Thought for the Day – 10 December – Our Lady of Loreto, Patron of Aviation

Thought for the Day – 10 December – The First Universal Memorial of Our Lady of Loreto

In the liturgy of the Western Church the word litany is derived from litania, meaning prayer of invocation or intercession.   It also meant, up to the twelfth century, a procession with intercessory character, also known under the designation of rogation. Speaking of litanies in the classical sense, the Church has approved for official use the following ones:   The Litanies of All Saints, probably the oldest, the Litanies of the Names of Jesus (1886), the Litanies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1899), those in honour of Saint Joseph (1909) and the Precious Blood (1960) as well as the Litanies of Loreto.


The Litany of Loreto, so called because of its use in the sanctuary of Loreto (Italy) since at least as far back as 1531, was officially approved in 1587 by Pope Sixtus V.   Its origin is believed to be a medieval rhymed litany influenced by Eastern Marian devotion, in particular by the famous Hymnos Akathistos.   Contrasting with the older Litany of All Saints, the components of the Loreto Litany are purely ad- or invocational prayers.   It is the only approved Marian litany.   As can be observed, for example, in the so called Officia Mariana, many more Marian litanies were and are in use but designated for private devotion.


The 1587 version of the Litany of Loreto was subsequently enriched with new advocations.

1675 Queen of the most Holy Rosary (for the confraternities of the Holy Rosary)
1883 Queen Conceived without Original Sin (Leo XIII for the whole Church)
1903 Mother of Good Counsel (Leo XIII)
1917 Queen of Peace (Benedict XV)
1950 Queen Assumed into Heaven (Pius XII)
1980 Mother of the Church (John Paul II)
1995 Queen of Families (John Paul II)

On 24 March 1920, Pope Benedict XV (1854-1922) approved the Patronage of Aviation, air passengers, pilots, etc to Our Lady of Loreto.

The reason for this is the reference to the Holy House. According to ancient tradition, the Holy House–that of Mary and Jesus, where the Word of God became flesh–arrived by sky or sea, on the hill of Loreto at the end of the thirteenth century.   It reached Loreto, Italy after a brief stay at Tersato, Dalmatia, 1291 and landed 1294 at a location called Recanati (today’s Loreto) in a wooded area belonging to a nobleman named Loreta.   The dimensions of the House of Loreto are identical to those of the House of the Holy Family that is missing from its enshrinement place at the Nazareth Basilica.   The Church of Mary of Loreto was first mentioned in 1315.   Construction of a large church is cited in 1468.   In 1586, Loreto was granted city status and the church was raised to a Cathedral, only to become a Basilica in 1728.   It has been an episcopal cathedral since 1965.

Loreto is one of the most famous Marian shrines in Italy.   It is a worldwide centre of Marian prayer (Litany of Loreto), celebrating the “ineffable mystery of the Incarnation of the Word” (John Paul II) and inviting all Christian families to take as their model the Family of Nazareth.

Pope Benedict XV approved a special blessing for the Patronage of aviation, in 1920:

“O merciful God,
You have consecrated
the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary
with the mystery of the Word Incarnate
and placed it in the midst of Your children.
Pour forth Your blessing on this vehicle
so that those who take an aerial trip in it,
may happily reach their destination
and return safely home
under Mary’s protection.”

Our Lady, Holy Mother of Loreto, Pray for Us!our-lady-of-loreto-pray-for-us-10-dec-2017 and 2018 and 2019.jpg


Quote of the Day – 10 December – The Litany of Loreto

Quote of the Day – 10 December – The First Universal Memorial of Our Lady of Loreto

Litany of The Blessed Virgin Mary – The Litany of Loreto
The Litany of Loreto was originally approved in 1587 by Pope Sixtus V (1521-1590)THE LITANY OF LORETO

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of heaven,
Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit,
Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God.
Have mercy on us.

Response for the following:   Pray for us.

