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Thought for the Day – 5 July – St Anthony Mary Zaccaria and the 40 Hours Devotion

Thought for the Day – 5 July – Friday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year Cand the Memorial of St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539)

The main devotion and teachings of the orders founded by Saint Anthony were those of Saint Paul, with an emphasis on love for the Eucharist and the suffering of Christ crucified. Dedicated to reformation of the clergy, Saint Anthony earned himself enemies within the church and was twice accused of heresy (both times acquitted). So humble, he refused to serve as superior of his orders, instead travelling, reforming convents and monasteries and extending the membership of the laity.

St Anthony is also known for popularising and renewing, the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, known as the Forty-hour devotion. He also is said to have originated the ringing of church bells at 3:00 p.m. on Fridays, in recognition of the hour of the crucifixion of Christ.

What is the Forty Hours Devotion?
Forty Hours’ Devotion, in Italian called Quarant’ore or Quarantore, is an exercise of devotion in which continuous prayer is made for forty hours before the Blessed Sacrament in solemn exposition and to which Indulgences are attached.   A celebration of such a devotion is begun by a Solemn Mass or “Mass of Exposition” and ended by a “Mass of Deposition”.   Each of these masses includes a procession and the litany of the saints being chanted.

Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman (1802-1865), first Archbishop of Westminster, England, observed of the Forty Hours:

“In no other time or place, is the sublimity of our religion so touchingly felt.   No ceremony is going forward in the sanctuary, no sound of song is issuing from the choir, no voice of exhortation proceeds from the pulpit, no prayer is uttered aloud at the altar.   There are hundreds there and yet they are engaged in no congregational act of worship.   Each heart and soul is alone in the midst of a multitude; each uttering its own thoughts, each feeling its own grace.   Yet you are overpowered, subdued, quelled, into a reverential mood, softened into a devotional spirit, forced to mediate, to feel, to pray.   The little children who come in, led by a mother’s hand, kneel down by her in silence, as she simply points toward the altar, overawed by the still splendour before them – the very babe seems hushed to quiet reverence in her bosom.” — From “The Sacramentals of the Holy Catholic Church,” by Andrew A. Lambing

forty-hours-devotion 5  july 20179 each heart and soul - mem of st anthony mary zaccaria.jpg

St Anthony died peacefully at age 36 and was buried in the convent of the Angelics of Saint Paul in Milan.   His incorrupt body was translated to the Church of Saint Barnabas in Milan.   He is survived by the legacy of the orders he founded, as well as several letters, sermons and other writings in service of the Lord.san-zaccaria-tomb - st anthony mary zaccaria.jpg

Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria, Pray for US!st-anthony-mary-zaccaria-pray-for-us-5-july-2017.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 5 July – St Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Quote/s of the Day – 5 July – Friday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year Cand the Memorial of St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539)

In His mercy God has chosen us,
unworthy as we are, out of the world,
to serve Him and thus to advance in goodness
and to bear the greatest possible fruit of love in patience……
We should keep running steadily in the race we have started,
not losing sight of Jesus,
who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection.”in his mercy god has chosen us - st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2019.jpg

“If you want to obtain what you pray for,
adapt yourself to it, that is,
if you want humility,
do not avoid humiliations.”if you want to obtain what you pray for - st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2019.jpg

“Let them keep in mind, therefore,
that there can be no humility
without reproaches and mockery
and anyone who feels ashamed of them …
may as well abandon all hope,
of being able to achieve perfection.”let-them-keep-in-mind-st-a-m-zaccaria-5-july-2018.jpg

“What good thing could God deny us
when He is the one who invites us to ask?”what-good-thing-st-anthony-m-zaccaria-5-july-2018.jpg

“That which God commands
seems difficult and a burden.
The way is rough,
you draw back,
you have no desire to follow it.
Yet DO SO – and you will attain glory.”that-which-god-commands-st-anthony-mary-zaccaria-5-july-2019.jpg

“The centre and the source
from which everything begins
and to which everything returns.”


“The Eucharist is
the living Crucifix!”

St Anthony Mary Zaccaria (1502-1539)the-eucharist-is-the-living-crucifix-st-anthony-m-zaccaria-5-july-2018.jpg


One Minute Reflection – 5 July – Jesus feasts on the return of sinners

One Minute Reflection – 5 July – Friday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Matthew 9:9–13 and the Memorial of St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539)

“Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”…Matthew 9:11

REFLECTION – “Jesus’ sitting at table has more significance for Matthew than just dining. Jesus will be feasting not on food but on the return of sinners.   He will call them back through feasting, collegiality and human affection, enjoying Himself with their pleasant conversation while reclining at table.   He knew that if they recognised Him as a powerful judge they would be shattered by the terror of His majesty and overwhelmed by the sheer presence of God unveiled (nuda).   Thus, veiled in a human body, He was able to communicate with humans.   He who wanted to assist the guilty and hides the fact that He was a judge.   He who did not deny dignity to faithful servants and conceals His lordship.   He who desired the weak to be embraced by a parent’s love, covers His majesty.” … St Peter Chrysologus (c 406 – c 450) – Father of the Church (Sermons, 29)matthew 9 11 why does your teacher eat - jesus sitting at table - st peter chrysologus 5 july 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Lord God, You hold out the light of Your Word to those who do not know You. Strengthen in our hearts the faith You have given us, so that no trials may quench the fire Your Spirit has kindled within us.   Teach us to show Your love and mercy by our lives and grant that we may extend that love and mercy to all.   Freely we have received, may we freely give.   Grant us the grace of the wisdom which inspired Saint Anthony Zaccaria to preach the message of salvation in Your church.   Grant this, we pray, through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. St Anthony Mary Zaccaria, pray for us anthony mary zaccaria pray for us 5 july 2019.jpg

