Novena in honour of the Sacred Heart – Day Eight – 26 June

Novena to the Sacred Heart
Day Eight – 26 June

Eighth Day – Peace be with you!

Today’s Scripture
While they were talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’   They were startled and terrified and thought that they were seeing a ghost.   He said to them, ‘Why are you frightened, and why do doubts arise in your hearts?   Look at my hands and my feet; see that it is I myself.   Touch me and see; for a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.’…Luke 24: 36-39

Reflection for the Eighth Day
Peace; Look; Listen;  Go!   Jesus greets the apostles with that soothing word, ‘Shalom’ (Peace) – it means I wish you the fullness of well-being of mind and body and soul.   He then invites them to look at His hands and side.   He encourages them to listen to what the scriptures say about Him and then to go and preach the Good News that He is Risen!

Today’s Prayer
Lord, You see my poverty
and still You love me better than
I can love myself.
Supply my wants with Yourself,
according to Your mercy.
Help me to accept Your will
without seeking
to understand disappointments.
Help me to resign myself entirely
and absolutely to You.

Daily Invocation
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

Novena Prayer
Lord Jesus, the needs of Your people,
open Your Sacred Heart in love for each of us.
You care for us when we are lost,
sympathise with us in loneliness
and comfort us in mourning.
You are closest to us, when we are weakest.
You love us most, when we love ourselves least,
You forgive us most, when we forgive ourselves least
and You call us to spread Your love
in whatever way we can.
Lord Jesus, Your Sacred Heart
is moved with compassion
when we are suffering,
when we need Your help
and when we pray for each other.
I ask You to listen to my prayer during this Novena
and grant what I ask.
(Mention your intention silently.)
If what I ask is not for my own good
and the good of others,
grant me what is best,
that I may build up Your kingdom
of love in our world.
AmenDAY EIGHT- NOVENA SACRED HEART - 26 june 2019.jpg


Thought for the Day – 26 June – The way to holiness

Thought for the Day – 26 June – Wednesday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time and the Memorial of Blessed Jacques Ghazir Haddad OFM Cap (1875-1954) “The Apostle of Lebanon” “The Apostle of the Cross”

Lebanon’s Apostle of the Cross
Brother Jacque’s long-cherished dream of erecting a large Cross in Lebanon was a concrete expression of his commitment to his Christian faith and to his native country. He wanted to make it not only a meeting place for Franciscan Tertiaries but above all, a place of prayer for all those fallen in war and for the Lebanese who had emigrated in search of work.   With the help of collected money he completed this project which also included a church dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea and, later, hospital, orphanage and rest home for retired priests in 1923.

Brother James’s love for the Cross of Christ was so legendary that people christened him ‘the Apostle of the Cross’.   He himself prayed the Stations of the Cross everyday and he encouraged others to frequently pray this prayer.   Among his publications is a booklet of mediations for the Way of the Cross and the congregation of Tertiary Sisters he founded to run his corporal works of mercy projects is called the ‘Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of the Cross of Lebanon’.   Among his frequently quoted maxims are the following: “I myself have the Cross as a destiny”., “One ounce of a Cross is much better than a ton of books of prayer.”, and “O Cross of the Lord, so dear to the heart”.   And as he left this world he held his well-worn Crucifix in his hands.

Besides his love of the Cross, Brother James also had a deep devotion to the Eucharist and to Our Blessed Lady.   He prayed the fifteen decades of the rosary every day. He viewed our Lady as the perfect guide who leads people to Christ.   “Honouring Mary, no matter how sacred, is only the door leading to Jesus.   Mary is the means, Jesus is the end. Mary is the road, Jesus is the destination”.   It was in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament that Brother James reached this destination while here on earth.   Sometimes, as he adored the the Lord in the tabernacle, he would pray, “How I would prefer to take you in procession throughout the streets rather than closing up on you in the tabernacle”.

