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Memorials of the Saints – 28 February

St Abercius
Bl Antonia of Florence
St Augustus Chapdelaine
St Caerealis
St Caerealis of Alexandria
St Cyra of Beroea
Bl Daniel Brottier
St Ermine
St Gaius of Alexandria

St Pope Hilary/Hilarius (Died 468) Pope from 461-468, Papal aide to St Pope Leo the Great, Papal Legate, Reformer of Episcopal discipline, builder of Churches, libraries, Chapels and public works.
His Life:

St Justus the Potter
St Llibio
St Macarius the Potter
St Maidoc
St Marana of Beroea
St Oswald of Worcester
St Proterius of Alexandria
St Pupulus of Alexandria
St Romanus of Condat (c 390–c 463) Abbot
St Ruellinus of Treguier
St Rufinus the Potter
St Serapion of Alexandria
St Sillan of Bangor

Blessed Stanislaw Antoni Trojanowski OFM Conv. (1908-1942) Martyr and Friar of the Friars Minor.
His Life and Death:

St Theophilus the Potter
Bl Villana de’Botti

Martyrs of Alexandria – A number of clerics and layman who died as martyrs of charity for ministering to the sick during a plague that ravaged Alexandria, Egypt in 261.

Martyrs of Antwerp (14 Saints)

Martyrs of Corinth (26 Saints)

Four Martyred Potters:

Martyrs of Unzen – 16 lay people Martyred together in one of the periodic anti-Christian persecutions in imperial Japan – They were Martyred on 28 February 1627 in Unzen, Japan.
• Alexius Sugi Shohachi
• Damianus Ichiyata
• Dionisius Saeki Zenka
• Gaspar Kizaemon
• Gaspar Nagai Sohan
• Ioannes Araki Kanshichi
• Ioannes Heisaku
• Ioannes Kisaki Kyuhachi
• Leo Nakajima Sokan
• Ludovicus Saeki Kizo
• Ludovicus Shinzaburo
• Maria Mine
• Paulus Nakajima
• Paulus Uchibori Sakuemon
• Thomas Kondo Hyoemon
• Thomas Uzumi Shingoro