Thought for the Day – 14 December – Leaving Our Worries in God’s Hands

Thought for the Day – 14 December – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

Leaving Our Worries in God’s Hands

Although we ought to be busy, we should never be too preoccupied.
We should do what we can and leave the rest to Providence.

Preoccupation is unprofitable and even harmful, for it produces worry and anxiety.
Very often, it impedes our work because it destroys our peace of mind.
We should do everything of which we are capable, therefore and leave the rest for God to do, if He believes that it is for our spiritual benefit.
If He does not consider that it would be to our advantage, He will leave it undone and we shall be the gainers thereby.

Preoccupation springs from lack of faith and lack of resignation to the Will of God.
One is reminded, in this context ,of a story which is told about St John Bosco.

He was waiting one day for an audience with a Minister of State, with whom he would have to discuss various difficult problems.
There were a good many other people in the waiting room, most of whom walked up and down agitatedly
as they pondered over what they intended to say to the Minister and what they hoped to receive from him.
Dom Bosco, however, remained calm, so calm in fact, that because he was also very tired, he fell asleep.
At last the Minister appeared in the doorway and to his amusement discovered the Priest slumbering contentedly.
Dom Bosco awoke when the Minister called him and calmly proceeded to explain, at once, what it was that he desired.
He spoke in the manner of one accustomed to conversing with God and he obtained, without any trouble, everything which he wanted.

We should try and behave with similar serenity.
We should stay close to God and live in complete conformity with His Will.
We should perform our duties attentively and whole-heartedly but, we should never worry about them.
As a result, we shall do more and do it more effectively.
Most important of all, we shall be sure that God will bless our work.”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci



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