Dedication of the Church of MonteVergine, near Naples, Italy (1126) and Memorials of the Saints – 30 May

Monday within the Octave of Ascension

Dedication of the Church of MonteVergine, near Naples, Italy (1126) – 30 May:
The story of Our Lady of MonteVergine here:

In the Church is the large icon of the Mother and Child “of Constantinople” (said to have been brought to Italy by King Baldwin of Jerusalem). Tradition holds that the original was painted by St Luke. The painting, came into the possession of the Monastery in 1310. King Baldwin was only able to take away the upper portion of the large image. The dark figures on the icon of Our Lady of Montevergine stand out strikingly from the gold background – the present lower part of the picture is a later addition.
The image is quite large, with a height of over 12 feet and width of over 6 feet, showing the Blessed Virgin seated on a throne with the Divine Infant Jesus seated on her lap. The image is dark, so the icon is often referred to as one of the “Black Madonnas.” There have apparently been several renovations made to the original painting, as in 1621 two crowns were placed on the heads of the Virgin Mary and her child Jesus, and other additions were made in 1712 and 1778.
During World War II the Sanctuary was used to hide the famed Holy Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Christ. A new Basilica was begun in 1952 in the Romanesque style and this structure was consecrated in 1961. There are over one and one half million pilgrims yearly who come to Monte Vergine to visit Our Lady of Montevergine, most notably at Whitsuntide. There have been numerous miracles attributed to this portrait of the Mother of God and her Divine Son.

St Ferdinand III of Castile (1199-1252) King of Castile and Toledo, Knight, a man of great virtue and goodness who sought sanctity in all things, a man of great justice who sought to elevate even those he conquered, a man who was a great father, bringing his children up in the fear and love of God alone, a diplomatic genius because of his great goodness, a unifier of all, he had a great devotion to Our Lady – born in 1198 near Salamanca, Spain and died on 30 May 1252 at Seville, Spain of natural causes. Patronages – authorities, governors, rulers, engineers, large families, magistrates, parenthood, paupers, poor people, prisoners, Spanish monarchy, tertiaries, Seville, Spain
The Life of the Holy St Ferdinand:

St Joan of Arc (1412-1431) “The Maid of Orléans” Holy Virgin. The Church officially remembers Joan of Arc not as a Martyr but as a virgin—the Maid of Orleans.   Of course, Joan was a Martyr, but not in the technical sense.   Yes, she died because she did what she thought God wanted her to do. But she was killed for her politics, not for her faith.   Pagans did not execute her for refusing to worship their gods. Infidels did not slay her for defying them.   Political enemies burned her at the stake for defeating them at war.
St Joan!

St Anastasius II of Pavia
St Basil the Elder
St Crispulus of Sardinia

Bl Elisabeth Stagel
St Emmelia
St Euplius
St Exuperantius of Ravenna
St Pope Felix I (Died 274) Martyr, the 26th Bishop of Rome from 5 January 269 to his death in 274.

St Gamo of Brittany
St Gavino of Sardinia
St Isaac of Constantinople
Bl Lawrence Richardson
St Luke Kirby
St Madelgisilus
St Reinhildis of Riesenbeck
St Restitutus of Cagliari
Bl Richard Newport
Blessed Thomas Cottam SJ (Died 1549) Priest Martyr
St Venantius of Lérins
St Walstan of Bawburgh
Bl William Filby
Bl Willilam Scott

Martyrs of Aquileia – 3 Saints: Three Christians Martyred together. We have no other details than their names – Cantianus, Euthymius and Eutychius. Aquileia, Italy.



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