Marian Thoughts – 9 May – Mary, our Mother

Marian Thoughts – 9 May – ‘Mary’s Month’ – Thursday Third Week of Easter, C

St Aelred of Rievaulx (1110-1167)

From his sermons – Sermon 20

Mary, our Mother

what shall we say brethren - st aelred 9 may 2019

Let us come to His bride, let us come to His mother, let us come to the best of His handmaidens.   All of these descriptions fit Blessed Mary.

But what are we to do for her?   What sort of gifts shall we offer her?   O that we might at least repay to her the debt we owe her!   We owe her honour, we owe her devotion, we owe her love, we owe her praise.   We owe her honour because she is the mother of Our Lord.   He who does not honour the mother, will without doubt dishonour the son. Besides, scripture says: ‘Honour your father and your mother.’

What shall we say, brethren?   Is she not our mother?   Certainly, brethren, she is in truth our mother.   Through her we are born, not to the world but to God.

We all, as you believe and know, were in death, in the infirmity of old age, in darkness, in misery.   In death because we had lost the Lord, in infirmity of old age , because we were in corruptio, in darkness because we had lost the light of wisdom and so we had altogether perished.

But through blessed Mary we all underwent a much better birth than through Eve, inasmuch as Christ was born of Mary.   Instead of the infirmity of old age, we have regained youth, instead of corruption, incorruption, instead of darkness, light.

She is our mother, mother of our incorruption, of our light.   The Apostle says of our Lord, ‘Whom God made our righteousness, our sanctification and our redemption.’

She, therefore, who is the mother of Chris,t is the mother of our wisdom, mother of our righteousness, mother of our sanctification, mother of our redemption.   Therefore, she is more our mother than the mother of our flesh.   Better, therefore, is our birth, which we derive from Mary, for from her is our holiness, our wisdom, our righteousness, our sanctification, our redemption.

Scripture says, ‘Praise the Lord in his saints’.   If the Lord is to be praised in those saints through whom He performs mighty works and miracles, how much more should He be praised in her, in whom He fashioned Himself, He who is wonderful beyond all wonder.

From the Little Office of Mary
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Thought for the Day – 9 May – The Eucharist, Pledge of our Resurrection

Thought for the Day – 9 May – Thursday Third Week of Easter, C

The Eucharist, Pledge of our Resurrection

Saint Irenaeus (130-202)
Bishop, Father of the Church and Martyr

An excerpt from a Against Heresies

If our flesh is not saved, then the Lord has not redeemed us with His blood, the Eucharistic chalice does not make us sharers in His blood and the bread we break, does not make us sharers in His body.   There can be no blood without veins, flesh and the rest of the human substance and this the Word of God actually became – it was with His own blood that He redeemed us.   As the Apostle says – In Him, through His blood, we have been redeemed, our sins have been forgiven.

We are His members and we are nourished by creatures, which is His gift to us, for it is He who causes the sun to rise and the rain to fall.   He declared that the chalice, which comes from His creation, was His blood and He makes it the nourishment of our blood. He affirmed that the bread, which comes from His creation, was His body and He makes it, the nourishment of our body.   When the chalice we mix and the bread we bake, receive the Word of God, the Eucharistic elements become the body and blood of Christ, by which our bodies, live and grow.   How then can it be said, that flesh belonging to the Lord’s own body and nourished by His body and blood, is incapable of receiving God’s gift of eternal life?   Saint Paul says in his letter to the Ephesians that we are members of His body, of His flesh and bones.   He is not speaking of some spiritual and incorporeal kind of man, for spirits do not have flesh and bones.   He is speaking of a real human body composed of flesh, sinews and bones, nourished by the chalice of Christ’s blood and receiving growth from the bread which is His body.

The slip of a vine planted in the ground bears fruit at the proper time.   The grain of wheat falls into the ground and decays only to be raised up again and multiplied by the Spirit of God who sustains all things.   The Wisdom of God places these things at the service of man and when they receive God’s word, they become the Eucharist, which is the body and blood of Christ.   In the same way our bodies, which have been nourished by the Eucharist, will be buried in the earth and will decay but they will rise again at the appointed time, for the Word of God will raise them up, to the glory of God the Father. Then the Father will clothe our mortal nature in immortality and freely endow our corruptible nature with incorruptibility, for God’s power is shown most perfectly in weakness.we are his members and we are nourished - st ireneus on the eucharist and resurrection 9 may 2019.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 9 May – The Word!

