Dedication of the Abbey of Our Lady, Pontigny, France (1114, Feast of Mater Admirabilis / Mother Most Admirable (1844) and Memorials of the Saints – 20 October

Mater Admirabilis / Mother Most Admirable (1844) – 20 October:

Mater Admirabilis is a fresco depicting the Virgin Mary, in the Monastery of the Trinità dei Monti, in Rome. It was painted by a young French artist, Pauline Perdrau and has been associated with several miracles.

In 1844, a generation after the Society of the Sacred Heart was founded, Pauline Perdrau, a young novice, took it upon herself to produce a fresco of the Virgin Mary on a wall in a recreational area of the convent, Trinità dei Monti in Rome.
As a child, Pauline had had a favourite pink dress, so she chose to paint Mary as a young woman in a rose-coloured dress rather than a matronly Madonna in blue. The lily at Mary’s side represented her purity; the distaff and spindle, her love of work; a book, her dedication to study.
Unfortunately, although Pauline put herself wholeheartedly into her task, her inexperience with the technique of fresco did not produce the beautiful soft painting for which she had hoped. The too vivid colours, had to be hidden behind a drape.
Pope Pius IX, upon visiting the Convent on 20 October 1846, requested that the curtain be removed. Seeing the fresco of our Lady, its colours inexplicably softened, he exclaimed, “Mater Admirabilis!” Miracles soon began with the cure of a missionary Priest who had completely lost the power of speech. Permission was given to offer Mass before the miraculous picture and to celebrate the Feast of Mater Admirabilis on 20 October.

Dedication of the Abbey of Our Lady, Pontigny, France (1114) – 20 October:

St John Cantius (1390-1473) Confessor, Priest, Theologian, Scholastic Philosopher, Physicist, Teacher, Confessor, Philosopher, Apostle of Charity – Patron of Poland and Lithuania.
His Feast was moved after Vatican II to 23 December.
His Life:

St Acca (c 660-742) Bishop, Abbot, Missionary, Theologian, Musician.
About St Acca:

St Adelina
St Aderald
St Aidan of Mayo
St Andrew of Crete
St Artemius Megalomartyr
St Barsabias
St Bernard of Bagnorea
St Bradan
St Caprasius of Agen

St Cornelius the Centurion (1st Century) traditionally believed to have become th First Bishop of Caesarea
About St Cornelius:

Bl Gundisalvus of Silos
St Irene

Blessed James Strepar OFM (c 1340-1409) Archbishop of Halicz, Poland from 1392 until his death Religious Priest of the Order of Friars Minor, Missionary. St Pius X proclaimed Blessed James, along with St Anthony of Padua, the Patrons of the Conventual Franciscan Order of Krakow Province. He was given the title of “Protector of the Kingdom, Defender and Guardian of the Homeland,” for his exceptional merits, including civil ones. Such was he considered by all. He was Canonised by by Pope Pius VI on 11 September 1791. His body is incorrupt.
His Life:

St Leopardo of Osimo
St Lucas Alonso Gorda
St Martha of Cologne
St Maximus of Aquila
St Orora
St Saula of Cologne
St Sindulphus of Rheims
St Usthazanes
St Vitalis of Salzburg



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