Thought for the Day – 29 January – Blessed are Those who Love Peace

Thought for the Day – 29 January – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

Blessed are Those who Love Peace

“How can one achieve this calmness of approach and manner of behaviour?
We can consult St Augustine again (Cf De Serm Domini, lib 1, Cap 2).
It is particularly necessary, that the faculties and movements of our lower nature should be under control and subjects to right reason.
It is reason which should govern us.
It should guide us constantly and exercise complete control over all those parts of our nature which are common to men and animals.
It is disastrous if the desires of the flesh rebel against the spirit and worse still, if they gain the upper hand.
Then there can be no more peace of heart.
There is no longer that reflection of the divine harmony which the grace of God has bestowed on us.
There is only slavery, the slavery which takes away liberty and peace.
It is very necessary, therefore, that “that part of man which is the highest and most perfect, should rule without opposition, the remaining parts, which are common to mean and animals but in its turn, this supreme faculty that is the intellect or reason, should be subject to God Almighty” (Ibid).

It is clear from these words, that peace in us is the result of two kinds of necessary obedience, the obedience to right reason of the lower faculties and the obedience of right reason to God, our Creator.

“This is the peace which God gives on earth to men of goodwill; this is the most perfect wisdom,” St Augustine (Ibid).”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci




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