Quote/s of the Day – 9 May – Thursday Third Week of Easter, C

“Catholicism is a matter
of the body and the senses,
as much as it is,
a matter of the mind,
precisely because,
the Word became flesh.”

Bishop Robert Barroncatholicism is a matter of - bishop robert barron 9 may 2019.jpg

“The Word is NOT a bible verse
BUT living, flesh and blood,
Jesus Christ!”

Fr Enrico V Parrythe word is not a bible verse - fr enrico 9 may 2019.jpg


One Minute Reflection – 9 May – “..Reading the Scriptures”

One Minute Reflection – 9 May – Thursday Third Week of Easter, C, First Reading: Acts 8:26–40

“… and was returning home.   Seated in his chariot, he was reading the prophet Isaiah.”…Acts 8:28

REFLECTION – “Consider, I ask you, what a great effort it was not to neglect reading even while on a journey and, especially, while seated in a chariot.   Let this be heeded by those people who do not even deign to do it at home but rather think reading the Scriptures is a waste of time, claiming as an excuse their living with a wife, conscription in military service, caring for children, attending to domestics and looking after other concerns, they do not think it necessary for them to show any interest in reading the holy Scriptures.” … St John Chrysostom (347-407)  Father & Doctor (Homilies on Genesis, 35.)acts 8 28 seated in the chariot - considr what great effort - st john chrysostom 9 may 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Almighty, ever-living God, in Your Word, You shed the light of Your glory on the peoples who are living in the shadow of death.   By Your Word, You teach us all things and lead us in the way of hope and love.   For Your Word is Truth and Your Word became flesh and filled our world with the Sun of Justice, Your Son, He who is the Sun and the Truth.   May our steps be guided by His Mother, as we follow in the footsteps of Your Word and may the prayers of Blessed Maria Carmen Rendiles, be a help in our trials.   Through Christ, our Lord Jesus, with You in union with the Holy Spirit, now and forever, amen.mary refuge of sinners pray for us 28 march 2019 ora pro nobis.jpg

bl maria carmen rendiles pray for us 9 may 2019.jpg


Our Morning Offering – 9 May- Prayer to our Mother of Perpetual Succour

Our Morning Offering – 9 May – ‘Mary’s Month’ – Thursday Third Week of Easter, C

Prayer to our Mother of Perpetual Succour

O Mother of Perpetual Succour,
with great confidence
we come before your holy icon
to be inspired by the example of your life.
We think of you at that moment,
when, full of faith and trust,
you accepted God’s call to be the mother of His Son.
Help us your children, to accept with joy our calling in life.
When you learned that your cousin Elizabeth was in need,
you immediately went to serve her and offer your help.
Make us, like you, to be concerned for others.
We think of you, Mother, at the foot of the cross.
Your heart must have bled to see your Son in agony.
But your joy was great when He rose from the dead,
victorious over the power of evil.
Mother of Sorrows,
help us through our trials and disappointments.
Help us not to lose heart.
May we share with you and your Son,
the joy of having courageously
faced up to all the challenges of life.
AMENprayer to our moether of perpetual succour - prayer warriors prayer 9 may 2019.jpg

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Saint of the Day – 9 May – Blessed Maria Carmen Rendiles (1903-1977)

Saint of the Day – 9 May – Blessed Carmen Elena Rendiles Martínez more commonly known as Blessed Maria Carmen Rendiles (1903-1977) – in religion María Carmen – was a Venezuelan professed religious of the Servants of the Eucharist and the founder of the Servants of Jesus of Caracas, Apostle of Charity, Catechist, Administrator and founder of many schools and convents.   She served in a leadership position for her order in France where she spent her time of religious formation and returned to Venezuela to found her order in 1965 and assume control as Superior-General of her new order.  Patronage – Servants of Jesus of Caracas.header bl maria carmen.jpg

