Lenten Preparation Novena to the Holy Face, The Nine Day – 21 February

Lenten Preparation Novena
in Reparation to the Holy Face
Day Nine

All those who, attracted by My Love and venerating My Countenance, shall receive, by virtue of My Humanity, a brilliant and vivid impression of My Divinity. This splendour shall enlighten the depths of their souls, so that in eternal glory the celestial court shall marvel at the marked likeness of their features, with My Divine Countenance.” … Our Lord Jesus Christ to St Gertrude the Great (1256-1302)

(Console the Holy Face

and recite Daily Preparatory Prayer) below.


O Most Holy and Blessed Trinity,
through the intercession of Holy Mary,
whose soul was pierced through
by a sword of sorrow
at the sight of the Passion of her Divine Son,
we ask Thy help,
in making a perfect Novena of Reparation with Jesus,
united with all His sorrows, love and total abandonment.
We now implore all the Angels and Saints
to intercede for us as we pray this Holy Novena
to the Most Holy Face of Jesus
and for the glory of the most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Psalm 50:18-19:
For in sacrifice Thou take no delight,
burnt offering Thou wouldst refuse.
A sacrifice to God is an afflicted spirit,
a contrite and humble heart, O God,
Thou wilt not despise.

Sacred Face of our Lord and our God,
what words can we say
to express our gratitude?
How can we speak of our joy?
That Thou hast deigned to hear us,
that Thou hast chosen to answer us
in our hour of need.
We say this because we know,
that our prayers will be granted.
We know that Thou,
in Thy loving kindness,
listen to our pleading hearts
and will give, out of Thy fullness,
the answer to our prayers.

Mary, our Mother,
thank you for your intercession on our behalf.
Saint Joseph, thank you for your prayers.

Through the merits of your precious blood
and your Holy Face, O Jesus,
grant us our petition………………
Pardon and mercy.

Prayer to the Holy Face
By St Thérèse of the Child Jesus
and the Holy Face (1873-1897)

O Jesus, Who, in Thy cruel Passion
didst become, the ‘reproach of men
and the Man of Sorrows,’
I worship Thy divine Face.
Once it shone with the beauty
and sweetness of the Divinity
but now, for my sake,
it is become as ‘the face of a leper.’
Yet, in that disfigured Countenance,
I recognise Thy infinite love
and I am consumed with the desire
of making Thee loved by all mankind.
The tears that flowed so abundantly
from Thy Eyes are, to me,
as precious pearls which I delight to gather,
that with their worth,
I may ransom the souls of poor sinners.
O Jesus, Whose Face is the sole beauty
which ravishes my heart,
I may not see, here below,
the sweetness of Thy glance,
nor feel the ineffable tenderness of Thy kiss,
I bow to Thy Will—but I pray Thee,
to imprint in me, Thy divine likeness
and I implore Thee,
so to inflame me with Thy love,
that it may quickly consume me
and that I may soon reach the vision
of Thy glorious Face in Heaven.

Pray (1) Our Father, three (3) Hail Marys, one (1) Glory Be

O Bleeding Face, O Face Divine,
be every Adoration Thine

(Three times)


Thought for the Day – 21 February – Lord, That I May See!

Thought for the Day – 21 February – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

Lord, That I May See!

“The restlessness and intensity of living, make us see things as differently from what they really are.
But one day, the veil of the temple will be rent asunder before our frightened eyes and eternal Light will break upon us.
Then, we shall be blind no longer but, we shall see everything in the Light of eternity.

Let us place ourselves now, in the state in which we should like to find ourselves at that moment.
Let us consider ourselves and everything else, in the Light of eternity.
Then our blindness will disappear.
Since we shall see everything in God’s way, we shall direct all our thoughts and actions toward Him alone!

Antonio Cardinal Bacci



Quote/s of the Day – 21 February – Devotion to The Holy Face

Quote/s of the Day – 21 February – Feast of the Holy Face

As part of the preparations for Lent, it is appropriate to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Face by spending some time before the Blessed Sacrament and reciting the prayers of reparation.
In addition, the repetition of this Devotion each Tuesday in Lent maybe a means of drawing closer to Our Lord during this time of more intense prayer and conversion.


Do you see how I suffer? Yet, very few understand Me. Those who say they love Me are very ungrateful! I have given My Heart as the sensible object of My great love to men and I give My Face as the sensible object of My sorrow for all the sins of men. I wish that it be venerated by a special Feast on Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. I wish that the Feast be preceded by a Novena in which the faithful make reparation with Me, joining together and sharing in My sorrow.

