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Novena to St John Bosco – Day Seven – 28 January

Novena to St John Bosco – Day Seven – 28 January

7th Day:  For Missionaries

O Saint John Bosco,
in your love and concern for all the scattered children of God,
you sent your sons and daughters to the farthest part of the world
to bring the knowledge of the loving God and the Light of the Gospel.
Pray for all missionaries and pray for us, that,
inspired by your example and in your spirit,
we may be united in work and prayer to win souls for Christ.
Through your intercession
may God grant me the following grace
(mention your request)
so that together with Salesian missionaries all over the world
I may assist in bringing all I meet especially the young
to the love of Christ, amen.

Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory to the Father…
St John Bosco, Pray for us!day-seven-novena-st-john-bosco-28-jan-2018.jpg


Thought for the Day – 28 January – The cross exemplifies every virtue

Thought for the Day – 28 January – The Memorial of St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Doctor of the Church

The Cross Exemplifies every Virtue

Saint Thomas Aquinas
Priest and Doctor of the Church

An excerpt from a Conference

Why did the Son of God have to suffer for us?   There was a great need and it can be considered in a twofold way – in the first place, as a remedy for sin and secondly, as an example of how to act.

It is a remedy, for, in the face of all the evils which we incur on account of our sins, we have found relief through the passion of Christ.   Yet, it is no less an example, for the passion of Christ completely suffices to fashion our lives.   Whoever wishes to live perfectly should do nothing but disdain what Christ disdained on the cross and desire what He desired, for the cross exemplifies every virtue.

If you seek the example of love:  Greater love than this no man has, than to lay down his life for his friends.   Such a man was Christ on the cross.   And if He gave His life for us, then it should not be difficult to bear whatever hardships arise for His sake.

If you seek patience, you will find no better example than the cross.   Great patience occurs in two ways – either when one patiently suffers much, or when one suffers things which one is able to avoid and yet does not avoid.   Christ endured much on the cross and did so patiently, because when He suffered He did not threaten;,He was led like a sheep to the slaughter and He did not open His mouth.   Therefore, Christ’s patience on the cross, was great.   In patience let us run for the prize set before us, looking upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith who, for the joy set before Him, bore His cross and despised the shame.

If you seek an example of humility, look upon the crucified one, for God wished to be judged by Pontius Pilate and to die.

If you seek an example of obedience, follow Him who became obedient to the Father even unto death.   For just as by the disobedience of one man, namely, Adam, many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one man, many were made righteous.

If you seek an example of despising earthly things, follow Him who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.   Upon the cross He was stripped, mocked, spat upon, struck, crowned with thorns and given only vinegar and gall to drink.

Do not be attached, therefore, to clothing and riches because they divided my garments among themselves.   Nor to honours, for He experienced harsh words and scourgings. Nor to greatness of rank, for weaving a crown of thorns, they placed it on my head.   Nor to anything delightful, for in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.

St Thomas Aquinas, Pray for Us!st thomas aquinas pray for us 28 jan 2019.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 28 January – St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Doctor of the Church

Quote/s of the Day – 28 January – The Memorial of St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Doctor of the Church

“Believing is an act of the intellect,
assenting to the divine truth,
by command of the will,
moved by God,
through grace.”everything-is-possible-mark-9-23- no 2 - believing-is-an-act-of-the-will-st-thomas-aquinas-5-june-2018

“The only-begotten Son of God,
wanting to make us
sharers in His divinity,
assumed our nature,
so that He, made man,
might make men gods.”the only-begotten son of god - st thomas aquinas - 28jan2019

“Charity is the form,
mover, mother
and root
of all the virtues.”charity is the form mover mother and root - st thomas aquinas 28 jan 2019

“To convert somebody,
go and take them by the hand
and guide them.”to-convert-somebody-st-thomas-aquinas-18-sept-2018

“We are like children,
who stand in need of masters
to enlighten us and direct us
and God has provided for this,
by appointing His angels,
to be our teachers and guides. “we are like children - st thomas aquinas no 2 - 28 jan 2019.jpg

“Just as a woman
had announced
the words of death
to the first man,
so also, a woman was the first
to announce to the Apostles
the words of life.”just-as-a-woman-had-announced-st-thomas-aquinas-22-july-2018.jpg

And if He gave His life for us,
then it should not be difficult
to bear whatever hardships arise for His sake.
If you seek patience,
you will find no better example than the cross.
Christ endured much on the cross and did so patiently,
because “when he suffered he did not threaten,
he was led like a sheep to the slaughter
and he did not open his mouth.”

