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Novena to St John Bosco – Day Two – 23 January

Novena to St John Bosco – Day Two – 23 January

2nd Day – Devotion to Our Blessed Mother

O Saint John Bosco,
you loved the Blessed Virgin,
Mary Immaculate Help of Christians,
taking her as your Mother and Guide
and becoming her apostle.
Pray for us that,
inspired by your example,
we may grow in true and enduring love
for this sweetest of mothers
and may thus win her powerful protection in life
and especially at the hour of our death.
Through your intercession
may God grant me the following grace………………..
[mention your intention]
so that together with others
I may assist in bringing all, especially the youth,
to the love of Mary Our Help, amen.

Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory to the Father…

St John Bosco, Pray for us!day-two-novena-st-john-bosco-23-jan-2018.jpg

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Novena to St Paul – Day Eight – 23 January

Novena to St Paul in preparation for the Feast of The Conversion of St Paul on 25 January

Day Eight – 23 January

“In the ancient Church, Baptism was also called “illumination” because this Sacrament gives light;  it truly makes one see.   In Paul what is pointed out theologically was also brought about physically – healed of his inner blindness, he sees clearly.   Thus St Paul was not transformed by a thought but by an event, by the irresistible presence of the Risen One whom subsequently he would never be able to doubt, so powerful had been the evidence of the event, of this encounter…………….This encounter is a real renewal that changed all his parameters.   Now he could say that what had been essential and fundamental for him earlier had become “refuse” for him;  it was no longer “gain” but loss, because henceforth the only thing that counted for him was life in Christ.” … Pope Benedict XVI 2008


Glorious St Paul,
your conversion is a powerful witness to the world
that God loves us and does not give up on us,
no matter how far we stray.
May every circumstante of my life be an occasion
to change my way of thinking,
to renounce self-will and
to surrender myself to the wisdom and tenderness of Jesus Christ
who is acting to make me His saint.
Pray St Paul, that I too may be able to acclaim
“It is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”
Pray that I may love God’s will and providence for me.
In this confidence, I entrust to you, St Paul,
these, my intentions
(mention your request)

I ask this through Christ, Our Lord, amen

St Paul Pray for us!day-8-st-paul 23 jan 2018.jpg

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Novena to St Francis de Sales – Day NINE – 23 January

Novena to St Francis de Sales
Day NINE – 23 January

“Think for a moment of the piety of the Madonna when the angel told her that the Spirit would overshadow her.   What sentiments of humility, confidence and courage!   At the very moment when she understood that God had given her His heart, that is, His Son, she gave herself to God.   Her soul was flooded with charity, so she could say with the sacred spouse, “…My heart trembled within me and I grew faint when he spoke.” [Sg:5:4]   As far as we are concerned, we receive a similar grace in Communion, because not an angel but Jesus Christ Himself assures us that in it the Holy Spirit descends on us.   Heavenly power covers us with its shadow and the Son of God really comes to us.   He can say that He is conceived and born in us.   Truly then, the soul can respond with the Madonna, “I am the servant of the Lord;  let is be done to me as you say.” [Lk 1:38] (St Francis de Sales Spiritual Directory, Art. 12)

O blessed Francis de Sales,
who on earth did excel in a life of virtue,
especially in the love of God and neighbour,
I earnestly ask you to take me under your compassionate care and protection.
Obtain for me conversion of mind and heart.
Grant that all people, especially
(names of those whom you wish to include)
may experience the depth of God’s redeeming and healing love.
Teach me to fix my eyes on the things of heaven
even as I walk each day with my feet planted firmly on the earth.
Help me, through the practice of virtue and the pursuit of devotion,
to avoid anything that would otherwise cause me to stumble
in my attempt to follow Christ and to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit.
Encouraged by your prayers and example,
help me to live fully with the hope of experiencing
my sacred destiny: eternal life with God.
Receive also this particular need or concern that I now lift up in prayer
(mention your particular need).
O God, for the salvation of all,
You desired that St. Francis de Sales—
preacher, missionary, confessor, bishop and founder—
should befriend many along the road to salvation.
Mercifully grant that we,
infused with the humility and gentleness of his charity,
guided by his wisdom and sharing in his spirit may experience eternal life.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

