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Saint of the Day – 23 January – Saint Maimbod (Died c 880) Martyr,

Saint of the Day – 23 January – Saint Maimbod (Died c 880) Martyr, Irish Pilgrim in France, Missionary Preacher, Born in Ireland and died in c 880 in Kaltenbrunn, Alsace, Gaul (modern France). Maimbod is regarded as an unofficial Patron of eye diseases and ailments. Also known as – Mainbeouf, Mainbodo, Maimbodus.

In the wake of St Columban, many Irish Monks travelled to France and Italy, spreading the Faith “on a pilgrimage for the love of Christ.” Maimbod was one of them, a pilgrim to the Tombs of many Saints and holy Shrines of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As he wandered, he preached, spreading the Faith throughout northern Italy and France.

In Burgundy, a nobleman gave him hospitality and unsuccessfully pressed him to settle there. Upon Maimbod’s departure, the nobleman gave Maimbod a pair of gloves as a reminder to pray for him.

He was praying at the Church of Domnipetra near Alsace, when he was set upon by robbers who, believed he had money because he was wearing gloves, murdered him.

There is a second version of his death which omits the gloves and relates his murder having been accomplished by pagans, enraged by Maimbod’s confession of Christ.

When miracles began to occur at his Tomb in Domnipetra, Count Aszo of Monteliard asked the blind Bishop Berengarius for a gift of the Saint’s Relics. Berengarius delegated the translation ceremony to his co-adjutor, Bishop Stephen. During the rite, Berengarius miraculously received his sight and instituted a Feast in honour of the Saint. Maimrod’s Relics were destroyed during the French Revolution.

Maimbod was Canonised by the confirmation of his cult on 24 November 1900 by Pope Leo XIII. His Feast today is especially celebrated in the Diocese of Besançon.



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