Apostle of Lebanon
But inevitable old-age and illness impacted this energetic Capuchin Brother’s own strength of also.   He was already known throughout Lebanon as Abouna Yaaqoub(أبونا يعقوب) meaning Father Jacques, Father James or Abba Jacob.
At dawn on Saturday 26 June 1954 he said, “Today is my last day!” and he died at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon  . The radio, the press, his friends and church bells in the villages announced his death.   Thousands flocked to the Friary of the Cross to weep, pray and receive a final blessing.   His body was laid to rest in a tomb of the new Calvary Chapel. This chapel soon became a site that is visited by an ever-growing throngs of pilgrims. Tens of thousands of Lebanese turned out to celebrate his beatification in Beirut’s Martyrs Square.   That bloodstained square which witnessed so many tragedies of wartorn Lebanon’s recent history resound with cheers of joy as the painting of the Brother Jacques of Ghazir was unveiled above it after the Pope’s representative, Cardinal Martens, proclaimed the faithful son of Lebanon, Khalil Haddad, the Capuchin Order’s ‘Abuna Yaaqub’ a Blessed.   His beatification a moment of hope for unity in a country ripped apart by factional warfare and international conflict.

Blessed Jacques Ghazir Haddad (1875-1954)
“The Apostle of Lebanon”
“The Apostle of the Cross”
Pray for Us!blessed jacques ghazir haddad pray for us 26 june 2019.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 26 June – Blessed Jacques Ghazir Haddad OFM Cap (1875-1954) “The Apostle of Lebanon” “The Apostle of the Cross”

Quote/s of the Day – 26 June – Wednesday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time and the Memorial of Blessed Jacques Ghazir Haddad OFM Cap (1875-1954) “The Apostle of Lebanon” “The Apostle of the Cross”

“How I would prefer to take You
in procession throughout the streets,
rather than closing You up
n the tabernacle!”how i would prefer to take you - bl jacquea ghazir haddad - 26 june 2019

“One ounce of a Cross
is much better
than a ton of books
of prayer.”one ounce of a cross - bl jacques ghazir haddad - 26 june 2019.jpg

“Anyone who seeks heaven
but without suffering,
is like someone
who wants to buy goods,
without paying.”anyone who seeks heaven - bl jacques ghazir haddad 26 june 2019

“Prayer without trust,
is like a letter in one’s pocket.
It never reaches its destination!”prayer without trust - bl jacques ghazir haddad no 2 26 june 2019.jpg

“Honouring Mary,
no matter how sacred,
is only the door
leading to Jesus.
Mary is the means,
Jesus is the end.
Mary is the road,
Jesus is the destination.”

Blessed Jacques Ghazir Haddad (1875-1954)

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One Minute Reflection – 26 June – Are we bearing good fruit?

One Minute Reflection – 26 June – Wednesday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time, Gospel: Matthew 7:15–20

“Every good tree bears good fruit”...Matthew 7:17

REFLECTION – “In a culture paradoxically suffering from anonymity and at the same time obsessed with the details of other people’s lives, shamelessly given over to morbid curiosity, the Church must look more closely and sympathetically at others whenever necessary.   In our world, ordained ministers and other pastoral workers can make present the fragrance of Christ’s closeness and His personal gaze.   The Church will have to initiate everyone – priests, religious and laity – into this “art of accompaniment” which teaches us to remove our sandals before the sacred ground of the other (cf. Ex 3:5).   The pace of this accompaniment must be steady and reassuring, reflecting our closeness and our compassionate gaze which also heals, liberates and encourages growth in the Christian life…

Today more than ever we need men and women who, on the basis of their experieevangeliigaudium169-171,nce of accompanying others, are familiar with processes which call for prudence, understanding, patience and docility to the Spirit, so that they can protect the sheep from wolves who would scatter the flock.   We need to practice the art of listening, which is more than simply hearing.   Listening, in communication, is an openness of heart which makes possible that closeness without which genuine spiritual encounter cannot occur. Listening helps us to find the right gesture and word which shows that we are more than simply bystanders.   Only through such respectful and compassionate listening, can we enter on the paths of true growth and awaken a yearning for the Christian ideal – the desire to respond fully to God’s love and to bring to fruition what He has sown in our lives.”…Pope Francis – Apostolic Exhortation « Evangelii Gaudium / The Joy of the gospel #169-171matthew 7 17 every good tree - only through listening - pope francis evanglii gaudium 69-71.jpg

