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Our Morning Offering – 3 April – Strengthen me, O God

Our Morning Offering – 3 April – Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Strengthen me, O God
By Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471)

Strengthen me, O God,
by the grace of Your Holy Spirit.
Grant me the power to grow in holiness
and to empty my heart of all useless care and anxiety,
that I may not be led by the desire for earthly things,
whether of little or great value.
Help me to regard all things
in this world, as they are –
passing and short-lived –
realising, that I, too,
will pass away with them.
Nothing under the sun is lasting
but all is vanity and a chase after wind (Eccl 1:14).
Give me Your heavenly wisdom, O Lord,
that I may learn,
that the most important thing
is to seek You and to find You
and, above all things else,
to love You,

The Imitation – Book 3 Ch 27strengthen me o god by thomas a kempis 3 april 2020