Madonna della Montagna / Our Lady of the Mountain, Polsi di San Luca, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy (1144) and Memorials of the Saints – 2 September

Madonna della Montagna / Our Lady of the Mountain, Polsi di San Luca, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy (1144) – 2 September :

The stone Statue found in the Chest

in 1144, a boy found his calf kneeling before an unusual iron Cross, apparently just unearthed. The Madonna appeared, asking for the young herder to spread the news and for a Church to be built on the spot, half a mile high in the mountains.

In 1560, a chest was found floating in the sea. It was taken ashore and found to contain a stone Statue of the Madonna. When the chest was placed in a cart, the oxen suddenly took off for the mountain pass and nothing more was heard of the Statue until it turned up in the heart of Aspromonte, at the place where a calf had found a Cross and the Madonna had requested a Church. The Sanctuary there became a place of pilgrimage.

This is the replica Statue which is used for the Processions

Every year, people from all over Calabria and Sicily would make the 24-hour walk, enlivened by hymns and ballads, along the rugged path to Polsi, where they would greet the Madonna with gunshots on their arrival on 2 September As pilgrims still do — though now they can travel by road or train as well — they would spend the night in one of the hostels near the Shrine. On 3 September, a wooden Madonna is carried in procession. The stone Statue is only taken from its place on the main Altar every 25 years or in special circumstances. Also known as the Mother of the Good Shepherd, the Madonna of the Mountain was crowned in 1881, 1931 and on 2 September 1981.

The stone Statue above the Altar

Bl Albert of Pontida
St Antoninus of Pamiers
St Antoninus of Syria

Blessed Antonio Franco (1585-1626) Monsignor, Priest,
Penitent, Ascetic.
His Life:

St Brocard
St Castor of Apt
St Comus of Crete
St Eleazar the Patriarch
St Elpidius of Lyon
St Elpidius the Cappadocian
St Hieu

St Ingrid of Sweden OP (Died 1282) Dominican Religious and Mystic.

St Justus of Lyons
St Lanfranco of Vercelli
St Lolanus
St Margaret of Louvain
St Maxima

St Nonnossus (c 500-c 575) Monk, Abbot and Deacon.
Not to be confused with St Nonnatus:

St Prospero of Tarragona

St Solomon le Clerq FSC (1745-1792) Martyr, Religious Brother of the De La Salle Brothers, Teacher.
About St Solomon here:

St Theodota of Bithynia
St Valentine of Strasbourg
St William of Roeskilde

Marytrs of Nicomedia – 3 saints: Three Christians who were martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. No details about them but their names have survived – Concordius, Theodore and Zenone. They were martyrd in
Nicomedia, Bithynia (in modern Turkey).

The Holy Martyrs of September (Died 1792) – 191 beati: Also known as – • Martyrs of Paris,• Martyrs of Carmes.

Martyrs of 2 September – 10 saints: A group of ten Christian martyrs; their names are on old martyrologies but we have lost all record of their lives and deaths. They were canonised.
• Antoninus
• Diomedes
• Eutychian
• Hesychius
• Julian
• Leonides
• Menalippus
• Pantagapes
• Philadelphus
• Philip

Holy Bishops of Rennes:
Honors all the bishops of the Diocese of Rennes, France who have been recognized as saints and beati. They include :
Saint Maximinus of Rennes
Saint Modéran of Rennes
Saint Rambert of Rennes
Saint Riotisme of Rennes
Saint Servius of Rennes
Saint Synchronius of Rennes

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Baldomer Margenat Puigmitja
• Blessed Fortunato Barrón Nanclares
• Blessed Joan Franquesa Costa
• Blessed José María Laguía Puerto
• Blessed Lorenzo Insa Celma


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