Our Morning Offering – 14 February – Ash Wednesday 2018

Our Morning Offering – 14 February – Ash Wednesday 2018

You alone are my All and Every Good
By Thomas à Kempis

O Lord, my God,
You are my all and every good.
And what am I, that I should presume to address You?
I am the poorest of Your servants and a wretched worm,
far more poor and worthless, than I can ever realise or express.
Yet, Lord, remember that I am nothing,
I have nothing
and can do nothing.
You alone are good, just and holy,
You can do all things, fill all things, bestow all things,
leaving only the wicked empty-handed.
Remember Your mercies, Lord
and fill my heart with Your grace,
since it is Your will, that none of Your works, should be worthless.
How can I endure this life of sorrows,
unless You strengthen me with Your mercy and grace?
Do not turn Your face from me;
do not delay Your coming,
nor withdraw Your consolation form me,
lest my soul become like a waterless desert.
Teach me, O Lord, to do Your will;
teach me to live worthily and humbly in Your sight;
for You are my wisdom, who know me truly
and who knew me before the world was made
and before I had my being.
Amenyou alone are my all and every good - st thomas a kempis - 14 feb 2018