St Francis de Sales, pray for


Thought for the Day – 23 January – – Making our Suffering an Offering and Praise

Thought for the Day – 23 January – The Memorial of Blessed Henry Suso OP (1295-1366)

“I desire from the boundless abyss of my heart that all the sufferings and grief that I have ever experienced and, in addition, the painful suffering of all hearts, the pains of all wounds, the groans of all the sick, the sighs of all sad people, the tears of all weeping eyes, the insults suffered by all those oppressed, the needs of all poor indigent widows and orphans, the dire wants of all the thirsty and hungry, the blood spilled by all martyrs, the breaking of their selfish wills by all the joyful and blossoming youth, the painful practices of all the friends of God and all the hidden and open suffering and sorrow that I or any other afflicted person ever experienced with regard to their bodies, possessions, reputation, friends and relatives, or depression, or whatever any man shall suffer up to the last day—I desire that all this may praise You eternally, heavenly Father and honour Your only-begotten suffering Son from eternity to eternity.

And I, Your poor servant, desire to be today, the devoted substitute for all suffering people, who do not know how to bear their suffering in patient and thankful praise of God, so that I might offer up to You in their place today, their sufferings, however they may have suffered.   I offer it to You in their stead, just as if I myself alone had suffered it all, physically and in my heart as I desired.   And I present it today in their place to Your only-begotten Son, that He may be praised by it forever and that those suffering, may be consoled, whether they are still in this vale of lamentation, or in the other world in your power.”

and I your servant desire to be today - bl henry suso 23 jan 2019.jpg

Bl. Henry Suso offers this prayer with “the arms of his soul somehow stretched forth to the far ends of the world in heaven and earth.” Our desires too can be extended in prayer to encompass all times and all peoples, especially all those people today who “do not know how to bear their suffering in patient and thankful praise of God,” that even these sufferings may both praise God and win grace and consolation for the afflicted.

Bl Henry Suso, pray for us,

that we may suffer well ourselves and bear in our hearts to God the sufferings of others!bl henry suso pray for us no 2 - 23 jan 2019


Quote/s of the Day – 23 January – The Memorial of St Ildephonsus (607-667), Blessed Henry Suso OP (1295-1366) and St Marianne Cope (1838-1918)

Quote/s of the Day – 23 January – The Memorial of St Ildephonsus (607-667), Blessed Henry Suso OP (1295-1366) and St Marianne Cope (1838-1918)

“Go to Mary and sing her praises
and you will be enlightened.
For it is through her,
that the true Light
shines on the sea of this life.”

St Ildephonsus (607-667)go-to-mary-st-ildephonsus-23-jan-2018.jpg

“Suffering is the ancient law of love;
there is no quest without pain;
there is no lover,
who is not also a martyr.”

Blessed Henry Suso (1295-1366)suffering is the ancient law of love - bl henry suso 23 jan 2019.jpg

“Try to accept what God
is pleased to give you
no matter how bitter –
‘God wills it’,
is the thought
that will strengthen you
and help you over
the hard places
if we wish to be
true children of God.”

“Our dear
heavenly Mother Mary…
how little do our trials
and sorrows appear
when compared
to her bitter sufferings.”

St Marianne Cope (1838-1918)try-to-accept-what-god-st-marianne-cope-23-jan-2018.jpg

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One Minute Reflection – 23 January –Wednesday of the Second week in Ordinary Time – First Reading: Hebrews 7:1–3

One Minute Reflection – 23 January –Wednesday of the Second week in Ordinary Time – First Reading: Hebrews 7:1–3 – and The Memorial of Blessed Henry Suso OP (1295-1366)

For this Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of the Most High God, met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him…Hebrews 7:1

REFLECTION – “An ancient priest of the Mosaic order could only be selected from the tribe of Levi.   It was obligatory without exception that he should be of the family descending from Aaron and do service to God in outward worship with the sacrifices and blood of irrational animals.   But he that is named Melchizedek, which in Greek is translated “king of righteousness,” who was king of Salem, which would mean “king of peace,” without father, without mother, without line of descent, not having, according to the account, “beginning of years or end of life,” had no characteristics shared by the Aaronic priesthood.