Holy Mary
Holy Mother of God
Holy Virgin of virgins,
Mother of Christ
Mother of the Church
Mother of divine grace
Mother most pure
Mother most chaste
Mother inviolate
Mother undefiled
Mother most amiable
Mother most admirable
Mother of good counsel
Mother of our Creator
Mother of our Saviour
Virgin most prudent
Virgin most venerable
Virgin most renowned
Virgin most powerful
Virgin most merciful
Virgin most faithful
Mirror of justice
Seat of wisdom
Cause of our joy
Spiritual vessel
Vessel of honour
Singular vessel of devotion
Mystical rose
Tower of David
Tower of ivory
House of gold,
Ark of the covenant
Gate of heaven
Morning star
Health of the sick
Refuge of sinners
Comforter of the afflicted
Help of Christians
Queen of angels
Queen of patriarchs
Queen of prophets
Queen of apostles
Queen of martyrs
Queen of confessors
Queen of virgins
Queen of all saints
Queen conceived without original sin
Queen assumed into heaven
Queen of the most holy Rosary
Queen of families
Queen of peace

Lamb of God, You take away sins of the world;
Spare us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world;
Graciously hear us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world;
Have mercy on us.

V. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

Grant, we beg You, O Lord God,
that we Your servants
may enjoy lasting health of mind and body
and by the glorious intercession
of the Blessed Mary, ever Virgin,
be delivered from present sorrow
and enter into the joy of eternal happiness.
Through Christ our Lord.
R. Amenlitany of Loretto.jpg

During Advent:the litany of loreto closing prayer during advent - 10 dec 2019.jpg

Let us pray:
O God,
You willed that, at the message of an angel,
Your word should take flesh
in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
grant to Your suppliant people,
that we, who believe her to be truly the Mother of God,
may be helped by her intercession with You.
Through the same Christ our Lord.


Advent Reflection – 10 December – Blessed and fortunate creature, your eyes shall behold Him and not another’s.

Advent Reflection – 10 December – Tuesday of the Second Week in Advent, Year A – Readings: Isaiah 40:1-11, Psalm 96:1-3, 10-13, Matthew 18:12-14

Let us adore the Lord, the king who is to come.

“So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” … Matthew 18:14

REFLECTION – “You brought me forth, O Lord, from my father’s loins and formed me in my mother’s womb (Ps 138:13).   You brought me, a naked babe, into the light of day, for nature’s laws always obey Your commands.   By the blessing of the Holy Spirit, You prepared my creation and my existence, not because man willed it, or flesh desired it (Jn 1:13) but by Your ineffable grace.   The birth You prepared for me was such, that it surpassed the laws of our nature.   You sent me forth into the light by adopting me as Your son (Gal 4:5) and You enrolled me among the children of Your holy and spotless Church.

You nursed me with the spiritual milk of Your divine utterances.   You kept me alive with the solid food of the body of Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son and our God and You let me drink from the chalice of His life-giving blood, poured out to save the whole world.

You loved us, O Lord and gave up Your only-begotten Son for our redemption.   And He undertook the task, willingly and did not shrink away from it. (…)   Thus You humbled Yourself, Christ my God, so that You might carry me, Your stray sheep, on Your shoulders. You let me graze in green pastures, refreshing me with the waters of orthodox teaching at the hands of Your shepherds.   You pastured those shepherds and now, they in turn, tend Your chosen and special flock.” … St John Damascene (675-749) Monk, Theologian, Father & Doctor of the Churchmatthew 18 14 thus it is not the will of my father - st john damascene - thus you humbled yourself christ my god 10 dec 2019.jpg

MEDITATION – The mould in which a key is made, would be a strange thing if you had never seen a key and the key itself a strange thing, if you had never seen a lock.   Your soul has a curious shape because it is a hollow made to fit a particular swelling the in the infinite contours of the divine substance, or a key to unlock one of the doors in the house with many mansions.   For it is not humanity in the abstract that is to be saved but you – you, individual reader, John Stubbs or Janet Smith.   Blessed and fortunate creature, your eyes shall behold Him and not another’s.   All that you are, sins apart, is destined, if you will let God have His good way, to utter satisfaction!” … C S Lewis (1898-1963)

ADVENT ACTION – Will I run halfway to meet Him?   Will I seek to at least repair what I can before He reaches me?   Are we in trouble, lost, confused and overwhelmed?   Tell Jesus!   He fulfils His promise to rescue us.

