity. In 1922, Pope Pius XI, proclaimed Mother Sacramento’s heroic virtues. On 25 July 1925, he Beatified her and on 4 March 1934, he Canonised her.
Her Life:

St Menas of Constantinople
Bl Miguel Carvalho
St Nemesius of Rome
St Patricia of Naples
Bl Pedro de Calidis
Bl Pedro Vázquez
St Peregrinus of Rome
St Petrus Gim Jeong-Duk
St Pontian of Rome