PRAYER – Enable me loving Father, to live a life of purity that will make me live in You. Let me be so united with You that whatever I might ask will be in total accord with Your will for me.   Bl Jacques Ghazir Haddad, your tireless work and preaching for the glory of the Kingdom show us the way to sanctification, please intercede for us all.   May Mary our Mother of Compassion, be our constant companion.   We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, with the Holy Spirit, one God for all eternity, amen.mater misericordiae mother of merct pray for us 8 april 2019

bl jacques ghazir haddad pray for us 26 june 2919


Our Morning Offering – 26 June – Hail, Sacred Heart of Jesus

Our Morning Offering – 26 June – Wednesday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time – Month of the Sacred Heart

Hail, Sacred Heart of Jesus
By St Gertrude the Great (1256-1302)

Hail, Sacred Heart of Jesus,
living and strengthening
source of eternal life,
infinite treasury of the divinity,
burning furnace of divine love!
You are my refuge
and my sanctuary.
My loving Saviour,
consume my heart
in that burning fire
with which Your own is inflamed.
Pour into my soul
those graces which flow
from Your love.
Let my heart be so united with Yours
that our wills may be one
and my will, in all things,
conformed with Yours.
May Your Will be the guide
and rule of my desires
and of my actions.
Amenhail sacred heart of jesus by st gertrude the great 26 june 2019.jpg

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Saint of the Day – 26 June – Blessed Jacques Ghazir Haddad OFM Cap (1875-1954)

Saint of the Day – 26 June – Blessed Jacques Ghazir Haddad OFM Cap (1875-1954) aged 79 – Priest, Religious of the Order of Friars Minor as a Capuchin Friar, Founder of the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Cross of which he is the Patron, noted Preacher and founder of many orphanages and schools across Lebanon, Apostle of Charity.   Called the “St Vincent de Paul of Lebanon,”  “the Apostle of the Cross” and “the Apostle of Lebanon.”bl jacques ghaxir haddid.jpg

Fr Jacques Ghazir Haddad was born on 1 February 1875, in Ghazir, Lebanon, the third of five children.   He attended school in Ghazir and then the College de la Sageese in Beirut, where he studied Arabic, French and Syriac.

In 1892 he went to Alexandria, Egypt, to teach Arabic at the Christian Brothers’ College, and there he felt the call to the priesthood.   He entered the Capuchin Convent in Khashbau the next year.   He was ordained a priest on 1 November 1901 in Beirut, Lebanon.

As an itinerant preacher from 1903 to 1914 he walked all over Lebanon proclaiming the Word of God and was given the name “the Apostle of Lebanon”.   He was also seen preaching in Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Turkey.

In 1919 he bought a piece of land on the hill of Jall-Eddib, north of Beirut, where he built a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea.   Nearby he erected a great Cross.

Fr Jacques was tireless, he would help anyone in need following in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi.   In 1920, to assist him in this mission to help the sick and the poor, he founded the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Cross of Lebanon.  Sister Marie Zougheib was his first collaborator and aided him in setting up his new congregation.  He set out in the rule of his order with the insistence, above all else, that the works of mercy never be neglected in the pursuit of the order’s work.   He had been titled as the “Vincent de Paul of Lebanon”. bl jacques ghaxir haddid 2

The modest work of Fr Jacques aroused the people’s admiration, many poor and sick people began to go to the “Cross” and Fr Jacques would welcome them all.   In 1950 the “Cross” became exclusively a psychiatric hospital, one of the most modern in the Near East.   The movement of charity began to spread throughout Lebanon and Fr Jacques and his Sisters multiplied their works of social assistance.

In 1933 he opened the House of the Sacred Heart in Deir el-Kamar, a girls’ orphanage, which later became an asylum for the chronically ill.   In 1948 he opened the Hospital of Our Lady for the aged, the chronically ill and the paralysed.   In 1949 St Joseph’s Hospital became one of the most important medical centres of the capital.   It was followed in 1950 by St Anthony’s House in Beirut for beggars and vagabonds whom the police found on the streets and Providence House for homeless girls.F73_james_00

Even though Fr Jacques was very busy with the hospital mission, he and his Sisters carried on the important work of education and opened several schools as well as an orphanage for 200 girls.

