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Saint of the Day – 9 April – Blessed Ubaldo Adimari OSM (c 1245-1315)

Saint of the Day – 9 April – Blessed Ubaldo Adimari OSM (c 1245-1315) Priest and Servite Friar, Soldier, Politician, Penitent, miracle-worker, spiritul student and later assistant of St Philip Benezi (1233-1285) (one of the Seven Holy Founders of the Order of the Servants of Mary – the Servites). Ubaldo is, therefore, of the second generation of the Servites. Born in c 1245 in Florence, Italy and died on 9 April 1315 on Mount Senario, Tuscany, Italy of natural causes. He is also known as Ubaldo da Borgo San Sepolcro. The Order of the Servants of Mary celebrates his feast day on 4 July

This image shows Blessed Ubaldo carrying the water in his mantle

Ubaldo of the noble Florentine Adimari family, was born around 1245 in Florence and spent his youth amidst the turmoil of that time, which saw the Guelphs in favour of the Papacy and the Ghibellines, in favour of the Emperor of Germany, opposing each other.

He was first a supporter and then head of the Ghibelline faction in Florence, operating abuses and disorders of all kinds; until the Prior General sent St Philip Benezi, who had come to restore peace, accompanied by Blessed Bonaventura of Pistoia and the retinue of the Papal Legate, Latino Orsini.

It was in the early months of 1280, when Ubaldo Adimari met St Philip Benizi, who succeeded in converting him. Ubaldo took on the habit of the Servants of Mary and with the grace of God regained, he retired to a very harsh penance and prayer on Monte Senario (Florence), cradle since 1240, of the Foundation of the Order, located in about 18 km from Florence.

With the wise spiritual guidance of his holy Prior, Ubaldo became a meek and humble soul, so as to work wonders, such as carrying water from the well to the Convent, within his mantel having broken the jug on the way.

He was Ordained a Priest and from 1282 to 1285, assisted St Philip in his duties and travels around the various Houses of the Order and on 22 April 1285, he witnessed the passing away of his General, in the Convent of Todi, giving him comfort by his presence.

Returning to the Convent of Monte Senario, he continued his edifying life as a penitent and religious, gladdened by so many miracles, until he died on 9 April 1315. He was buried in the Church of the same Convent, next to the tombs of the Saints , the Seven Founders.

From a survey of the relics in 1717, his remains turned out to be those of a person of great stature. His cult as Blessed was confirmed by Pope Pius VII on 3 April 1821.

Statue in the choir of the St Annunziata in Florence , by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli


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