PRAYER – Thank You, my Lord, for looking for me.
Thank You, my Lord, for finding me.
Thank You, my Lord, for telling me
“it is never the will of my Father,
that one of these little ones should perish.”
This explains why
You assumed our human nature
and suffered so much for us.
Thank You, my Lord,
for Your reckless love.
Thank You, my Lord,
for saving me!
AmenTUESDAY OF THE SECOND WEEK OF ADVENT - 10 DEC 2019 psalm 96 13 the cord comes.jpg


Our Morning Offering – 10 December – Maiden yet a Mother

Our Morning Offering – 10 December – The Second Sunday of Advent and the First Universal Memorial of Our Lady of Loreto

Maiden yet a Mother
By Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
Tr Msgr Ronald A Knox (1888-1957)

Maiden yet a mother,
daughter of thy Son,
high beyond all other,
lowlier is none;
thou the consummation
planned by God’s decree,
when our lost creation
nobler rose in thee!

Thus His place prepared,
he who all things made
‘mid his creatures tarried,
in thy bosom laid;
there His love He nourished,
warmth that gave increase
to the root whence flourished
our eternal peace.

Nor alone thou hearest
When thy name we hail;
Often thou art nearest
When our voices fail;
Mirrored in thy fashion
All creation’s gird,
Mercy, might compassion
Grace thy womanhood.

Lady, let our vision
Striving heavenward, fail,
Still let thy petition
With thy Son prevail,
Unto whom all merit,
prayer and majesty,
With the Holy Spirit
And the Father be.

Maiden Yet A Mother is a translation of a poem by Durante (Dante) degli Alighieri (c 1265–1321).    It is based upon the opening verses of Canto 33 of the Paradiso from his Divine Comedy in which St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153) praises and prays to the Virgin Mother on behalf of Dante.   It was translated from the original Italian into English by the Catholic convert, Monsignior Ronald A Knox (1888-1957).maiden-yet-a-mother-dante-10-dec-2017 and 10 dec 2019.jpg


Saint of the Day – 10 December – The First Universal Memorial of Our Lady of Loreto

Saint of the Day – 10 December – The First Universal Memorial of Our Lady of Loretoour-lady-of-loreto-mario

The Holy House of Loreto – The feast is so named from the tradition that the house where the Holy Family lived in Nazareth, was transported by angels to the city of Loreto, Italy.   The Holy House is now encased by a basilica.   It has been one of the famous shrines of the Blessed Virgin since the 13th century.
A complete background here: lady of loreto artwork

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments


on the celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Loreto
to be inscribed in the General Roman Calendar

Since the Middle Ages veneration for the Holy House of Loreto has been the origin of that particular shrine which still today is visited by many faithful pilgrims in order to nourish their faith in the Word of God made flesh for us.

This shrine recalls the mystery of the Incarnation, leading all those who visit it to consider “the fullness of time,” when God sent His Son, born of a woman, as well as to meditate, both on the words of the Angel announcing the Good News and on the words of the Virgin in response to the divine call.   Overshadowed by the Spirit, the humble handmaid of the Lord so became the dwelling-place of divinity, the purist image of the holy Church.

Closely bound to the Apostolic See this shrine, praised by Popes and known throughout the world, has, over the years and no less than Nazareth in the Holy Land, been able to illustrate powerfully the evangelical virtues of the Holy Family.

In the Holy House, before the image of the Mother of the Redeemer and of the Church, Saints and Blesseds have responded to their vocation, the sick have invoked consolation in suffering, the people of God have begun to praise and plead with Mary using the Litany of Loreto, which is known throughout the world  . In a particular way, all those who travel via aircraft have found in her their heavenly patron.

