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Saint of the Day – 31 July – Blessed Everard Hanse (Died 1581) Priest Martyr

Saint of the Day – 31 July – Blessed Everard Hanse (Died 1581) Priest Martyr Born in Northamptonshire, England and died by being hanged, drawn and quartered on 31 July 1581 at Tyburn, London, England during the persecutions of Queen Elizabeth I. Beatified on 29 December 1886 by Pope Leo XIII. Additional Memorial – 29 October as one of the Martyrs of Douai.

Everald Hanse was born in Northamptonshire, raised as a protestant and educated at Cambridge with the view to becoming an Anglican protestant minister. He was, after his graduation, soon presented with a good living (as it is called in the English Anglican church i.e. a position as the minister of a community, with a house and salary).

Everard’s brother, William, who had converted to the Faith and become a Catholic Priest in April 1579, tried to convert him but in vain, until a serious illness led him to a profound self-examination and contemplation of his death and Judgement. When he was granted the complete recovery of his health, he immediately resigned his rich preferments. and became a Catholic, with the help of his brother, Fr William.

Stained glass of Blessed Everard at St Edmund’s College Ware, England

Everard then travelled to Rheims in northern France (to study at Douai College 1580–1581), where he was Ordained Priest on 25 March 1581. He returned to England to serve the recusant and much persecuted faithful but his service was very short ,for in July of the same year, he was visiting, in disguise, Catholic prisoners in the Marshalsea Prison, when the jailkeeper noticed that his shoes were of a foreign make.

Everard was closely examined and his Priesthood was discovered. As yet, there was no law against Priests and to satisfy the hypocritical professions of the persecutors, it was necessary to find some treason of which he was guilty. He was asked in Court at the Newgate Sessions, what he thought of the Pope’s authority and on his admitting that he believed him “to have the same authority now, as he had a hundred years before.” Everard was further asked whether the Pope had not erred (i.e. sinned) in declaring Queen Elizabeth I Excommunicated. To which he replied “I hope not.” His words were at once recorded as a formal crime and when he was further asked whether he wished others to believe, as he did, he said “I would have all believe the Catholic Faith as I do.”

A second count of criminal action was then added – that he desired to make others also traitors like himself. He was at once found guilty of “persuasion” which was high treason as decreed by Elizabeth. He was, therefore, in due course sentenced to death.

Everard was executed at Tyburn on 31 July 1581 by hanging, whereafter his body was drawn and quartered. His last words were: “Oh happy day!” and his constancy throughout “was a matter of great edification to the good“. The Spanish Ambassador wrote: “Two nights after his death, there was not a particle of earth on which his blood had been shed, which had not been carried off as a relic.

The trial is noteworthy as one of the most extreme cases of verbal treason on record, and it was so badly received that the Government had afterwards, to change their methods of obtaining sentences.



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