Thought for the Day – 7 May – The Humility of Mary

Thought for the Day – 7 May – “Mary’s Month” Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Humility of Mary

“Unfortunately, we often look for our share of glory on earth.
We wish to appear to others, not only at our true value but much more than we are really worth.
We imagine that the gifts and qualities which God has given us, belong to ourselves, whereas they are entirely His.

We like to put up a good appearance to win praise and renown – in other words, we want to have our reward upon this earth.
We should remember, however, that if we look for our reward now, we shall not have it in Heaven.

God sees when our motives in doing good are distorted and, when we appear before His judgement throne, He will say to us: “You have received your reward” (Cf Mt 6:2).

Let us be humble like Mary.
Let us make God’s glory, rather than our own satisfaction, the object of our actions.
It will sometimes happen that men will misunderstand us, perhaps even insult us.
We are not forbidden to defend ourselves and explain our position.
We may not have the heroic virtue of St Francis de Sales, who remained silent when he was caluminated.
But we should not be too disturbed by lack of understanding or slander, nor should we be too elated by flattery.
Only one thing should count with us and that is, the testimony of a good conscience before God.
Everything else is passing and futile.

Our humility will be tested by the inevitable opposition, sometimes jealous and malicious, which we shall experience on the part of other men.
On these occasions, we shall see if we are really meek and humble of heart, like Jesus and our Blessed Mother.”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci



Quote/s of the Day – 7 May – “Love one another as I have loved you” – John 15:12

Quote/s of the Day – 7 May – “Mary’s Month” – Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter, Readings: Acts 15:22-31, Psalm 57:8-12, John 15:12-17

“Love one another as I have loved you”

John 15:12

“Someone who shows no clemency,
who is not clothed with the bowels of mercy and tears,
no matter what sort of student he is in spirituality,
such a one, does not fulfil the law of Christ.”

St Jerome (343-420)
Father and Doctor of the Church

“My brothers, Christ made love the stairway
that would enable all Christians
to climb to heaven.
Hold fast to it, therefore, in all sincerity,
give one another practical proof of it
and by your progress in it,
make your ascent together.”

St Fulgentius of Ruspe (460-533) Bishop

“Love is watchful.
Sleeping, it does not slumber.
Wearied, it is not tired.
Pressed, it is not straitened.
Alarmed, it is not confused
but like a living flame,
a burning torch,
it forces its way upward
and passes unharmed
through every obstacle.”

“Nothing is sweeter than love,
nothing stronger or higher or wider;
nothing is more pleasant, nothing fuller
and nothing better in heaven or on earth,
for love is born of God
and cannot rest except in God,
Who is above all created things.”

Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471)

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One Minute Reflection – 7 May – “You have not chosen me but I have chosen you and have appointed you” … John 15:16

One Minute Reflection – 7 May – “Mary’s Month” – Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter, Readings: Acts 15:22-31, Psalm 57:8-12, John 15:12-17

“You have not chosen me but I have chosen you and have appointed you” … John 15:16

REFLECTION – “Just as the head and body of a man, form one single man, so the Son of the Virgin and those He has chosen to be His members, form a single man and the one Son of Man. Christ, is whole and entire, head and body, say the Scriptures, since all the members form one body, which, with its Head, is one Son of Man and He, with the Son of God, is one Son of God, who Himself, with God, is one God. Therefore, the whole body with its Head is Son of Man, Son of God and God. This is the explanation of the Lord’s words – Father, I desire that as you and I are one, so they may be one with us.

And so, according to this well-known reading of Scripture, neither the body without the head, nor the Head without the body, nor the Head and body without God, make the whole Christ. When all are united with God, they become one God. The Son of God is one with God by nature, the Son of Man is one with Him in His person; we, His body, are one with Him sacramentally. Consequently, those, who by faith, are spiritual members of Christ, can truly say that they are what He is – the Son of God and God Himself. But what Christ is, by His nature, we are as His partners, what He is of Himself in all fullness, we are as participants. Finally, what the Son of God is by generation, His members are by adoption, according to the text – As sons you have received the Spirit of adoption, enabling you to cry, Abba, Father. …

By the Spirit, from the womb of the Virgin, was born our Head, the Son of Man and by the same Spirit, in the waters of Baptism, we are reborn as His body and as sons of God. And just as He was born without any sin, so we are reborn in the forgiveness of all our sins. As on the cross, He bore the sum total of the whole body’s sins in His own physical body, so He gave His members the grace of rebirth, in order that no sin might be imputed to His mystical body.” – Blessed Isaac of Stella O.Cist.(c 1100 – c 1170) Cistercian Monk, Abbot, Theologian, Philosopher – An excerpt from his Sermon 42

PRAYER – Almighty God and Father, You gave us a new birth in holy Baptism and a new life in Your Son, who first loved us and gave His life for us. Grant us, we pray, the grace to love all as He did and bear much fruit, always striving after what He has taught who goes ahead of us, to lead us to You. May the prayers of His beloved Mother and ours, grant us help and inspiration as we travel the road to eternal life. Through Christ our Lord, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God now and for all eternity, amen.