In light of this, Pope Francis has decreed, by his own authority, that the optional memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Loreto should be inscribed in the Roman Calendar on 10 December, the day on which the feast falls in Loreto and celebrated every year.   This celebration will help all people, especially families, youth and religious to imitate the virtues of that perfect disciple of the Gospel, the Virgin Mother, who, in conceiving the Head of the Church also accepted us, as her own.

Therefore, the new Memorial must appear in all Calendars and Liturgical Books for the celebration of Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, the relative texts are attached to this decree and their translations, approved by the Episcopal Conferences, will be published after confirmation by this Dicastery.

Anything to the contrary nothwithstanding.

From the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, 7 October 2019, the memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary.

Robert Cardinal Sarah
Prefectour lady of loreto pope francisour lady of loretoHoly-House-Of-Loreto-25-March-2019-©-Vatican-Media

The shrine of Our Lady of Loreto is located on the Adriatic coast of Italy, three hours from Rome.   It is the third largest shrine to Mary in Europe, next to Lourdes and Fatima. The ministry of the shrine is the hospitality shown to pilgrims especially through the Sacrament of Penance.

Basilica of Loreto in which the Holy House resides

The tradition of the shrine at Loreto goes back to the year 1291.   As the last of the crusaders returned to Western Europe they brought with them a number of relics, objects of devotion and remembrances of holy shrines.   It happened that the dwelling of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the house which both tradition and Christian devotion had maintained, as the site of the appearance of the archangel Gabriel and, therefore, the Incarnation of our Saviour, was moved from Nazareth to Christian Europe.   The house arrived at Loreto on 10 December 1294.The_Holy_House_of_Our_Lady_in_the_Shrine_of_Loreto_Credit_Tatiana_Dyuvbanova__Shutterstock_CNA

We firmly believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, God has become man in Jesus Christ – a man like us in all things but sin.   In His humanity the eternal Word was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in His humanity He died on the cross, at the foot of which stood the Blessed Virgin Mar, in His humanity He rose from the dead and appeared to the disciples and to Mary in the upper room.   The holy house of Mary at Loreto has been preserved by our fathers and mothers in the faith, to serve for generations as a reminder of the faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of her love of God in Jesus Chris,t by the power of the Holy Spirit.   We, too, are called to be homes, dwellings and tabernacles of the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit.loreto-statue3.jpg

It is our mission as Catholics now to recall for one another, for our neighbourhoods, our communities and our world, that Jesus Christ became man, that He rose from the dead and that He is alive.   This we are called to do, above all, by showing to the world that Jesus Christ lives in us, that Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, has made His home in us, as He did in the womb of Mary and in the house of Nazareth.   Amenour lady of loreto art.jpgour lady of loreto statue on the holy loreto-2.jpg


First Universal Memorial of Our Lady of Loreto  +2019 and Memorials of the Saints – 10 December

First Universal Memorial of Our Lady of Loreto  +2019
The title Our Lady of Loreto refers to the Holy House of Loreto, the house in which Mary was born and where the Annunciation occurred and to an ancient statue of Our Lady which is found there. Tradition says that a band of angels scooped up the little house from the Holy Land and transported it first to Tersato, Dalmatia in 1291, then Recanati, Italy in 1294 and finally to Loreto, Italy where it has been for centuries. It was this flight that led to her patronage of people involved in aviation and the long life of the house that has led to the patronage of builders, construction workers, etc. It is the first shrine of international renown dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and has been known as a Marian center for centuries. Popes have always held the Shrine of Loreto in special esteem and it is under their direct authority and protection.

The Holy House of Loreto – The feast is so named from the tradition that the house where the Holy Family lived in Nazareth, was transported by angels to the city of Loreto, Italy. The Holy House is now encased by a basilica. It has been one of the famous shrines of the Blessed Virgin since the 13th century.
A complete background here:

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Martyrs of Alexandria – 3 saints – A group of Christians murdered for their faith in the persecutions of Galerius Maximian – c312. The only details that have survived are three of the names – Eugraphus, Hermogenes and Mennas.