Fr Jacques was worn out by vigils, fatigue and travel.   Although he suffered from numerous illnesses, became almost completely blind and was stricken with leukemia, he did not stop blessing God and working.   He was lucid to the end, at dawn on the day of his death, he said “Today is my last day!”   His last hours were an uninterrupted series of prayers invoking the Cross and the Virgin Mary until he died on 26 June 1954 in jacques ghaxir haddid 3

His cause for Beatification was introduced in February 1979, on 24 February 1979, His Holiness St Pope John Paul II signed the Decree of Introduction of the Cause for Beatification.   On Sunday, 22 June 2008, he was Beatified during a special Mass in Beirut by Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, C.M.F., Prefect of Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Since Blessed Haddad’s death, additional hospitals have opened to assist those injured during the war and to assist the Kabr-Chemoun region where medical services were scarce…

Father al-Haddād received from President Émile Eddé the Palm Medal of Lebanese Merit on 5 January 1938 while President Bechara El Khoury awarded him the Golden Medal of Lebanese Merit on 2 June 1949 and then the Officer Degree of the Lebanese Cedars Medal on 26 November 1951.


Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Memorials of the Saints 26 June

Blessed Virgin of Potente del Trompone:
Visionary: Domenica di Miglianotto on 26 June 1562
Title: Blessed Virgin of Potente del Trompone
2nd Visionary: Visionary:  St Peter of Alcantara (1499-1562) – seen below:st-t-of-a-and-st-peter-of-alcantara.jpg
Our Lady of Longing:  Matka Boża Tęskniąca / Longing Mother of God, Warsaw, Poland – One of the oldest churches in the Archdiocese of Warsaw is St Elizabeth Powsin Located on the main altar is a painting of Our Lady of Longing – artist unknown – from the first half of the seventeenth century. At either side, the image is surrounded by statues of Saints Adalbert and Stanislaus – Polish bishops and martyrs . The testimony of miracles and graces relating to the Our Lady of Longing icon have been collected at least since the mid-seventeenth century. On 28 June 1998, the image became the fourth image of Mary in the Archdiocese of Warsaw to be canonically crowned.our-lady-of-longing-26-june-2017
St Acteie of Rome
St Albinus of Rome
Bl Andrea Giacinto Longhin
Bl Andrii Ischak
St Anthelm of Belley
St Babolenus of Stavelot-Malmédy
St Barbolenus of Fossés
Bl Bartholomew of Vir
St Corbican
St David of Thessalonica
St Deodatus of Nola
St Dionysius of Bulgaria
St Edburga of Gloucester
St Hermogius of Tuy
St Iosephus Ma Taishun
St John of Rome
St John of the Goths
St José Maria Robles Hurtado
St Josemaria Escriva (1902-1975)

Bl Jacques Ghazir Haddad OFM Cap (1875-1954)
St Maxentius of Poitou
St Medico of Otricoli
Bl Mykola Konrad
St Paul of Rome
St Pelagius of Oviedo
St Perseveranda of Poitiers
Bl Raymond Petiniaud de Jourgnac
St Salvius
Bl Sebastian de Burgherre
St Soadbair
St Superius
St Terence of Rome
St Vigilius of Trent
Bl Volodymyr Ivanovych Pryima

Martyrs of Africa – 4 saints: Four Christians who were martyred together – Agapitus, Emerita, Felix and Gaudentius at an unknown location in Africa, date unknown.

Martyrs of Alexandria – 3 saints: Three Christians who were martyred together, but we really know little more that the names – Agatho, Diogenes and Luceja. They were martyred in Alexandria, Egypt, date unknown.

Martyrs of Cambrai – 4 beati: Four Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul nuns at Arras, France. Imprisoned together in 1792 and executed together two years later in the anti-Catholic excesses of the French Revolution. They were:
• Jeanne Gerard
• Marie-Françoise Lanel
• Marie-Madeleine Fontaine
• Thérèse-Madeleine Fantou
They were guillotined on 26 June 1794 at Cambrai, Nord, France and Beatified in June 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.