For he was not chosen by humans, he was not anointed with prepared oil, he was not of the tribe of those who had not yet been born and, strangest of all, he was not even circumcised in his flesh and yet he blesses Abraham, as if he were far better than he.   He did not act as priest to the Most High God with sacrifices and libations, nor did he minister at the temple in Jerusalem.   How could he?   It did not yet exist.   And he was such, of course, because there was going to be no similarity between our Saviour Christ and Aaron, for He was neither to be designated priest after a period when he was not priest, nor was He to become priest but be it.   For we should notice carefully in the words, “You are a priest forever,” he does not say, “You shall be what you were not before,” any more than, “You were that before which you are not now” — but by Him who said, “I am who I am,”1 it is said, “You are, and remain, a priest forever.”

And the fulfilment of the oracle is truly wondrous to one who recognises how our Saviour Jesus, the Christ of God, now performs through His ministers even today, sacrifices after the manner of Melchizedek’s.   For just as He, who was priest of the Gentiles, is not represented as offering outward sacrifices but as blessing,  Abraham only with wine and bread, so in exactly the same way our Lord and Saviour Himself first and then all His priests among all nations, perform the spiritual sacrifice according to the customs of the church and with wine and bread darkly express the mysteries of His body and saving blood.   This, by the Holy Spirit, Melchizedek foresaw and used the figures of what was to come, as the Scripture of Moses witnesses, when it says, “And Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought out bread and wine; he was priest of God Most High, and he blessed Abraham.”   And thus it followed that to Him only was the addition of an oath, “The Lord God has sworn and will not change his mind, ‘You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.’”.Eusebius of Caesarea (c 260-339) Bishop “Father of Church History”hebrews 2 1 - for this melchizidek - you are a priest forever - 23 jan 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Loving Father, grant me to have a true fervour in Your service. Help me to become a zealous worker for Your honour and glory, in imitation of your Son and of your holy saints. Grant that by the prayers of Blessed Henry Suso, we may grow in love, by Your grace. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, in unity with the Holy Spirit, one God forever.

“In the history of early Christianity there is a fundamental distinction between the first three centuries and those that followed the Council of Nicaea in 325, the first Ecumenical Council.   Like a “hinge” between the two periods are the so-called “conversion of Constantine” and the peace of the Church, as well as the figure of Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea in Palestine.   He was the most highly qualified exponent of the Christian culture of his time in very varied contexts, from theology to exegesis, from history to erudition.   Eusebius is known above all as the first historian of Christianity but he was also the greatest philologist of the ancient Church.”…Pope Benedict XVI, 13 June 2007bl henry suso pray for us 23 jan 2019


Our Morning Offering – 23 January – The Memorial of Blessed Henry Suso OP (1295-1366)

Our Morning Offering – 23 January – The Memorial of Blessed Henry Suso OP (1295-1366)

Prayer in Praise of God’s Infinite Goodness
By Bl Henry Suso (1295-1366)

O God, unlimited Goodness,
when I desire to praise You,
no words can express
all that is contained in my heart.
The most beautiful creatures,
the most sublime spirits,
the most pure beings-
everything is infinitely beneath You.
But if I plunge into the abyss of Your goodness,
O Master,
all praise is so small that it disappears.
I traverse the firmament and the earth,
the surface and the deep,
the forests and prairies,
mountains and valleys:
all in unison cause to resound in my ears
the symphony of Your glory without limit.
When I think of You,
the Good that merits praise,
you are the One
that my soul has chosen
in the unique object of its love.
And my heart wishes to praise You until death.
Amenprayer in praise of god's infinite goodness bl henry suso 23 jan 2019.jpg