Thought for the Day – 14 May

Thought for the Day – 14 May

What was the holiness of Matthias? Obviously, he was suited for apostleship by the experience of being with Jesus from His baptism to His ascension.   He must also have been suited personally, or he would not have been nominated for so great a responsibility.   Must we not remind ourselves that the fundamental holiness of Matthias was his receiving gladly the relationship with the Father offered him by Jesus and completed by the Holy Spirit?   The Apostles were given the mission to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world, bearing witness to His Resurrection and establishing the Kingdom of God upon the earth.   For that, they left all things and gave themselves totally.   All of us share in this mission and we all have to be apostles wherever we are.   By our very Baptism, we are sent to share the Gospel, just as St Matthias did.    If the apostles are the foundations of our faith by their witness, they must also be reminders, that holiness is entirely a matter of God’s giving but it is offered to all, in the everyday circumstances of life. We receive, we must accept and now we must give!

St Matthias, Apostle of Christ, Pray for us!

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