Nostra Signora della Neve, Adro, Italy/ Our Lady of the Snow, Adro, Brescia, Italy (1519) and Memorials of the Saints – 8 July

Nostra Signora della Neve, Adro, Italy/ Our Lady of the Snow, Adro, Brescia, Italy (1519) – 8 July, 5 August:

Adro is a Town in the Province of Brescia, in the Lombardy region, northern Italy. The Sanctuary emerged after the appearance of the Madonna in this place. to Battista Bajoni Comino, the deaf-mute who was visited by the Holy Mother on 8 July 1519. The Virgin appeared saying she was the Mother of God and sent a message to the people of Adro.
Our Lady’s message contained a reference to a Christian life, repentance for sins and conversion and reparation and the construction of a Sanctuary in her honour. The built the Church at the place of vision, and began to amend their lives. They practised devotion on Sundays and Holy Days, stopped blaspheming the Holy Name and refrained from other evil habits, for Our Lady had also said that if they did not repent they could expect a serious penalty .
Mary said – “And if they wonder how it is that you speak, tell them that you have been with the Advocate of Sinners. Everyone knows you were dumb. Now take this stone with you and show it to them as it will change colour from time to time. “

The central Feast of Our Lady of the Snows is celebrated on 5 August
Immediately after the miracle, it was called “Madonna della Cava,” the place where the Virgin had appeared to the Shepherd and the feast was celebrated on 8 July the anniversary of the vision.
Later, however, Church officials transferred the Feast to 5 August, the day the dedication of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, also known as “Santa Maria de las Nieves,” built by Pope Liberius commemorates after Miracle of snow (that happened in Rome). It was then that this temple took the name of “Our Lady of the Snows.”
In pilgrimage season (April to October) groups of pilgrims arriving from neighbouring provinces, especially from Brescia, Bergamo, Como, Varese, Milan, Cremona, Mantua and Verona. Sunday is preferred by families. All opportunities for spiritual growth are offered through preaching and the Sacraments.

Such is the fascination of the Virgin on the pilgrims who will then return again.
It is a ceremony in which you have to enter the crypt “to see the Madonna”.

The miracle of the deaf-mute who began to hear and speak gave rise to a small Shrine (1521). It remains alongside the current main Altar.
It was visited by Saint Charles Borromeo in 1581 and visited by John XXIII and Paul VI being Cardinals.
Being too small for the influx of pilgrims,the Church was demolished in 1750 and enlarged. It was built on a design by architect Gaspare Turbini and opened in 1776.

The Carmelites of St Teresa, built a Monastery nearby.

The current statue is gilded wood sculptor . Next to the Shrine a discreet and well-shaded park with tables and benches offers a welcome drink to pilgrims.

St Abraham the Martyr
Bl Adolf IV of Schauenburg
St Pope Adrian III
St Ampelius of Milan
St Apollonius of Benevento

Sts Aquila & Priscilla – the Tentmakers, Collaborators of Saint Paul.

St Arnold
St Auspicius of Toul
St Auspicius of Trier
Brogan of Mothil
St Colman of Thuringia
St Doucelin
St Edgar the Peaceful
Blessed Pope Eugene III O.Cist (c 1080-1153) Papal Ascension – 15 February 1145 until his death. The 167th Pope.

Blessed Giulio of Montevergine (Died 1601) Hermit, Penitent
His Lifestory:

St Glyceria of Heraclea
St Grimbald
St Ioannes Wu Wenyin
St Ithier of Nevers

St Killian (c 640-689) Martyr, Bishop, Missionary, “Apostle of Franconia”(nowadays the northern part of Bavaria).
St Killian’s Story:

St Landrada
Bl Mancius Araki Kyuzaburo
St Morwenna
St Pancras of Taormina
Bl Peter the Hermit

Blessed Peter Vigne (1670-1740) Missionary Priest, Apostle of the Holy Eucharist, of Charity, of Mary, Catechist, tireless missionary and teacher and Founder of the Religious of the Blessed Sacrament

St Procopius of Ceasarea
St Sunniva of Bergen
St Thibaud de Marly
St Totnan of Thuringia

Abrahamite Monks/Martyrs of Constantinople: A group of monks in a monstery founded by Saint Abraham of Ephesus. Martyred in the iconoclast persecutions of emperor Theophilus. In c 835 in Constantinople.
Martyrs of Shanxi – 7 saints: In 1898 seven sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary were sent to the Shanxi diocese in China to serve the poor in hospitals and care for the unwanted or other destitutes in orphanages. They were –
• Anne-Catherine Dierks
• Anne-Francoise Moreau
• Clelia Nanetti
• Irma Grivot
• Jeanne-Marie Kuergin
• Marianna Giuliani
• Pauline Jeuris
There they all died in one of the periodic crackdowns against foreign missionaries.
They were beheaded on 9 July 1900 at Taiyuanfu, China- Beatified on 24 November 1946 by Pope Pius XII and Canonised on 1 October 2000 by Pope John Paul II.
Martyrs of Syrmium – 5 saints: Five Christians martyred together for their faith. We know nothing else about them but the names – Cecilia, Eperentius, Eraclius, Sostratus and Spirus. They were martyred in the 4th century in Syrmium, Pannonia (modern Serbia).



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