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Thought for the Day – 31 January – The 9 Resolutions of St John Bosco

Thought for the Day – 31 January -The Memorial of St John Bosco (1815-1888)

On 19 September 1840, John Bosco was ordained sub-deacon at Turin, the diaconate followed on the Saturday of Passion week (27 March) 1841.   On 26 May, he went into retreat at the Vincentian House in Turin, in preparation for his ordination to the priesthood.   The notes of his retreat contain the nine resolutions which he made at this solemn moment of his life.   They can be set down without commentary, for they speak for themselves and their punctual execution for the rest of his days, is added testimony to his determination in taking them.

1. I will take no unnecessary walks.

2. I will make exactingly careful use of my time.

3. When the salvation of souls is at stake, I will be always ready to suffer, to act and to humble myself.

4. May the charity and gentleness of St Francis de Sales, inform my every action.

5. I will always be content with the food set before me, unless it is really harmful to my health.

6. I will always add water to my wine and drink it only for reasons of health, that is, on such days ain such measure as health requires.

7. Since work is a powerful weapon against the enemies of my salvation, I will take only five hours sleep a night. During the day, especially after dinner, I will take no rest, except in case of illness.

8. Every day, I will devote some time to meditation and spiritual reading. During the day, I will make a short visit, or at any rate a prayer, to the Blessed Sacrament. My preparation for Mass, shall last at least a quarter of an hour and so shall my thanksgiving.

9. Outside the confessional and save in cases of strict necessity, I will never stop to talk with women.  *
(the only commentary is in regard to this point * – just remember the times in which St John lived).

We would do well to adopt some of these resolutions for our own spiritual growth!

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