Offering of the Holy Face
of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
in Reparation to God the Father

Eternal Father,
turn away Thy angry gaze from Thou guilty people
whose face has become unsightly in Thy eyes.
Look instead upon the Face of Thy beloved Son,
in Whom Thou art well pleased.
We now offer Thee,
this Holy Face, covered with shame
and disfigured by bloody wounds,
in reparation for the crimes of our age,
in order to appease Thy anger,
justly provoked against us.
Because, Thy Divine Son, our Redeemer,
hast taken upon His Head
all the sins of His members
that they might be spared,
we now beg Thee, Eternal Father,
to grant us mercy.

An Aspiration to the Eternal Father
to be Frequently Recited During the Day …

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Holy Face of Jesus,
covered with blood, sweat, dust and spittle,
in reparation for our sins
and the sins of the whole world.

The Eight Promises of Jesus
To Those Who Honour His Holy Face

  1. All those who honour My Face in a spirit of reparation, will by so doing, perform the office of the pious Veronica. According to the care they take in making reparation to My Face, disfigured by blasphemers, so will I take care of their souls which have been disfigured by sin. My Face is the seal of the Divinity, which has the virtue of reproducing in souls, the image of God.
  2. Those, who by words, prayers or writing, defend My cause in this Work of Reparation, I will defend before My Father and will give them My Kingdom.
  3. By offering My Face to My Eternal Father, nothing will be refused and the conversion of many sinners will be obtained.
  4. By My Holy Face, they will work wonders, appease the anger of God and draw down mercy on sinners.
  5. As in a kingdom, they can procure all that is desired with a coin stamped with the King’s effigy, so, in the Kingdom of Heaven, they will obtain all they desire, with the precious coin of My Holy Face.
  6. Those who, on earth, contemplate the wounds of My Face shall, in Heaven, behold it radiant with glory.
  7. They will receive in their souls, a bright and constant irradiation of My Divinity, that by their likeness to My Face, they shall shine with particular splendour in Heaven.
  8. I will defend them, I will preserve them and I assure them of Final Perseverance.

One Minute Reflection – 21 February – ‘Receive Christ, receive power to see …’

One Minute Reflection – 21 February – Quinguasema Feria Day – 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Luke 18:31-43 – Scripture search here:

And at once, he received his sight and followed Him, glorifying God.” – Luke 18:43

REFLECTION – “The commandment of the Lord shines clearly, enlightening the eyes. Receive Christ, receive power to see, receive your Light, that you may plainly recognise both God and man. More delightful than gold and precious stones, more desirable than honey and the honeycomb is the Word that has enlightened us. How could He not be desirable, Who illumined minds buried in darkness and endowed, with clear vision “the light-bearing eyes” of the soul? Sing His praises, then, Lord and make known to me Your Father, Who is God. Your Word will save me, Your song instruct me. I have gone astray in my search for God but now that You light my path, Lord, I find God through You and receive the Father from You, I become co-heir with You, since You were not ashamed to own me as Your brother. Let us, then, shake off forgetfulness of Truth, shake off the mist of ignorance and darkness that dims our eyes and contemplate the true God, after first raising this song of praise to Him: “All hail, O light!” For upon us, buried in darkness, imprisoned in the shadow of death, a heavenly Light has shone, a Light of a clarity surpassing the sun’s and of a sweetness, exceeding any this earthly life can offer.” – St Clement of Alexandria (c150-c215) Theologian, Philosopher , Father (Exhortation to the Greeks, 11).

PRAYER – O Lord, we beseech YThee, mercifully hear our prayers; loose us from the chains of our sins and keep us from all adversity. Through Jesus Christ, Thy Son our Lord, Who lives and reigns with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen (Collect).

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Our Morning Offering – 21 February – The Golden Arrow

Our Morning Offering – 21 February – Feast of the Holy Face

The Golden Arrow

May the Most Holy,
Most Sacred,
Most Adorable,
Most Mysterious
and Unutterable Name of God
be always praised,
blessed, loved, adored
and glorified in Heaven.
on earth and under the earth,
by all the creatures of God
and by the Sacred Heart
of our Lord Jesus Christ
in the most Holy Sacrament
of the Altar.

This prayer was revealed by Jesus Himself to a Carmelite Nun of Tours in 1843 as a reparation for blasphemy. “This Golden Arrow will wound My Heart delightfully” He said “and heal the wounds, inflicted by blasphemy.”

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Saint of the Day – 21 February – Saint Paterius of Brescia (Died 606) Bishop

Saint of the Day – 21 February – Saint Paterius of Brescia (Died 606) Bishop of Brescia Italy, Monk. Friend and spiritual student of Pope Saint Gregory the Great, prolific spiritual writer. Additional Memorial – 25 February (translation of Relics in 1479 and 20 April, together with all the Brescian Saints.

