Thoughts of Mary – 7 May – The Shining Crown

Thoughts of Mary – 7 May – “Mary’s Month”

The Shining Crown
Moments with Saint Pope John XXIII (1881-1963)

“Immaculate” suggests order and beauty – the natural order, raised to a state of grace as soon as it left it’s Creator’s hands and, therefore, ever obedient to His will and His commands and the beauty which is the shining crown of this order.

But everyone of us must begin in this way – by contemplating this vision of serenity and light, God’s masterpiece, we must draw strength to rise to the heights of perfection, whether of the individual or of the family, of institutions or of Holy Church.

Everyone must try to set his own soul in perfect order, for by this is true supernatural beauty and the special gifts of individuals are then reflected and reproduced, on an ever wider scale, in order to enrich, with increasing joy and beauty, the great family of believers.

And, finally, “Immaculate” suggests the vision of heaven.
The perfect and supreme grace bestowed on Mary from the first moment of her earthly life, is granted to us also, though, to be sure, to a lesser degree and only as a pledge of future happiness – for the day when faith will be stripped of the veils which hide the vision of God and we shall see the Lord, face-to-face!  Amen.

and finally immaculate suggests the vision of heaven - st john XXIII 7 may 2020