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Our Morning Offering – 5 July – May I Love You More Dearly

Our Morning Offering – 5 July – Friday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year C

May I Love You More Dearly
St Richard of Chichester (1197-1253)

Thanks be to You,
my Lord Jesus Christ
For all the benefits
You have given me,
For all the pains and insults
You have borne for me.
O most merciful Redeemer,
friend and brother,
May I know You more clearly,
Love You more dearly,
Follow You more nearly.
Amenmay i love you more dearly by st richard of chichester 7 feb 2019 no 4.jpg


Saint of the Day – 5 July – St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539)

Saint of the Day – 5 July – St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539) Founder of the Barnabites, The Clerics Regular of Saint Paul – The First Order Named after St Paul Apostle. He was an early leader of the Counter Reformation and a promoter of the devotion to the Passion of Christ, the Holy Eucharist, Eucharistic Adoration and the renewal of the religious life among the lay people.   His body is anthony mary zaccaria lg.jpg

He also founded a congregation of nuns which now no longer exists.   He was a great admirer of St Paul and was himself imbued with the teaching of the great Apostle, whom he gave to his followers as a model and a patron.   He was a zealous and untiring preacher and completely wore himself out at this work – he died at the age of thirty six on 5 July 1539.snip book st anthony mary zaccaria.JPG

Anthony Mary Zaccaria was born of a noble family at Cremona in Lombardy and even in childhood gave signs of his future sanctity.   Very early he was distinguished for his virtues, piety towards God, devotion to the Blessed Virgin and especially mercy towards the poor, who he more than once gave his own rich clothing for their relief.   He studied the humanities at home and then went to Pavia for philosophy and Padua for medicine and easily surpassed his contemporaries both in purity of life and in mental ability. San_Antonio_Maria_Zaccaria After gaining his degree in medicine, he returned home, where he understood that God had called him to the healing rather of souls than of bodies.   He immediately gave himself to sacred studies.   Meanwhile, he never ceased to visit the sick, instruct children in Christian doctrine and exhort the young to piety and the elders to reformation of their lives.

While saying his first Mass after his ordination, he is said to have been seen by the amazed congregation in a blaze of heavenly light and surrounded by angels.   He then made it his chief care to labour for the salvation of souls and the reformation of manners.   He received strangers, the poor and afflicted, with paternal charity and consoled them with holy words and material assistance, so that his house was known as the refuge of the afflicted and he himself was called by his fellow-citizens an angel and the father of his anthony mary zaccaria saying mass card.jpg

Thinking that he would be able to do more for the Christian religion if he had fellow labourers in the Lord’s vineyard, he communicated his thoughts to two noble and saintly men, Bartholomew Ferrari and James Morigia and together with them founded at Milan a society of Clerks Regular, which from his great love for the apostle of the Gentiles, he called after St Paul.   It was approved by Clement VII, confirmed by Paul III and soon spread through many lands.   He was also the founder and father of the Angelic Sisters. But he thought so humbly of himself that he would never be Superior of his own Order. So great was his patience that he endured with steadfastness the most terrible opposition to his religious.

Such was his charity that he never ceased to exhort religious men to love God and priests to live after the manner of the apostles and he organised many confraternities of married men.   He often carried the cross through the streets and public squares, together with his religious and by his fervent prayers and exhortations brought wicked men back to the way of salvation.snip - zaccaria 2.JPG

It is noteworthy that out of love for Jesus crucified he would have the mystery of the cross brought to the mind of all by the ringing of a bell on Friday afternoons about vesper time.   The holy name of Christ was ever on his lips and in his writings and as a true disciple of St Paul, he ever bore the mortification of Christ in his body.   He had a singular devotion to the Holy Eucharist, restored the custom of frequent communions and introduced that of the public adoration of Forty Hours. my snip from video - zaccaria and the eucharist.JPG

Such was his love of purity that it seemed to restore life even to his lifeless body.   He was also enriched with the heavenly gifts of ecstasy, tears, knowledge of future things and the secrets of hearts and power over the enemy of mankind.

At length, after many labours, he fell grievously sick at Guastalla, whither he had been summoned as arbitrator in the cause of peace.   He was taken to Cremona and died there amid the tears of his religious and in the embrace of his pious mother, whose approaching death he foretold.   At the hour of his death he was consoled by a vision of the apostles and prophesied the future growth of his Society.   The people began immediately to show their devotion to this saint on account of his great holiness and of his numerous miracles.   The cult was approved by Leo XIII, who solemnly Canonised him on Ascension Day, anthony mary medallion founder.jpg

Excerpted from The Liturgical Year, Abbot Gueranger OSB

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Memorials of the Saints – 5 July

St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539) (Optional Memorial)
His Story:

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