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Saint of the Day – 12 January – Saint Tatiana of Rome (Died c 226) Virgin, Martyr

Saint of the Day – 12 January – Saint Tatiana of Rome (Died c 226) Virgin, Martyr. Died by being beheaded in c 226 in Rome, Italy. Patronage – students, school children. Also known as – Martina, Tatienne.

The Roman Martyrology reads today: “At Rome in the time of the Emperor Alexander, St Tatiana, Martyr who was torn with iron hooks and combs, thrown to the beasts and cast into the fire but, having received no injury, was beheaded and thus, went to Heaven.

Tatiana was a Christian Martyr in the 3rd Century, in Rome during the reign of Emperor Alexander Severus. According to legend, she was the daughter of a Roman civil servant who was secretly Christian. He raised his daughter in the Faith and she became prominent in helping the early Church. This was dangerous, bringing her to the attention of the persecutors and one day the jurists Ulpian, captured Tatiana and attempted to force her to make a sacrifice to Apollo. She prayed and miraculously an earthquake destroyed the Apollo statue and part of the temple.

Tatiana was then blinded and beaten for two days, before being brought to a Circus and thrown into the pit with a hungry lion. But the lion did not touch her,and instead, lay at her feet. This resulted in a death sentence being pronounced and after being tortured, Tatiana was beheaded with a sword.

Tatiana was venerated as a Saint from the early days of the Church. The miracles performed by Tatiana are said to have converted thousands upon thousands,and many converted to the Faith immediately. She is the Oatron Saint of students.

St Tatiana in the Church of St Augustine in Rome

Seventh Day within the Octave of Epiphany, Nuestra Señora La Conquistadora / Our Lady the Conqueror, New Mexico and Memorials of the Saints – 12 January

Seventh Day within the Octave of Epiphany

Nuestra Señora La Conquistadora / Our Lady the Conqueror, Santa Fe, New Mexico – 12 January:

St Benedict Biscop OSB (c 628-690) – Confessor, Bishop and Abbot of Wearmouth, who introduced Stained Glass windows to England and raised the child, the Venerable Saint Bede.
This wonderful Saint:

St Arcadius of Mauretania (Died c 302) Martyr, Hermit.
His Life and Death:

Bl Bartholomew Alvarez
Bl Bernardo de Plano
St Biccianus
St Bernard of Corleone
St Caesaria of Arles
St Caroticus
Bl Emmanuel d’Abreu
St Eutropius
St Ferreolus of Grenoble Bishop Martyr
Bl John Gaspard Cratz
St John of Ravenna
Bl Lucia of Valcaldara
St Martinian of Belozersk
St Peter of Abessala
St Probus of Verona
St Quinctus the Soldier
St Satyrus
St Tatiana of Rome (Died c 226) Virgin, Martyr
St Tigrius
St Victorian of Asana
Bl Vincent da Cunha

Martyrs of Africa – 44 Saints: A group of 44 Christian soldiers murdered together for their faith in Africa. The only details that survive are four of their names – Castulus, Modestus, Rogatus and Zoticus.

Martyrs of Ephesus – 42 Saints: Forty-two Monks Martyred at a Monastery in Ephesus (modern Turkey) during the persecutions of the Iconoclast Byzantine Emperor Constantine V. Their names have not come down to us. Martyred c 762.

Martyrs of Iona – 38 Saints: Thirty-eight Monks Martyred in Iona, Ireland. Their names have not come down to us. They were Martyred in 750 at Iona, Ireland.