Novena in Preparation for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Day Six – 6 December

Novena in Preparation for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
Day Six – 6 December

By St Maximillian Kolbe OFM (1894-1941) Martyr


How fair you are, 0 Mary!
The original stain is not in you.
You are the boast of Jerusalem,
You are the joy of Israel.
You are the pride of our people.
You are the advocate of sinners.
0 Mary!
You are the wisest of virgins.
You are the kindest of mothers.
Pray for us.
Intercede for us with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Holy Virgin, you were spotless
from the very moment of your conception.
Because you bore His Son, pray to the Father for us.
Through the spotless conception of the Virgin, 0 God,
You made ready a dwelling place worthy of Your Son.
In anticipation of Your Son’s death,
You preserved her from every stain.
Please purify us by her intercession,
so that we might find our way to You.
We ask this through Christ our lord.

Daily Readings and Meditations for each day of the Novena are given here, followed by two closing Novena Prayers for each day.

Day 6:   The Immaculata’s Sinlessnessday six imm conception novena - 6 dec 2019.jpg

Who then are you, 0 Immaculate Conception? Not God, of course, because He has no beginning.   Not an angel, created directly out of nothing.   Not Adam, formed out of the dust of the earth (Gn 2:7).   Not Eve, moulded from Adam’s rib (Gn 2:21).   Not the Incarnate Word, who exists before all ages and of Whom we should use the word “conceived” rather than “conception.”   Humans do not exist before their conception, so we might call them created “conceptions.”   But you, 0 Mary, are different from all other children of Eve.   They are conceptions stained by original sin, whereas you, are the unique, Immaculate Conception (“Sketches for a book,” 17 February 1941).

Confronting the reality of sin is one of the fundamental struggles that we face in daily life.   May the Immaculata, the sinless New Eve, confirm our hope in the victorious liberation from sin which Christ, the New Adam, won for each of us.

Closing prayers

Novena Prayer to the Immaculata

I greet you, ever-blessed Virgin,
Mother of God throne of grace,
miracle of almighty power!
I greet you, sanctuary of the most Holy Trinity
and Queen of the universe,
Mother of mercy and refuge of sinners!
Most loving Mother,
attracted by your beauty and sweetness
and by your tender compassion,
I confidently turn to you
and beg of you, to obtain for me of your dear Son
the favour I request in this novena
………………………… (here mention you request).
Obtain for me also, Queen of Heaven,
the most lively contrition for my many sins
and the grace to imitate closely,
those virtues which you practised so faithfully,
especially humility, purity and obedience.
Above all I beg you to be my mother
and protectress,
to receive me into the number of your devoted children
and to guide me from your high throne of glory.
Do not reject my petitions, Mother of mercy!
Have pity on me and do not abandon me
during life or at the moment of my death.

Daughter of the Eternal Father,
Mother of the Eternal Son,
Spouse of the Holy Spirit,
Temple of the adorable Trinity,
pray for me.
Immaculate and tender Heart of Mary,
refuge of the needy and hope of sinners,
filled with the most lively respect, love and gratitude,
I devote myself forever to your service
and I offer you my heart,
with all that I am and all that belongs to me.
Accept this offering,
sweet Queen of Heaven and earth
and obtain for me of your dear Son, Jesus Christ,
the favours I ask through your intercession in this novena.
Obtain for me also a tender, generous, constant love of God,
perfect submission to His adorable will,
the true spirit of a Christian
and the grace of final perseverance.

Closing Prayer of Identification with the Immaculata

O Immaculate Conception, Mary, my Mother,
live in me, act in me, speak in and through me.
Think your thoughts in my mind,
love through my heart.
Give me your own dispositions and feelings.
Teach, lead and guide me to Jesus.
Correct, enlighten and expand my entire personality and life.
Replace me with yourself.
Incline me to constant adoration and thanksgiving,
pray in and through me.
Let me live in you
and keep me in this union always.


Thought for the day – 6 December – Each is the Administrator of Their Own Grace

Thought for the day – 6 December – Friday of the First week of Advent, Year A – Readings: Isaiah 29:17-24, Psalm 27:1, 4, 13-14, Matthew 9:27-31 and the Memorial of St Nicholas (270-343)

Each is the Administrator of Their Own Grace

Saint Maximus the Confessor (c 580-662)
Monk and Theologian

Fifth Century on Theology, nos. 34-35, 42, 45

“Each one of us possesses the manifest energy of the Spirit in proportion to the faith within them (cf Rm 12:6).  And so, each is the administrator of their own grace.  Someone, who is well disposed, could never be envious of anything, in the one who is honoured with graces, provided that the disposition towards receiving God’s graces, rests upon him.   What determines that the gifts of God dwell in us, is the measure of each one’s faith.   Because it is to the extent that we believe, that the enthusiasm to act is given us.   And so those who act, reveal the measure of their faith proportionate to their action, they receive their measure of grace according to what they have believed. (…)

By means of the incomplete elevations of the virtues, we make the charisms that have been shared out to us, converge towards their cause, with the help of God, so that, by letting ourselves drift little by little into negligence, we might make our faith blind and sightless, deprived of the lights that the works of the Spirit gives us and may be justly punished for endless ages, for having blinded the divine eyes of faith in ourselves, insofar as it was in our power. (…)

The person who does not fulfil the divine commands of faith, has a faith that is blind.  For if God’s Commands are lights (cf Is 26:9), this means, that whoever does not fulfil the Commands of God, is without divine light.   He leaves the divine call without an answer. He does not really respond to him.”

