Notre-Dame de Laon / Our Lady of Laon, Rheims, France (500), founded by St Remigius and Memorials of the Saints – 18 February

Notre-Dame de Laon / Our Lady of Laon, Rheims, France (500), founded by St Remigius – 18 February:

St Esuperia of Vercelli
St Ethelina

St Flavian (Died 449) Martyr, Archbishop of Constantinople, Confessor, Defender of the Christ’s two natures, both divine and human.

St Francis Regis Clet CM (1748-1820) Martyr, Religious Priest of the Vincentian Order, Missionary to China.
His Life and Death:

Blessed John of Fiesole/Fra Angelico OP – The Angelic Friar Giovanni (1387-1455)
The Artist:

St Gertrude Caterina Comensoli
St Helladius of Toledo
St Ioannes Chen Xianheng
St Ioannes Zhang Tianshen
St Jean-François-Régis Clet
St Jean-Pierre Néel
Bl Jerzy Kaszyra
Bl John Pibush – one of the Martyrs of Douai
St Leo of Patera
St Martinus Wu Xuesheng
Bl Matthew Malaventino
St Paregorius of Patara
St Sadoth of Seleucia
St Simeon of Jerusalem (Died c 106) Martyr, Bishop of Jerusalem, Cousin of Jesus

St Tarasius of Constantinople

St Theotonius OSC (1082-1162) Priest of the Canons Regular, Reformer of religious life in Portugal, Royal Counsellor,, Apostle of the poor, Founder of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross, now known as “The Crosiers.” He is the first Portuguese Saint.
His Lifestory:

Bl William Harrington

Martyrs of North Africa – 7 Saints: Group of Christians who were Martyred together, date unknown. We know nothing else but seven of their names – Classicus, Fructulus, Lucius, Maximus, Rutulus, Secundinus and Silvanus.
They were born and martyred in North Africa.

Martyrs of Rome – 5 Saints: A group of Christians Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. We know nothing else but their names – Alexander, Claudius, Cutias, Maximus and Praepedigna. They were martyred in 295 in Rome, Italy.