Quote/s of the Day – 24 January – The Memorial of St Francis de Sales (1567-1622) Doctor of the Church: Doctor caritatis (Doctor of Charity)

Quote/s of the Day – 24 January – The Memorial of St Francis de Sales (1567-1622) Doctor of the Church: Doctor caritatis (Doctor of Charity)

“Do not look forward
to the changes and chances
of this life in fear;
rather look to them
with full hope that,
as they arise, God,
whose you are,
will deliver you out of them.
He is your keeper.
He has kept you hitherto.
Do you but hold fast
to His dear hand
and He will lead you
safely through all things;
and, when you cannot stand,
He will bear you in His arms.
Do not look forward to
what may happen tomorrow.
Our Father will either
shield you from suffering,
or He will give you
strength to bear it.”do not look forward - st francis de sales - 24 jan 2018

“Anxiety is the greatest evil
that can befall a soul, except sin.
God commands you to pray
but He forbids you to worry.”anxiety is the greatest evil - st francis de sales - 24 jan 2018

“Great occasions for serving God
come seldom but little ones,
surround us daily.”great occasions - st francis de sales - 24 jan 2018

“Half an hour’s meditation
each day is essential,
except, when you are busy.
Then a full hour is needed.”

“Let us think only
of spending
the present day well.
Then, when tomorrow
shall have come,
it will be called
and then,
we will think about it.”

“Every morning,
prepare your soul
for a tranquil day.”half an hour - st francis de sales - 24 jan 2018

“What we need,
is a cup of understanding,
a barrel of love
and an ocean of patience.”

“A quarrel between friends,
when made up,
adds a new tie to friendship.”

“Friendships begun in this world
will be taken up again,
never to be broken off. “what we need - st francis de sales - 24 jan 2018

“Don’t get upset
with your imperfections.
It’s a great mistake
because it leads nowhere –
to get angry
because you are angry,
upset at being upset,
depressed at being depressed,
disappointed because
you are disappointed.
So don’t fool yourself.
Simply surrender
to the Power of God’s Love,
which is always greater
than our weakness.”dont get upset with your imperfections-st francis de sales - 24 jan 2018

“Don’t sow your desires
in someone else’s garden;
just cultivate your own as best you can;
don’t long to be other than what you are
but desire to be thoroughly what you are.
Direct your thoughts, to being very good at that
and to bearing the crosses, little or great,
that you will find there.
Believe me, this is the most important
and least understood point to the spiritual life.
We all love according to what is our taste;
few people like what is according to their duty
or to God’s liking.
What is the use of building castles in Spain
when we have to live in France?”

St Francis de Sales (1567-1622) Doctor of the Churchdont sow your desires - st francis de sales - 24 jan 2018


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