Nicholas was loved for one reason. He loved.   He loved God and God’s people so much that he would do anything for them.   He was so grateful for the life God had given him that he just couldn’t stop giving joy and hope to others—no matter how far he had to travel or how many roofs he had to climb!

St Nicholas, Pray for Us!st nicholas - pray for us - 5 dec 2017.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 6 December – Faith and Hope

Quote/s of the Day – 6 December – Friday of the First week of Advent, Year A – Readings: Isaiah 29:17-24, Psalm 27:1, 4, 13-14, Matthew 9:27-31

“According to your faith be it done to you.”

Matthew 9:30

matthew 9 30 according to your faith - healing the blind man 6 dec 2019

“Faith lifts the soul.
Hope supports it.
Experience says it must.
And Love says let it be!”

St Elizabeth Ann Seton (1774-1821)faith lifts the soul hope supports it experience says - st elizabeth ann seton 6 dec 2019.jpg

“Pray, hope and don’t worry.”

St Pius of Pietrelcina/Padre Pio (1887-1968)

pray hope and dont worry - st padre pio 6 dec 2019.jpg


Advent Reflection – – 6 December – “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”

Advent Reflection – – 6 December – Friday of the First week of Advent, Year A – Readings: Isaiah 29:17-24, Psalm 27:1, 4, 13-14, Matthew 9:27-31

Let us adore the Lord, the king who is to come.

When he entered the house, the blind men came to him and Jesus said to them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They said to him, “Yes, Lord.” Then he touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith be it done to you.”   And their eyes were opened.

Matthew 9:28-30

REFLECTION – “We too have been “illuminated” by Christ in Baptism and thus  we are called to behave as children of the light.   Acting as children of the light requires a radical change of mind-set, a capacity to judge men and things according to another scale of values, which comes from God.   The Sacrament of Baptism, in fact, requires the choice of living as children of the light and walking in the light.

MEDITIATION – If I were to ask you:  “Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?   Do you believe that He can change your heart?   Do you believe that He can show reality as He sees it, not as we see it?   Do you believe that He is light, that He gives us the true light?”   How would you answer?   Each of you, respond in your heart.” … Pope Francis – Angelus, 26 March 2017matthew 9 28 - 30 do you believe - pope francis 6 dec 2019.jpg

ADVENT ACTION – Faith engenders hope, which is a future-oriented virtue.   It acknowledges that there is a future awaiting us that is much, much better than the present.   The virtue of hope, with its orientation to the future, enables us to handle present distresses and struggles in a positive way.
Pope Benedict reminds us in Spe Salvi that this perspective. does not mean for one moment. that we live only for the future (4).   People in hope are building up the kingdom on earth but, they are also on pilgrimage, to that eternal kingdom, God has in store for those who follow Him.

PRAYER – Lord, watch over Your people who come to You in confidence.   Strengthen the hearts of those who hope in You.   Give courage to those who falter because of their failures.   In this holy season of Advent, lead them closer to You in faith and hope, by the power of your Holy Spirit.   May they proclaim Your saving acts of kindness here on earth and one day, in Your eternal kingdom.    Amen.friday of the first week of advent - 6 december 2019.jpg


Our Morning Offering – 6 December – A 10th Century Catholic Advent Prayer

Our Morning Offering – 6 December – Friday of the First week of Advent, Year A

A 10th Century Catholic Advent Prayer

Unknown Author

You are our eternal salvation,
The unfailing light of the world.
Light everlasting,
You are truly our redemption.
Grieving that the human race was perishing
through the tempter’s power,
without leaving the heights
You came to the depths
in Your loving kindness.
Readily taking our humanity
by Your gracious will,
You saved all earthly creatures,
long since lost,
Restoring joy to the world.
Redeem our souls and bodies, O Christ,
and so possess us as Your shining dwellings.
By Your first coming, make us righteous;
At Your second coming, set us free:
So that, when the world is filled with light
and You judge all things,
We may be clad in spotless robes
and follow in Your steps, O King,
Into the heavenly hall.

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Saint of the Day – 6 December – Saint Peter Pascual (Died 1299) Bishop and Martyr

Saint of the Day – 6 December – Saint Peter Pascual (c 1227 – 1299) Bishop and Martyr, Theologian – born in 1227 at Valencia, Spain (as Spanish: Pedro Pascual, Valencian: Pere Pasqual) and died by beheading on 6 December 1300 at Granada, Spain.