Blessed Maria Carmen was born on 11 August 1903 in Caracas, Venezuela.   She was the third of eight children and her family was wealthy and respected in the capital city.   Her baptism was celebrated in the church of Santa Anna on 24 September 1903 and she received her Confirmation on 28 October 1905, she made her First Communion on 11 March 1911.   Carmen was born with a rare physical deformation and was missing her left arm.   She lived her whole life with a prosthetic arm but this physical setback never affected her joyful spirit.   She was admired and impressed many people with how she lived her life, not letting her handicap hold her back.

When she was fifteen, she become a Catechist at her parish and would go on missions to nearby towns to teach.   She did this for many years and began to feel the calling to be a religious nun and serve God.   In 1927 she joined the Congregation of the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament, which was based in France but had convents in Venezuela.   She studied in Toulouse, France.   When her studies were completed, she went back to Caracas and worked there in the convent for about 10 years.

She served in many different jobs and positions during her time as a nun and in 1951 she was named the Provincial Superior for her region.   During this time, she started new convents and several schools in both Venezuela and Columbia.   She even started a school for poor children in her old childhood home, which she maria carmen rendiles

Blessed Maria Carmen founded the Servants of Jesus on 25 March 1965.  The order received diocesan approval and support on 14 August 1969 from the Cardinal Archbishop of Caracas José Humberto Quintero Parra.   She was the Superior General of her new order from 1969 when she was appointed until her death on 9 May 1977 due to influenza.   In 2015 there were 94 religious in a total of 19 communities in both Venezuela and in Colombia.

In 5 July 2013, Pope Francis declared her a venerable (decree of heroic virtues) and on 16 June 2018 she was Beatified.   The beatification miracle involved the healing of Trinette Durán de Branger on 18 July 2003 and the ceremony was celebrated in Caracas, Venezuela, by Cardinal Angelo Amato.    Her process of sainthood continues.

“It brings immense joy to the entire Catholic Church of Venezuela, and especially for the Archdiocese of Caracas, to announce that Pope Francis has signed the decree approving the beatification of Mother Carmen Rendiles Martínez” announced Archbishop of Caracas Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino.

“On 21 November, a miracle presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints was approved, for which it will be beatified next year.”

Urosa explained that Martinez will become the third Venezuelan beatified by the Vatican. The blessing comes after the Vatican studied and approved, an “instantaneous, perfect, stable and lasting” miraculous healing on Trinette Durán de Branger, on 18 July 2003.img-Blessed-Maria-del-Carmen-Rendiles-Martinez

Urosa extended his congratulations to the Congregation Servants of Jesus, founded by Mother Rendiles Martinez, for her tireless and laborious work performed through the commission that leads to the process of beatification and canonisation.

“It has been arduous work carried out by Dr Silvia Correale, postulator of the cause, Sister Rosa María Ríos, vice postulator and the general superiors of the Congregation,” the Cardinal pointed out. “The current head of the religious order is Mother Maria Eugenia Noreña.”

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Memorials of the Saints – 9 May

St Banban the Wise
St Beatus of Laon
St Beatus of Lungern
Bl Benincasa of Montepulciano
St Brynoth of Scara
St Dionysius of Vienne
Bl Fortis Gabrielli
St Gerontius of Cervia
St Giuse Hien
St Gorfor of Llanover
St Gregory of Ostia
St Hermas of Rome
Isaiah the Prophet
St John of Châlon
Bl Theresa of Jesus/Karolina Gerhardinger (1797-1879)

St Maria del Carmen Rendiles Martinez
St Pachomius of Tabenna
St Sanctan of Kill-da-Les
Bl Stefan Grelewski
Bl Thomas Pickering
St Vincent of Montes

Martyrs of Persia: 310 Christians murdered together for their faith in Persia. No details about them have survived.

20 Mercedarian Martyrs of Riscala: 20 Mercedarian friars who were murdered by Huguenot heretics for refusing to denounce their faith. 16th century at the Santa Maria convent at Riscala, France.