In the chronology of the holy Bishops of Brescia, at the beginning of the 7th Century, St Paterius is mentioned. All historians agree that his Episcopate was very short between 604 and 606, while some Diocesan yearbooks place him between 630 and 642. Although some indicate that he was a
Roman Benedictine disciple of St Gregory the Great, others categorically exclude him.

We know nothing about him personally.
The name of Paterius is reported in six manuscripts of the 11th-15th Centuries and in two early monastic litanies. In the Roman Martyrology his feast is reported on 21 February, while in the Brescian one, his memory is fixed on 25 February in memory of the translation of his body which took place in 1479. Since 1962 his feast has also been combined on 20 April together with all the Brescian Saints.

According to some, St Paterius was buried in San Fiorano, on Colle Degno in the Brescia area. This first burial would have been followed by a translation of the Relics which placed his remains under the High Altar of the monastic Church of Sant’Eufemia della Fonte. Subsequently, on 25 February 1479, the Monks transported the body of the Bishop to a Chapel dedicated to him. In the 17th Century, during some important restoration work on the Church, an Altar was built, the first on the right near the Baptistery, dedicated to St Paterius. And, in 1616, the prelate’s body was placed there. In 1787, during a final renovation of the Church, the Relics were brought back under the High Altar and enclosed in a marble urn with the dedication indicatied thereon.

The SDarcophagus of St Paterius

Finally, the remains were received in a new sarcophagus especially made and placed in the Crypt of the Church. Since the second half of the 19th Century, the ark of St Paterius has been on display in the City Museum of Santa Giulia.
The Parish Church of Paisco Loveno in Valle Canonica, was dedicated to the Saint.


Feast of the Holy Face, Shrove Tuesday, Notre-Dame de Bon-Port / Our Lady of Bon Port, France (1838) and Memorials of the Saints – 21 February

Feast of the Holy Face:
In the 19th Century Jesus expressed His wishes to Sister Mary of St Peter (1816-1848), a Carmelite Nun in Tours, France, that there be an actual Devotion to his Holy Face. Our Lord wanted this in reparation for blasphemies against Him and His Holy Name as well, as for the profanation of Sunday (when people engage unnecessarily in commerce and other such labours and chores on Sunday, a day meant for rest and reflection on God). In August of 1843 He dictated to her the well-known Golden Arrow Prayer. He also gave her Promises for those who would honour His Holy Face.
The first Holy Medal of the Holy Face was given to Ven Pope Pius XII, who approved the Devotion and the Medal. In 1958 he formally declared the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus as Shrove Tuesday for all Catholics.

Shrove Tuesday: Shrove is the past tense of the word Shrive, which means “to hear a confession, assign penance and absolve from sin.”
In the Middle Ages, especially in Northern Europe and England, it became the custom to confess one’s sins on the day before Lent began in order to enter the penitential season in a repentant spirit.

Notre-Dame de Bon-Port / Our Lady of Bon Port/Good Haven, Paimpol, France (1838) – 21 February:

St Avitus II of Clermont
Bl Claudio di Portaceli
St Daniel of Persia
Bl Eleanora
St Ercongotha
St Felix of Metz
St George of Amastris
St Germanus of Granfield
St Gundebert of Sens

Blessed Noel Pinot (1747-1794) Priest and Martyr. During the French Revolution, he refused to take the oath of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy unlike his superio! He wore his Mass Vestments to execution and died reciting the opening words of the Mass. He was Beatified by Pope Pius XI on 31 October 1926.
His Life and Death:

St Paterius of Brescia (Died 606) Bishop
St Pepin of Landen
St Peter Mavimenus
St Randoald of Granfield

Blessed Richard Henkes

St Robert Southwell SJ (1561-1595) Martyr, Priest of the Society of Jesus, Poet, Hymnodist, Writer, clandestine missionary – Additional Memorials: 25 October as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales and 29 October as one of the Martyrs of Douai.
St Robert’s Biography

St Severian of Scythopolis
St Severus of Syrmium

Blessed Thomas Pormort (c 1560-1592) Priest Martyr
His Life and Death:

St Valerius of San Pedro de Montes
St Verda of Persia

Martyrs of Sicily – 79 Saints: Sevent nine Christians Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. They were Martyred in c 303 on Sicily.

Martyrs of Hadrumetum – A group of 26 Christians Martyred together by Vandals. We know little more than eight of their names – Alexander, Felix, Fortunatus, Saturninus, Secundinus, Servulus, Siricius and Verulus. c 434 at Hadrumetum (modern Sousse, Tunisia).