One Minute Reflection – 31 March – The ‘Book’ of the Cross

One Minute Reflection – 31 March – Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent, Readings: Numbers 21:4-9, Psalm 102:2-3, 16-21, John 8:21-30

“When you have lifted up the Son of man, then you will know that I Am He…”...John 8:28

REFLECTION – “Wonder is the source from which philosophers draw their great learning.   They encounter and reflect on the marvels of nature, such as earthquakes or thunder (…) or eclipses of the sun and moon, for example.   Moved by these wonders, they seek out their cause.   Thus, by patient research and extensive investigation, they attain remarkable knowledge and subtlety, which men call “natural philosophy”.

But there is another, even higher form of philosophy, above that of nature, to which one likewise attains, through wonder – this is the philosophy of Christians.   And there is no question that, of all that characterises Christian doctrine, it is particularly wonderful and marvellous, that the Son of God, for love of man, consented to be crucified and to die on the cross (…).   Is it not astonishing that He, for whom we should have the most respectful awe, felt such fear that He sweated water and blood? (…)   Is it not astonishing that He, who gives life to every creature, should have endured so humiliating, cruel and painful a death?

And so, those who strive to meditate on and wonder, at so extraordinary a “book”, as is the Cross, with sensitive heart and sincere faith, will attain a far more fruitful knowledge than many another, who daily studies and meditates on ordinary books.   For the true Christian, this book, is sufficient as an object of study for all the days of his life.” … Saint John Fisher (c.1469-1535) Bishop, Martyr – A Sermon preached on Good Fridayjohn 8 28 - when you have lifted up - those who strive to meditate - st john fisher 31 march 2020

PRAYER – Holy Father, we have sinned against You and beg for Your forgiveness and mercy.   Through the merits of the saving Cross of Your Son, help Your people O Lord, to persevere in obedience to Your will, so that through this obedience, we may reach our eternal home.   We hope for the intercession of your angels and saints and our most loving Mother of Mercy.   Through Christ, our Lord with the Holy Spirit, God forever, amen.

mary-mothr-of-mercy-pray-for-us-5-oct-2018 and 31 march 2020