Our Lady of Saideneida, Damascus, Nuestra Señora de Suyapa / Our Lady of Suyapa, Honduras (c1747), St Blaise (Died c316) Martyr Bishop and Memorials of the Saints – 3 February

Our Lady of Saideneida, Damascus – 3 February:

Nuestra Señora de Suyapa / Our Lady of Suyapa OR Virgen de Suyapa / The Virgin of Suyapa, Honduras (c1747) Patron of Honduras, Central America and The Orden de los Caballeros de Suyapa – 3 February:

A title and image of the Blessed Virgin Mary popular in Honduras. The Statueis now enshrined in the Basilica of Suyapa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The sculptor and date of creation are unknown but the Statue was found by a farm worker on 3 February 1747. His family kept it as a focus for personal devotion. In 1768 a miraculous cure was attributed to Our Lady from this devotion. A Chapel was built for the Statue in 1777 to make public devotion possible.

The Statue was stolen in 1936 by a mentally ill woman who lived close by; it was located at her home and quickly returned. The quick end of the Football War in 1969 between Honduras and El Savador was attributed to the intercession of Mary following the outpouring of prayers to her under this title. The Staute was stolen again on 1 September 1986 – the thief stripped it of its gold, silver and jewels and then abandoned it in a restaurant men’s room in Tegucigalpa. It has since been restored to its former glory.

In 1925, Pope Pius XI declared her Patroness of Honduras under the title Our Lady of Suyapa and selected 3 February s her Feast day. In 1954, a large Basilica was built next to the Chapel. The Statue of the Virgin spends most of her time in the Chapel but every year before the celebration of her festival, the Statue is moved into the large Basilica to accommodate the crowds.

The Statue of the Virgin of Suyapa has a group of lay caretakers, all male, known as The Orden de los Caballeros de Suyapa (Order of the Knights of Suyapa). They care for the Statue and its Chapel and guard it full time when it is sent on pilgrimage around Honduras each February.

St Blaise (Died c316) Martyr Bishop of Sebaste, Armenia, Physician, Miracle-worker.
St Blaise is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers –
All about St Blaise:

St Anatolius of Salins

St Ansgar OSB (801-865) “Apostle of the North”, Bishop

St Anna the Prophetess
St Berlinda of Meerbeke
St Blasius of Armentarius
St Blasius of Oreto
St Caellainn
St Celerinus of Carthage
St Clerina of Carthage
St Deodatus of Lagny
St Eutichio
St Evantius of Vienne
St Felix of Africa
St Felix of Lyons
St Hadelin of Chelle (Died c690) Priest, Monk, Hermit
Bl Helinand of Pronleroy
St Hippolytus of Africa
St Ia of Cornwall
St Ignatius of Africa
Bl Iustus Takayama Ukon

Blessed John Nelson SJ (1535-1578) Martyr, Priest of the Society of Jesus. Martyred during the reign of Elizabeth I. He was Beatified on 29 December 1886 by Pope Leo XIII.
His Life and Death:

Bl John Zakoly
St Laurentinus of Carthage
St Laurentius of Carthage
St Lawrence the Illuminator ) Died 576) Bishop
St Leonius of Poitiers
St Liafdag
St Lupicinus of Lyon
St Margaret of England
St Oliver of Ancona
St Philip of Vienne
St Remedius of Gap
St Sempronius of Africa
St Tigrides
St Werburga of Bardney
St Werburga of Chester

Benedictine Martyrs: A collective memorial of all members of the Benedictine Order who have died as Martyrs for the Faith.



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