St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Doctor of the Churchand-if-he-gave-his-life-for-us-st-thomas-aquinas-28-jan-2018

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One Minute Reflection – 29 January – Gospel: Mark 3:22-30

One Minute Reflection – 29 January – Monday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time, Year C – Gospel: Mark 3:22-30 and The Memorial of St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Doctor of the Church

And the scribes who came down from Jerusalem said, “He is possessed by Beelzebub and by the prince of demons he casts out the demons.”...Mark 3:22

REFLECTION – “It is characteristic of evildoers, stirred by envy, to shut their eyes as much as they can, to other people’s merits and when, overcome by the evidence, they cannot do so any longer, to depreciate or undervalue it.   Thus, when the crowd rejoiced in devotion and marvelled at the sight of Christ’s works, the scribes and Pharisees either closed their eyes to what they knew to be true, or minimised what is great, or undervalued what is good.   Once, for example, feigning ignorance, they said to Him who had worked so many wonderful signs:  “What sign can you do that we may believe in you?” (Jn 6:30).   In this case, unable to blatantly deny the facts, they wickedly depreciate them… and they devalue them by saying: “It is by Beelzebub, the prince of devils, that he casts out devils.”
Now this, dear brethren, is the blasphemy against the Spirit that binds all those he has seized with the bonds of an eternal sin.   This is not to say that it would be impossible for the repentant to gain forgiveness for it all if they “produce fruit as evidence of their repentance” (Lk 3:8).   The only thing is that, crushed beneath such a weight of malice, they lack the strength to aspire to that praiseworthy repentance worthy of forgiveness… Those who, perceiving the proofs of grace and the Holy Spirit at work in a brother…, are not afraid to undermine and calumniate and brashly ascribe to the evil spirit what they clearly know to be of the Holy Spirit, such as these have been so forsaken by this Spirit of grace, that they no longer even desire the repentance that would obtain pardon.   They are completely in the dark, blinded by their own malice.   Indeed, what could be more serious than to dare, out of envy for a brother one had been commanded to love as oneself (Mt 19:19), to blaspheme God’s goodness… and insult his majesty by wanting to discredit another?”...Isaac of Stella (c 1100-c.1171) O.Cist. Cistercian monkmark 3 22 - he is possessed by beezlebub - it is charactiristic - isaac of stella 28 jan 2019

PRAYER – Lord, our God, keep us free from envy of others, for this is a poison that can destroy all community and love.   Help us to know that to each You have given gifts and all are Your wonder and made to honour You alone.   Help us to appreciate our neighbour’s talents and understand that we are all one in the Mystical Body of Your Son. And since it was by Your gift that St Thomas became so great a saint and theologian, give us grace to understand his teaching and follow his way of life.   May his great love for Jesus Crucified and his pure adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, be our guide to follow in Your Son’s footsteps and take up our cross and follow Him.   Grant that by the prayers of St Thomas, we may grow in love and sanctity.   We make our prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit, God forever, thomas aquinas pray for us no 2- corpus christi - 28 jan 2019..jpg

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Our Morning Offering – 28 January – The Memorial of St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

Our Morning Offering – 28 January – The Memorial of St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

Grant to me, O Merciful God
By St Thomas Aquinas

O merciful God,
grant that I may ever perfectly
do Your Will in all things.
Let it be my ambition to work
only for Your honour and glory.
Let me rejoice in nothing
but that leads to You,
nor grieve for anything
that leads away from You.
May all passing things
be as nothing in my eyes,
and may all that is Yours
be dear to me,
and You, my God,
dear above them all.
May all joy be
meaningless without You
and may I desire
nothing apart from You.
May all labour and toil
delight me when it is for You.
Make me, O Lord,
obedient without complaint,
poor without regret,
patient without murmur,
humble without pretense,
joyous without frivolity,
and truthful without disguise.
Give me, O God,
an ever watchful heart
which nothing can ever
lure away from You;
a noble heart,
which no unworthy affection
can draw downwards to the earth;
an upright heart,
which no evil can warp,
an unconquerable heart,
which no tribulation can crush;
a free heart,
which no perverted affection
can claim for its own.
Bestow on me, O God,
understanding to know You,
diligence to seek You,
and wisdom to find You;
a life which may please You,
and a hope which may
embrace You at the last.
Amengrant to me o merciful god - st thomas aquinas 28 jan 2019.jpg