Peter Paschal was born in Valencia on Spain’s east coast in the year 1227.   Peter’s parents were devout Mozarabs (Iberian Christians) who lived under Muslim rule, paying a yearly tax known as a jizyah.   The Mozarabs and the Muslim Arabs co-existed and even spoke a similar language known as peter pascaul.jpg

The founder of the Mercedarians (The Royal, Celestial and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives), St Peter Nolasco (1189–1256), was very good friends of Peter’s family and he and his Mercedarian companions would often stay at Peter’s home when they were on a mission to free Christian captives.   This exposure to these pious men helped to instil in young Peter a deep sense of piety.   Combined with the virtuous, charitable and caring influence of his parents, Peter Paschal grew into a deeply devoted servant of God.

Ironically, the primary influence in Peter’s educational journey was a teacher whom Peter’s parents had ransomed from the Moors years before.   The young man travelled with him to Paris and, under his guidance, studied, preached and taught, developing a fine reputation as a learned and pious man.

Peter then returned to Valencia and Peter Nolasco became his spiritual advisor.   After another year of preparation, he became a full member of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, the Mercedarians.   It was time for him to begin redeeming captive Christians.

Peter Paschal had a brilliant mind and James I, the King of Arragon, appointed him as a teacher of his son, Sanchez.   Sanchez was so influenced by Peter that he himself became a Mercedarian Priest and, in 1262, was made the Archbishop of Toledo.   Since Prince Sanchez was too young to be consecrated, Peter Paschal was appointed to govern the Diocese and was ordained the Bishop of Granada.   Granada was under the control of the Muslims.San_Pedro_Pascual,_de_Francisco_de_Solís_(Museo_de_Huesca).jpg

As Bishop of Grenada, Peter Paschal preached tirelessly about Christianity.   He became known for his intense determination and zeal in redeeming captive Christian slaves who had been imprisoned by the Moors.   His preaching was so potent that many Muslims began to embrace the doctrines of Jesus Christ and convert to Christianity.

Besides preaching, Peter not only continually ransomed captive Christians from the Moors, he also comforted those imprisoned and preached the gospel to their captors.   His ability to bring the Moors to the Church was the reason he was finally arrested. Orders were given that no-one was allowed to visit or speak to Peter.   He was held in prison and constantly treated cruelly and with disdain.   But he was given permission to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every day.   And this is where the beautiful miracle, for which St Peter is well-known happened.

One morning, the story goes, while Peter was preparing for Mass, a little boy about the age of five appeared before him.   The boy was dressed in the clothes of a slave and told the Bishop he would gladly serve Mass for him if he would let him.   Peter asked him who he was and the boy said, “I will tell you who I am when you have finished Mass.”   After Mass was finished, Peter asked the boy a few questions and was amazed at the wisdom coming forth from the child.   Then he asked the boy, “Tell me, who is Jesus Christ?”web3-st-peter-paschal-pascal-pere-pasqual-jerc3b3nimo-jacinto-de-espinosa-pd

The boy answered: “I am Jesus Christ.    It is I Who was crucified for your salvation and for that of the whole world, look at My hands and My feet and My side and you will recognise the wounds I received during My Passion.   Because you, have of your own choice, remained prisoner in order to procure freedom for my captive children and because, to obtain their freedom, you spent money sent to procure your own, you have made Me your Prisoner.” Then the little boy disappeared.   Peter Paschal was filled with an indescribable joy.san pedropascual

His Muslim captors sensed and actually revered the sanctity of their prisoner.   They told him if he would never say anything against Mohammad they would give him his freedom.   He said he could never make such a promise.   Shortly thereafter, as Bishop Peter Paschal was saying his thanksgiving after Mass, an executioner came up from behind him and cut off his head.   The date was 6 January 1300.   He was Beatified and Canonised by Pope Clement X on 14 August 1670.

St Peter was one of the first theologians to proclaim that Mary was Immaculately Conceived.mary imm conception .jpg

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Memorials of the Saints – 6 December

St Nicholas (270-343) (Optional Memorial)
Full Biography here:


St Abraham of Kratia
St Aemilianus the Martyr
Bl Angelica of Milazzo
St Asella of Rome
St Boniface the Martyr
St Dativa the Martyr
St Dionysia the Martyr
St Gerard of La Charite
St Gertrude the Elder
St Giuse Nguyen Duy Khang
St Isserninus of Ireland
Bl Janos Scheffler
St Leontia the Martyr
St Majoricus the Martyr
Saint Peter Pascual (Died 1299) Martyr
St Polychronius
St Tertus

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Esteban Vázquez Alonso
• Blessed Florencio Rodríguez Guemes
• Blessed Gregorio Cermeño Barceló
• Blessed Heliodoro Ramos García
• Blessed Ireneo Rodríguez González
• Blessed Juan Lorenzo Larragueta Garay
• Blessed Luis Martínez Alvarellos
• Blessed Luisa María Frías Cañizares
• Blessed Miguel Lasaga Carazo
• Blessed Narciso Pascual y Pascual
• Blessed Pascual Castro Herrera
• Blessed Vicente Vilumbrales Fuente

Martyred Salesians of Guadalajara (Spanish Civil War) – 7 beati:
• Blessed Gregorio Cermeño Barceló
• Blessed Ireneo Rodríguez González
• Blessed Luisa María Frías Cañizares
• Blessed Narciso Pascual y Pascual
• Blessed Vicente Vilumbrales Fuente