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Saint of the Day – 9 April – Saint Hugh of Rouen OSB (Died 730)

Saint of the Day – 9 April – Saint Hugh of Rouen OSB (Died 730) Bishop of Rouen, Paris and Bayeux, Monk, Abbot of of Jumièges and Fontenelle Abbey, while, simultaneously governing his Diocese. Died on 9 April 730 at Jumieges Abbey, France of natural causes. Also known as – Hugh of Champagne, Hugues..

Hugh was born of a noble family. His father was Duke Drago of Burgundy. His uncle was Charles Martel, Mayor of the Palace. The Mayor of the Palace, at that point in history, was more powerful even than the King of the Franks. And Martel’s son, Pepin III, served as both Mayor of the Palace and as the first Monarch of the Carolingian Dynasty, reigning from 751 to 768. Pepin’s son was Emperor Charlemagne (reigned 768-814).

While he was a still a layman, Hugh was appointed the Abbot of Jumièges Abbey. In 718, he embraced the call to monastic life and entered Jumièges as a Monk.

In 722, the important French City of Rouen had lost their Bishop and Hugh was called upon to take up the role. Hugh left his Monastery and succeeded in managing, not only the role of Archdiocese of Rouen but at the same time, Fontenelle Abbey. Two years, later, Hugh took on two more Diocese — Paris and Bayeux!

Hugh’s pastoral energies must have been nearly inexhaustible!

Finally, as he neared death, Hugh retired to his home Monastery of Jumièges. Hugh died on 9 April,730. His earthly remains were laid to rest at Notre Dame in Paris. Two centuries later, his relics were smuggled away to Belgium to save them from being destroyed by Norman invaders.

St Hugh of Rouen, Abbot and Bishop, who gave of himself tirelessly to care for Christ’s flock—pray for us!


Saturday in Passion Week, the Fifth Week in Lent, Notre-Dames de Myans, Savoie / Our Lady of Myans, Savoy, France (1249) and Memorials of the Saints

Saturday in Passion Week, the Fifth Week in Lent +2022

Notre-Dames de Myans, Savoie / Our Lady of Myans, Savoy, France (1249) – 9 April:

St Acacius of Amida
St Aedesius of Alexandria

Blessed Antony of Pavoni OP (1326-1374) Priest and Martyr, Inquisitor-General in Lombardy, Prior.
His Life nd Death:

St Brogan
St Casilda of Toledo
St Concessus the Martyr
St Demetrius the Martyr
St Dotto
St Eupsychius of Cappadocia
St Gaucherius
St Hedda the Abbot
St Heliodorus of Mesopotamia
St Hilary the Martyr
St Hugh of Rouen OSB (Died 730) Bishop, Monk
Bl James of Padua
Blessed John of Vespignano

Blessed Celestyna (Katarzyna) Faron IHM (1913 – 1942) Virgin Martyr, Religious Sister of the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Conception, Teacher, Catechist.

St Liborius of Le Mans (early 4th century – 397) Bishop, Confessor, Reformer, Evangeliser and Shepherd of souls, Builder of Churches and Monasteries.
St Liborius’ story:

St Madrun of Wales
St Marcellus of Die
Bl Marguerite Rutan
St Maximus of Alexandria
Bl Pierre Camino
St Prochorus

Blessed Thomas of Tolentino OFM (c 1255–1321) Martyr, Friar of the Friars Minor, Missionary.
Blessed Thomas’ Life and Death:

Blessed Ubaldo Adimari OSM (c 1245-1315) Priest and Servite Friar, Soldier, Politician, Penitent, miracle-worker, spiritul student and later assistant of St Philip Benezi (1233-1285) (one of the Seven Holy Founders of the Order of the Servants of Mary – the Servites).

St Waltrude of Mons

Martyrs of Croyland – 9 Saints: A group of Benedictine Monks Martyred by pagan Danes – Agamund, Askega, Egdred, Elfgete, Grimkeld, Sabinus, Swethin, Theodore and Ulric. Croyland Abbey, England.

Martyrs of Masyla: Massylitan Martyrs Group of Christians Martyred in Masyla in northwest Africa.

Martyrs of Pannonia: Seven Virgin-Martyrs in Sirmium, Pannonia (modern Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia).

Martyrs of Thorney Abbey – 3+ Saints: A group of Hermits, hermitesses and monks who lived in or around Thorney Abbey who were Martyred together during raids by pagan Danes. We know little more than the names of three – Tancred, Torthred and Tova. 869 by raiders at Thorney Abbey, Cambridgeshire, England.