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Saint of the Day – 28 January – St Thomas Aquinas OP (1225-1274)

Saint of the Day – 28 January – St Thomas Aquinas OP (1225-1274 aged 49 ) Doctor angelicus (Angelic Doctor) and Doctor communis (Common Doctor). Priest, Religious, Master Theologian, Philosopher, Writer, Teacher, Jurist. Also known as – The Great Synthesiser, The Dumb Ox, The Universal Teacher.header - st thomas aquinas

St Thomas was born of noble parents at Aquino in Italy, in 1226.   At the age of nineteen he received the Dominican habit at Naples, where he was studying.

Seized by his brothers on his way to Paris, he suffered a two years’ captivity in their castle of Rocca-Secca but neither the caresses of his mother and sisters, nor the threats and stratagems of his brothers, could shake him in his vocation.

While St Thomas was in confinement at Rocca-Secca, his brothers endeavoured to entrap him into sin but the attempt only ended in the triumph of his purity.   Snatching from the hearth a burning brand, the Saint drove from his chamber the wretched creature whom they had there concealed.   Then marking a cross upon the wall, he knelt down to pray and forthwith, being rapt in ecstasy, an angel girded him with a cord, in token of the gift of perpetual chastity which God had given him.   The pain caused by the girdle was so sharp that St Thomas uttered a piercing cry, which brought his guards into the room.

Diego Velazquez – The Temptation of St Thomas

But he never told this grace to anyone save only to Father Raynald, his confessor, a little while before his death.   Hence originated the Confraternity of the “Angelic Warfare,” for the preservation of the virtue of chastity.

the temptation of st thoms aquinas by bernardo daddi 1338
Bernardo Daddi – The Temptation of St Thomas

Having at length escaped, St Thomas went to Cologne to study under Blessed Albert the Great and after that to Paris, where for many years he taught philosophy and theology. The Church has ever venerated his numerous writings as a treasure-house of sacred doctrine – while in naming him the Angelic Doctor she has indicated that his science is more divine than human.   The rarest gifts of intellect were combined in him with the tenderest piety.   Prayer, he said, had taught him more than study.fra bartolomeo st thomas aquinas

His singular devotion to the Blessed Sacrament shines forth in the Office and hymns for Corpus Christi, which he composed.   To the words miraculously uttered by a crucifix at Naples, “Well hast thou written concerning Me, Thomas.   What shall I give thee as a reward?” he replied, “Naught save Thyself, O Lord.”beautiful st thomas aquinas eucharistic.JPG

He died at Fossa-Nuova, 1274, on his way to the General Council of Lyons, to which Pope Gregory X had summoned him.

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Memorials of the Saints – 28 January

St Thomas Aquinas OP (1225-1274) Doctor angelicus (Angelic Doctor) and Doctor communis (Common Doctor)(Memorial)

St Aemilian of Trebi
St Agatha Lin
Bl Amadeus of Lausanne
St Antimus of Brantôme
St Archebran
Bl Bartolomé Aiutamicristo
St Brigid of Picardy
St Callinicus
St Cannera of Inis Cathaig
Bl Charlemagne (a decree of canonization was issued by the anti-pope Paschal III but this was never ratified by valid authority.)
St Constantly
St Flavian of Civita Vecchia
St Glastian of Kinglassie
Bl James the Almsgiver
St James the Hermit
St Jerome Lu
St John of Reomay
St Joseph Freinademetz
Bl Julian Maunoir
St Julian of Cuenca
St Lawrence Wang
St Leucius of Apollonia
Bl María Luisa Montesinos Orduña
St Maura of Picardy
Bl Mosè Tovini
Bl Odo of Beauvais
Bl Olympia Bida
St Palladius of Antioch
St Paulinus of Aquileia
Bl Peter Won Si-jang
St Richard of Vaucelles
St Thyrsus of Apollonia

Martyrs of Alexandria: A group of 4th-century parishioners in Alexandria, Egypt. During the celebration of Mass one day an Arian officer named Syrianus led a troop of soldiers into their church and proceded to murder all the orthodox Christians in the place. 356 in Alexandria, Egypt.