Our Morning Offering – 7 May – Mary, my Good Mother

Our Morning Offering – 7 May – “Mary’s Month” – Friday of the F1fth Week of Easter

Mary, my Good Mother
By St Marcellin Champagnat (1789-1840)
Founder of the Marist Brothers

Mary, my Good Mother,
I am called here to do good.
I can achieve nothing
without the assistance
of your divine Son,
and yours as well.
This is why I ask you to help me.
I ask you to be with me,
directing my hands,
my words,
my heart,
my whole person.
And when I am faced with some difficulties,
Good Mother, I will entrust them to you
though I myself will do all that depends on me.
I offer and commend to you,
all that will be entrusted to me this day.

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Saint of the Day – 7 May – Saint Flavia Domitilla of Terracina (1st Century) Virgin and Martyr

Saint of the Day – 7 May – Saint Flavia Domitilla of Terracina (1st Century) Virgin and Martyr.

The Roman Martyrology states of her today: “At Terracina, in Campania, the birthday of blessed Flavia Domitilla, Virgin and Martyr, niece of the Consul Flavius Clemens. She received the religious veil at the hands of St Clement and in the persecution of Domitian, was exiled with many others to the island of Pontia, where she endured a long Martyrdom for Christ. Taken afterwards to Terracina, she converted many to the faith of Christ by her teaching and miracles. The judge ordered the chamber in which she was, with the virgins Euphrosina and Theodora, to be set on fire and she thus consummated her glorious Martyrdom. She is also mentioned with the holy Martyrs Nereus and Achilleus, on the 12th of this month.”

Sts Euphrosina and Theodora with St Flavia in the centre

Flavia was niece to the consul and Martyr St Flavius Clemens, being the daughter of his sister as Eusebius testifies; “consequently she was little niece of the Emperor Domitian, who, having put to death her illustrious uncle, banished her for her faith into Pontia. There she lived with her holy eunuchs, Nereus and Achilleus, in exercises of devotion, they all dwelling in separate cells which remained standing three hundred years after. “

Sts Nereus and Achilleus with St Flavia

St.Jerome tells us, that St Paula, going from Rome to Jerusalem, took this is and in her way, visited them with respect and devotion,and, by the sight of them, was animated with fervour. That holy Father , St Jerome, calls her banishment ,a long Martyrdom.

The acts of Sts Nereus and Achilleu say ,that she returned to Terracina and was there burnt under Trajan because she refused to sacrifice to idols. Her relics are kept together with those of Sts Nereus and Achilleus; who, though her servants here on earth, enjoy an equal honour and condition with her, in glory.

This royal virgin found true happiness and joy in suffering for virtue, whilst worldly pomp and honours are only masks which often cover the basest slavery,and much inward bitterness. Sinners who seem the most fortunate in the eyes of the world, feel in their own breasts, frequent returns of fear, anxiety and remorse. They are only enemies to solitude and retirement and, to all serious and calm reflection because they cannot bear to look into themselves and tremble at the very sight of their own frightful wounds. To turn their eyes from themselves, they study to drown their faculties in a hurry of dissipation, business, or diversion. Nay, though nauseated and tired with a dull and tasteless repetition of follies, they choose to repeat them still, for fear of being left alone, at liberty to think of themselves. But what becomes of them when sickness, disasters, or a wakeful hour forces them to take a view of their own miserable state and the dangers which hang over them? Their gaudy show of happiness is merely exterior and only imposes upon others but their pangs and agonies, are interior, these they themselves feel.

The servant of God, who in his sweet love enjoys an inward peace and comfort which the whole world cannot rob him of, carries his paradise within his own breast, whatever storms hover about him. – Fr Alban Butler (1711–1773).

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Apparition of the Holy Cross over Jerusalem and Memorials of the Saints – 7 May

Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter +2021

Apparition of the Holy Cross over Jerusalem: Commemorates the appearance on 7 May 351, Pentecost that year, of a luminous image of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. It stretched from Mount Golgotha to the Mount of Olives (about two miles / three kilometers), was brighter than the sun, lasted several hours and was seen by the entire City. It led to many conversions and was reported in a letter attributed to Saint Cyril of Jerusalem.

St Abba

St Agostino Roscelli ( 1818–1902) Priest, Founder of the Institute of Sisters of the Immaculata

Blessed Alberto of Bergamo OP (1214-1279) Layman, Widow, Apostle of Charity, Pilgrim, Third Order Dominican. Beatified by Pope Benedict IV in 1748.
His Life:

Bl Agnellus of Pisa OFM (c 1195-1236)
Bl Antonio de Agramunt
St Augustine of Nicomedia
St Augustus of Nicomedia
St Cerenico of Spoleto
St Domitian of Huy
St Duje
St Flavia Domitilla of Terracina (1st Century) Virgin Martyr
St Flavius of Nicomedia
Bl Francesco Paleari
Bl Gisela of Ungarn
Bl Jan Eugeniusz Bajewski
St John of Beverley
St Juvenal of Benevento
St Maurelius of Voghenza-Ferrara
Bl Miqael of Ulompo
St Peter of Pavia
St Placid of Autun
St Quadratus of Herbipolis
St Quadratus of Nicomedia

St Rose Venerini MPV (1656-1728) Religious, Foundress of the Religious Teachers Venerini (the Venerini Sisters).
About St Rose:

St Serenicus of Hyesmes
St Serenus of Hyesmes
Bl Villanus of Gubbio